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Anthony Morrison Review – a Closer Look

Anthony MorrisonWhat is the Advertising Profits from Home system all about? Here is our Anthony Morrison Review: The Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits from Home infomercial has been running for at least two or three years.

Everyone’s seen it.

A half Hour of Dancing with Anthony!

“You can be rich like me, I’ve made millions, and my dad’s made millions of dollars, it’s your turn now! For only $39.95+ delivery and packaging you can also be rich the same and be just like me! Call this number now! Operators are waiting to take your call!”

And does n’t he make it sound oh so simple and cheap to do, so we made a decision to buy the course and have a look at it. Scrutinize it. And this is what we uncovered.

Anthony Morrison’s Advertising Profits from Home Program

Order the Anthony Morrison advertising profits from home system and you will get a couple of tiny manuals and a few DVDs in the package.

Order from the TV commercial and it can take 3-5 weeks to get the materials unless you pay an extra twenty bucks or more for expedited shipping.

Inside the books and DVDs you are presented with a basic outline of what it means to market online, some decent entrepreneurial mindset info, and a bare bones introduction to the arena of CPA ( Cost-Per-Action ) affiliate marketing and PPC ( Pay-per-click ) advertising strategies.

This is all information that you can find online if you look, and you won’t have to pay a penny for it. There are no earth shattering techniques in Anthony Morrison’s program.

If fact, here’s all the info you need to know here, now.

There are thousands of products made by corporations who will be glad to pay you a commission to drive traffic to their internet sites, where they capture these peoples information and turn those leads into buying customers. You sign up to become an affiliate, you get a tracking code and a selection of banners and links so that you can become an affiliate marketer. You need to drive free traffic, which naturally involves building a blog or website and also becoming adept at SEO, or of course you need to use paid advertising methods to promote these affiliate links and banners.

You’re paid for results. If you get proficient at driving traffic and making sales…

You may earn some money and get paid. If not, you will not make a dime.

The Real Secret of Anthony Morrison’s Advertising Profits from Home

Anthony Morrison ReviewWere there any real secrets to earning with the Anthony Morrison Profits from Home program? Oh yes, and finding the secret means spending far more money.

So what is this incredible secret? Its high dollar rear end sales! Within just a few days of getting the material in the mail the telephone started ringing and high-pressure salespeople kept calling us time after time to sell us the “further information” that was truly needed to help us make a huge earnings using Mr. Morrison’s CPA selling methods. On top of that they offered us a personal training program and an extraordinarily pricey pre-made website.

These two last offerings amounted to about $5000-worth of back end sales! As you can imagine we weren’t tempted by his offer and judging by the various other reviews online, there are many folks who wish they’d passed on it as well.

Listen up. Cost per action networks are extremely difficult to master, they are very competitive, and the top income earners in CPA use very pricey software to track and spy on what their competition are doing. If you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to invest in trying it and want to start sparring with the big boys, go ahead, otherwise give Anthony Morrison’s Advertising Profits from Home program a very wide berth.

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