12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM

Most people struggle in network marketing because

they approach marketing the wrong way.

prospecting mlm
prospecting mlm

People tend to pitch their opportunity well

before they have any idea if their potential prospect

is even open to their opportunity!

Before vomiting your amazing biz opp

ask these questions first to determine

if your prospect even qualifies for your opportunity.

Network Marketing is about building relationships.

It is not about selling to everyone you

happen to run across during your day!

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start building rapport with your prospect

by asking these:

12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What type of work do you do, or what do you do?
  3. What does that entail?
  4. How long have you been doing that?
  5. What did you do before that?
  6. How are you being effected by whats happening with the economy?
  7. How do you like what you are doing?
  8. Have you ever thought about doing something else?
  9. Are you familiar with the network marketing industry?
  10. What experience/s have you had?
  11. Why do you think you weren’t successful?
  12. Would you be open to looking at another company if it didn’t have those obstacles?

Let me elaborate on these questions. REMEMBER; work on becoming a better listener.

Do not interrupt and try and keep the questioning natural.

Show interest in what your prospect has to say.

People love to tell you their story and

depending on how they answer these questions

MLM Prospecting
Prospecting for gold

you will know if they may qualify for your team!

question 1 : where are you from?

People like to tell you about their home.

If you have nothing to add to their answer move to the next.

question 2: what type of work do you do?

this is a great question.this is where we start getting to

feel out where they are in their business life.

question 3: what does that entail?

now this question is only needed when

the answer they give to question 3 isnt

self explanatory.

question 4: how long have you done that?

this will help lead into…

question 5: What did you do before that?

this question only makes sense if they

have worked their current job for less than 5 years.

if they have been at their current occupation for 25 years skip to the next question.

which is question 6: How are you being affected by whats happening with the economy?

this is a great question. Now we are getting into the


real depth of getting to know someone.

Depending on their answer to this we

can really start feeling the prospect out.

question 7: How do you like what you are doing?

Here we go folks. This will really open the person up.

Pay attention here to any emotions your

prospect shows.

question 8: Have you ever thought about doing something else?

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You really want to delve into this one regardless of their answer to question 7. Here we are just testing the waters.

question 9: Are you familiar with Network Marketing?

the answer to this will range from no experience, many people

have not been exposed to the term in the past, to a negative

feedback. Now see if any negativity is based on personal experience or just not understanding the concept.

question 10: What experience did you have?

Now this question is only valid if they have had any experiences in network marketing. If they have had a bad experience with a prior MLM move to question 11 if not move to 12…

question 11: Why do you think you weren’t successful?

another great question. With this question you will learn

how this person feels about this industry and will open them to the final question.

question 12: Would you be open to looking at another company if it didn’t have those same obstacles?

obviously this question is asked in this way if they have had previous negative experiences with a MLM company. If they have had no experience you would want to rephrase question 12 with a question such as “Would you be open to make extra income with an opportunity that doesnt interfere with what you are currently doing?”

I hope you enjoyed these questions and they help you to build your empire!!

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10 thoughts on “12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for hooking up with me on Facebook. Wow, you have a goldmine of information here! You have a new subscriber

    Thanks Paul

  2. Great to connect with you David.

    I always enjoy networking with professionals.

    to your success my friend!
    Paul Butler

  3. I am very much thanksful for your information in this article which you publish.please publish more article about this and give some more unique information in your article.

  4. Thats right John!
    The key is asking the “right” questions and also being a good listener.
    To your Success!
    Paul Butler

  5. Great post Paul!

    Every networker should memorize a list of questions like this.

    When people focus more on building relationships and assisting others, rather than selling and signing up, is when success starts to happen.

  6. thanks Jeremy.

    People forget that we need to see if people qualify to be on our team and are even open to an opportunity before we present our biz-op to them.

    See you soon bro…Paul

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