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6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

To achieve our daily goals Time management is a must.time management tips

I learned these 6 tips of time management for improving your organizational skills and increase productivity from one of my mentors Brian Tracy.

The 6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity:

  1. tip #1 - Prepare in advance. Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance. Prepare your work list for the next day the evening before. The last thing to do before leaving work make a list of what you need to do the next day. this exercise lets you sleep more soundly!
  2. tip #2 РSchedule your time. Scheduling your time releases stress and gives you a greater feeling of control. It will give a feeling of being  in control of your life.
  3. tip #3 – Start Early. the more time you take to sit, think and plan the more organized you will be throughout your day. Rising early to start the day is key to being more productive.
  4. tip #4 – Organizational Skills. Resolve to improve your organizational skills. Use a filing system both at home and at work and on your computer. As much as 30% of our work day is spent looking for misplaced items. these are things that have been lost because they have not been filed correctly. there are few activities as frustrating as spending your valuable time looking for misplaced information and materials. Use an alphabetical system. Create a master list on your computer.
  5. tip #5 – Increased Productivity. Organize your life so that you are doing creative work during your internal prime-time. this is the time of day when you are most alert and most productive. for most people the time of high performance is in the morning. For some people it is in the evening. Be aware of your time for functioning at your best. Also be aware of your external prime-time, when your clients are most readily available. Give some thought to structuring your day for internal and external prime-time.
  6. tip #6 – Air Travel Productivity. Most people that travel a lot waste time on plane. According to a study 1 hour of uninterrupted work on an airplane equaled 3 hours of work in an office work environment.


The more of these tools you learn to use the more

you will get done each and every day!

Use these tips to increase your productivity in the weeks ahead.

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