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List Marketing Tips: 4 Profitable Ways To Make Your List Love You To Bits

List Marketing Tips: 4 Profitable Ways To Make Your List Love You To Bits

It’s no secret that e-mail marketing is a lucrative technique that can bring in lots of money. Building your list is the first step to having a targeted audience to market to. But once you have your list, your efforts are far from over.

A lot of people think that once they get a decent sized list of List Marketing Tipssubscribers, they can start promoting just about anything and make money on autopilot. Well, that’s not true because it doesn’t matter how large or small your list is, if you don’t market to them properly, you will still be missing out on the big paydays.

If you’re not treating your list like gold, you won’t only miss out on the income opportunities, but you will also lose your subscribers faster that you can say “wait!”

Here are some proven tips on how to build trust and respect with your list, so you can make more money in the process.

List Marketing Tip # 1: Stay Personal.

If you are marketing to your list with very general emails, then your subscribers are not going to feel like their needs are being approached personally. It will make you seem more like an automated machine, and no one wants to do business with a machine.

When they sign up with you, they want to know that they are going to be treated as an individual and their issues will be met with compassion.

The emails that you are sending out to your list should have a very personal feel to them. Write to them as if you’re writing to one person, and not to a list of people. That way, when each of them open their mail, it will feel like you are talking specifically to them.

You can do this by always greeting them with their first name in every email (most autoresponders allow you to put a syntax that personalizes it with their name). Speak to them like you’re speaking to a friend, not to a group.

When your subscribers feel like their needs are being met with compassion, you can build a personal relationship with them in no time. This relationship will keep them hanging to your every word and more responsive to what you are marketing to them.

List Marketing Tip # 2: Remember Why They Subscribed In The First Place.

This is actually a huge problem in list marketing. People tend to gather their list and then market everything they can get their hands on to them. This is a big no no.

For example, if someone comes to your website about dog training and they sign up to your list regarding dog training, why would you send them a product about golf?

It is unbelievable how many people build a list about one thing and then market something completely different to it.

Now there’s a good chance you have more than one list in more than one niche, so you need to be absolutely sure that what you are marketing to your list is what they need and want. It must be relevant and deal with what they signed up for in the first place, or you will risk losing your subscribers.

List Marketing Tip # 3: Put A Face To A Name.

A lot of times people have built a good list, but they still remain faceless. People want to put a face to a name, so they can feel more like they really know who they are listening from.

You can do this by including your picture when you’re sending HTML emails. Obviously, you can’t do this with text emails, but you can still direct your subscribers to your websites, blogs, Twitter account, and other web properties where they can see your picture.

This way, those reading your email will see your name and face, and really feel like they are getting to know you as a person rather than just an email.

This again will instill trust and belief that you are a reputable person, and not hiding your identity. The more your subscribers trust you, the easier it will be for you to market to them.

Don’t leave your subscribers in the dark about who you are. Trust grows when you expose yourself and allow them to get to know you better.

List Marketing Tip # 4: Be Reachable; Ditch the ‘No Reply’ Email.

Some marketers use a “donotreply”email address, while some use a “do not reply to this email” note somewhere at the end of their message.

This makes it seem like the person is unreachable. That is not how you want your list to feel. You want your list to feel like at any given time, they can email you with questions or comments, and they will have no problem reaching you.

They should more than just feel they can reach you; they should be able to reach you. If for whatever reason you do not want people to reply to your list mailing address, you can put something like “if you need or want to reach me, please email…”

Stay reachable, personal and on top of your list. Using these list marketing tips will accelerate your success in marketing to your list and will bring you the income you strive for.


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4 Profit Boosting Tips To Skyrocket Your Online Earnings

4 Profit Boosting Tips To Skyrocket Your Online Earnings

So you’ve got your business going, but you’re looking for some ways to boost your current profits. This doesn’t have to be a hard job, whether you’re experiencing a plateau or even a loss in your business.

A lot of people assume that once they’ve started doing well with their business, that’s all there is. Well that’s a wrong assumption increase-your-profitsbecause you can always reach for bigger and better ways to increase your earnings.

Here are some powerful tips you may want to consider:

Profit Boosting Tip # 1: Have a Follow Up Offer and One Time Offers.

Using follow up offers is a great way to build your online profits. I’m sure you’ve seen them before.

You click on something to buy; and after you purchased, another offer is being made. Now this is only profitable if it’s a complimenting offer. Meaning if you sold someone some golf clubs, then a good complimenting follow up offer would be a bucket of golf balls.

You must have a complimenting follow up offer because if you sold someone golf clubs and then the follow up was a printer deal, they would most likely have no interest in it. Make sure your follow up jives with the original offer.

This strategy is in line with one time deals. Usually right after the visitor purchases the product – but right before they download it – you will have a one time offer pop up. Again it’s important that it is a complimenting offer and not something off the wall that they have no use for.

Profit Boosting Tip # 2: Practice Time Management.

Sometimes people take too much or too little time on projects. This can have devastating effects on your profits.

If you are spending too much time on something, then your other jobs are losing valuable time. You need to practice time management.

Set out a time for things you need to get done, and be sure to stick to it. If you need 2 hours a day to write, one hour a day to read and 3 hours a day to do updates, then make sure each section of your project gets the time it needs.

Neglecting some time a project needs may end up leaving it half done and not up to the highest quality it can be. Decide what kind of time you need for each aspect of your business, lay out a schedule and stick to it.

Profit Boosting Tip # 3: Cut Your Costs.

In any business, there a number of costs that comes along with it. This could be anything from printer ink to utility bills.

You need to find out what your costs are and where you can afford to take some cuts. For instance, if you’re paying someone $100 a week to write some content for you, then maybe you should consider doing some – if not all – the work yourself.

Or you could test out other freelance writers who are offering cheaper rates. Who knows, they might even write better quality articles than the more expensive writer.

It’s important to know whether the tasks you have outsourced are costing you more than it could normally be. Maybe you’ve outsourced a little too much work and you’re paying a lot to employees each week. Well you can do some of this work yourself and cut your costs down.

Identify where you can afford to cut costs without hurting your business efforts and cut them down. It can be simple things that save you the most money, so take a close look at your business.

Profit Boosting Tip # 4: Follow Up with Your Customers Offline.

These days, emails can be so impersonal that some people really don’t take much heed to them. It’s kind of like a nameless faceless piece of paper that just shows up on your computer.

Take the time to follow up with your customers offline by sending them a post card or letter. Express to them how valuable their satisfaction is to you and how much you enjoy doing business with them.

When people get a physical piece of mail from someone they did business with, it makes them feel like they are really being noticed and taken care of.

This will build trust in your customers that you care about them and are willing to do what it takes to help them. Not only will this keep them coming back for more, but it will also prompt them to refer your business to their friends and family.

Take the time to be personal with your customers; after all, they are the reason you are in business in the first place. Be real with them and let them know that you truly care and will help them the very best you can.

Use these profit boosting tips now to skyrocket your onlineearnings.


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4 List Building Techniques To Rapidly Grow Your List

4 List Building Techniques To Rapidly Grow Your List

“The money is in the list!” That’s true in a certain sense, because when you have a large mailing list, you can consistently market to them and turn your computer into an ATM machine with one simple list building tipsclick of a button (as long as you have built good relationships with them and gained their trust).

But before you can interact with – and make money from – your list, you need to increase your subscribers at the shortest time possible.

How do we do this? Here’s 4 list building techniques to show you how:

List Building Technique # 1: Create A Focused, Attention-Grabbing Squeeze Page.

If you don’t already know what a squeeze page is, it’s the page that has the opt in form for people to give their name and e-mail info. This page is really quite important because it’s the first impression people get of you.

You need to take good care of your squeeze page and make sure it does what it should, which is grab someone’s attention and make them want to give away their information for what you are offering.

If your squeeze page is cluttered with flashy graphics and banners, it may not load very fast and some (or many) might leave in the first few seconds of waiting. Frankly, if your page takes a handful of seconds to load up, then chances are they will simply close the page and go somewhere else.

Moreover, you want to focus on getting their emails, and having various ads on your site would only distract them from subscribing. Sure, you may get a sale today; but you’re leaving out many potential future sales you might have earned by following up with them when they opt-in.

List Building Technique # 2: Add A Video.

Now some will say that simple is better, but how many times has something simple and boring caught your attention? Probably never or at least not very often.

Videos are a good way to accomplish the functions of both the eye-catching images and the good text. Well there really isn’t text with a video, but you can get the same message across; and it seems as though people are much more willing to listen to – and watch – a person than they are to read a nameless, faceless text page.

List Building Technique # 3: Test Your Squeeze Page.

Test your squeeze page out with some friends and the public to get a good idea of what catches the attention of people and what may make them want to close your page.

You may even pay for advertising different styles and set-ups of your squeeze page. It may cost some amount and you may have to sacrifice some early profits, but you will earn a lot more in the long run.

Once you’ve got a good idea and plan of what works and what doesn’t, run with it. Knowing what people will respond to is a big factor in effective list building.

If your page isn’t doing its job, you will be losing hundreds of potential customers. That’s why you should always test, test and test. Do your homework; and if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again until you find out what works the best.


List Building Technique # 4: Spell Out The Benefits Clearly.

The days when one could have thousands of subscribers simply by only putting a vague subscription page are long gone. You need to ensure that your potential subscribers will gain some helpful benefits.

To convert visitors into subscribers, you need to provide them with very strong reasons why they should sign up for your list. One of the prime reasons would be that they would get the useful information they’re eager to acquire; or better yet, they would finally know how to solve their problem.

And when you said you’re going to give them something, give it to them immediately after they subscribed, not days or weeks after (unless it’s a daily or weekly course where they get a certain information after a specified number of days).

The important thing to remember is to satisfy them at the soonest possible time, so that their first impression of you would be flawless. And as you probably already know, first impressions last.

Apply these list building techniques and I’m confident you will have a massive subscribers list faster than you can ever expect.

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3 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Build Long-Term Business Success

3 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Build Long-Term Business Success

Many online marketers are wondering if there is any formula or recipe to achieve success in affiliate marketing. What techniques and methods can be adopted to become a high-earning affiliate marketer?Affiliate Marketing Tips

Here are some proven tips to help you:

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 1: Learn From Your Mistakes.

As many challenges may arise, you need to know how to be relaxed and calm. Don’t get too stressed out when things don’t go your way. It’s only natural to make mistakes in the beginning. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes.

Keep on testing. You might not be earning much in the beginning, but all of those tests will ultimately help you eliminate the things you should not be doing, and realize the things that are actually working.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 2: Stay Focused.

People think that once they become affiliate marketers, they can simply idle time away – working any time they want to. You may have heard famous affiliate marketers earning millions, almost without doing any work. That may be true in their case; but unless you’re in their shoes right now, you can’t afford to dilly-dally.

When you’ve not yet reached your income goal (especially in the initial stages), it is important to stay focused. Do not procrastinate. Affiliated marketing needs dedication, at least until you’ve established a system that will allow you to work less while still earning on a continuous basis.

It’s fine to take an extended holiday to recharge your energy every now and then (in fact, I highly recommend it); but do remember that when it’s time to work, your mind should be focused on the job and not daydreaming about your next vacation.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 3: Analyze And Brainstorm Solutions.

If you think that you are not getting the desired results, then instead of quitting and giving up, you must check the reasons why you are not performing to your expectations. Some people are clueless on where to start in analyzing what needs to be done.

To give you some ideas, ask yourself these questions and list down the possible solutions:

– What is going wrong with my affiliate marketing business?

– Where is the problem coming from, and how do I resolve it?

– Why are there fewer sales in my account, and what should I do to increase it?

– Are the results and outcomes being tracked? If not, how do I start tracking?

– What marketing and promotional activities can I stop or start doing to increase sales?

– Is my traffic targeted? If not, how can I generate targeted traffic?

– How can I improve conversion rates of my promotional messages?

– How can I change my offer to get more leads and customers?

– What updates can I put on my website to increase my bottom line?

– Is the customer service doing its job in satisfying clients? If not, what can I do about it?

– Does the website convey quality and trust?

– Are there privacy policies and disclaimers available on the website?

– Do the website and product statistics produce correct and accurate results?

– How do I motivate employees to perform better?

This is just a simple checklist; you may add more depending on your requirements. List down all the answers and possible solutions to the above questions, and take immediate action to apply them. When you begin to take action, your momentum will start building; and before you know it, money will roll faster than you can ever expect.

All affiliate marketers must think positively, confidently and optimistically. You must be motivated to find solutions and act immediately. If you stick to this easy and classic formula then there is no point of quitting, and success will be much easier to attain.


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SuperCharged Network Review

SuperCharged Network Review

The SuperChargedNetwork.Com Family Is Helping Millions Of People Around The World Get Healthier, Wealthier, Happier & Most Importantly We Give YOU More Freedom To Do The Things YOU Love!

 What is Super Charged Network?

It is an online marketing system that helps you build an

online business with the Vemma opportunity.SuperCharged-Network

We have an amazing community on facebook with over

14k members.

this is a sales funnel built with incredible Online Sales Pro software.

What do you get with SuperCharged Network?

You get a full marketing system with lead capture pages, video recruiting, a marketing university and a follow up system for your leads.

There is also an awesome app for your mobile device that you are notified every time you get a lead and you can follow up by  email, phone and even text. With so many people using smart phone and Ipads these days this is really a no brainer.

This system comes with great training and is being tweeking and upgraded weekly.

 Supercharged Network Family

the Supercharged network is like a family with amazing support and networking connections unlike anything I have ever seen in this industry.

The system was created by the great Internet Marketing guru Vincent Ortega Jr. This guy is a legend in online mareketing earning over 7 figures online. We are here to bring Vemma to a billion dollar company.

you can check out the SuperCharged Network Here

If you have any questions feel free to connect with me on Skype @ paul.m.butler , email me @ and connect with me on facebook here

 Check out VEMMA Opportunity Here



The original superfruit in a super formula…

Vemma’s 90-plus nutrients nourish the body at the cellular level and the daily 2 ounce serving is all you need to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs for a solid nutritional foundation.* Featuring 12 full-spectrum vitamins, plant-sourced minerals along with a powerful blend of the exotic mangosteen superfruit, organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera and organic decaffeinated green tea, Vemma is quite possibly the world’s most powerful liquid antioxidant.

If you are ready to be healthy, wealthy and find happiness Join my Team now and we can get Rockin!!

Come on you only live once it is time to Thrive my friend…


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4 List Building Techniques To Quickly Grow Your Subscribers And Online Income

4 List Building Techniques To Quickly Grow Your Subscribers And Online Income

You probably already know that building a list is a key ingredient to earning a substantial long-term income online. You should never stop trying to improve your efforts as well as expand them. The List Building Strategiesmore you try,  the better you will get at building your list, and the more subscribers you will have.

Don’t overdo yourself and try every strategy at once. Learn each one individually, and then implement more and more as you master each one.

Here are some strategies to help you build your list quickly and efficiently.

List Building Technique # 1: Offer an E-book as an Incentive.

E-books are great incentives for anyone to give their name and email address away. This is because an e-book has a higher perceived value than a newsletter or e-course, as long as it is presented the right way and is indeed of high quality.

You can easily write a short e-book that you can give away, pay someone to write one for you, or use an e-book from the public domain or with giveaway rights. Either way you go about it, it’s a golden nugget to use for your list building.

Be sure your e-book is relevant to your niche and is truly filled with good information – not a bunch of fluff or filler.

Another good thing about an e-book is that it can be passed around, spreading your name and website all over the net, making it a viral mechanism and giving you massive exposure.

You can indicate on the first few pages that anyone can give away or resell your e-book; so if it’s quality enough and people like it, you can almost be assured that it will get spread around.

Make sure your e-book is worthy of praise, and you will see your list expand and your name establish credibility.

If you end up with a truly viral e-book, then there’s no end to the amount of people that may sign up with you; and if there are any affiliate links in your book, then you can have potentially lots of people checking out your links.

List Building Technique # 2: Send Your List a Survey.

This is great, because it can be used for two things. The first of which is it will allow you to find out what your subscribers’ problems are.

This is huge because you can then solve their problems, either by creating a solution for them or finding the proper one. Either way 21you’re going to make them very happy, and a happy subscriber is more likely to buy from you.

It could also create response from your list. It will promote activity and get your list talking to you and asking you questions.

When you know their problems and are able to solve them, you will gain incredible amounts of trust from your present list. When you’ve got a responsive list, you will have many subscribers  who are willing to check out what you are promoting to them.

And in terms of getting new subscribers, you’ll also know how to push their emotional buttons and tell them exactly how their problems could be solved with your offer, allowing you to gain more subscribers in the process.

List Building Technique # 3: Send New Subscribers Older Emails That Got Great Responses

You might have sent some emails that have gotten great responses from your subscribers. You might have received boatloads of thanks for giving away such valuable info. That’s certainly nice.

But what about the new people on your list? Just because they opted in later than others doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on those awesome emails.

So, after they sign up, a few days later, send them those high response emails the rest of your list has gotten. Tell them something like “Even though you didn’t sign up 2 months ago, here are some great tips my other subscribers have enjoyed.”

Or something like that. This will make them feel included and they won’t feel like they have missed out on anything important. You could then ask them to kindly forward your emails in case they found them beneficial or helpful.

List Building Technique # 4: Use Forums to Grow Your List.

When you go into forums in your niche, you can easily identify problems people are having. Once you have determined what their problems are, you can begin finding or creating a solution for them.

This solution could be in the form of an e-book. Once you’ve created your e-book, you can create a squeeze page and offer the e-book as an incentive in exchange for their emails. Then find other related forums and promote your squeeze page in the signature file of your forum posts.

For example, if your incentive for signing up is an e-book on home remodeling, then you could go into some active remodeling forums and post a few tips on the subject. From there, you could have a sign file that would say something like: “For 15 more helpful home remodeling tips, click here.”

Of course you can word it how you want to, but the idea is to tease them with a little bit of good information, and offer bigger and better info for them to sign up.

Not all forums allow you to post links though, so be sure to sign up only with the ones that allow them; otherwise, you would be wasting your time.


Hope these 4 list building techniques get you to grow your subscribers rapidly and make lots of cash from your emails. Please leave a comment and share this article :)

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4 Key Steps To A Highly Successful Internet Business

4 Key Steps To A Highly Successful Internet Business

Planning and preparation are the keys to a successful online business. Too many companies and businesspeople lose thousands or even millions of dollars each year, simply because they fail to understand the real value of proper planning and implementation.abstract 3d illustration of internet business conceptual sign

You have to be ready for any possible outcome and budget your time and resources appropriately. Here are 4 simple steps to take your business to the next level and stay successful for many years to come.

Step 1: Get The Necessary Information

Do your research and studies first before everything else. When you do transactions online, you have to be ready for possible questions and concerns by your clients and fellow marketers.

You cannot waste time researching just when the issue arises. In some cases, it may already be too late to find a solution; or you will have to waste more time repairing damages since you skipped getting vital information.

Allocate around 30 minutes or more at least per day to study your product or services. Spend time in forums talking to other experts and ask the same possible questions that your customers may have.

Know the competition. You will save more time managing the business if you know what your competition is up to. Talk to owners of related businesses, as well as clients, to find out if they’re cooking some new marketing strategies. Always stay updated with recent technologies and approaches so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

When getting information, you should always look out for new opportunities to improve your business. Make the necessary updates and upgrades to keep everything innovative. You should ask for client feedback all the time too, so that you can provide them with exactly what they need.

There are plenty of ways to stay ahead when it comes to fresh news. Reviews will help boost your reputation, as well as give you an insight on what clients truly need.


Step 2: Set Up Your Websites

Allocate time to come up with the best possible presentation for your products and services. Get some attention-grabbing graphics and indicate all the necessary details that will draw people toward your products.

Put a list of the frequently asked questions and answers on your site, so that you no longer have to spend time replying to emails or calls for the same questions being asked over and over again. Customers will most likely only contact you for individual concerns not included in the FAQs.

When setting up your web site, make sure that it is very easy to navigate. Most customers do not have the patience to figure out any complicated structure on a web page.

You only have a few seconds to grab your prospects’ attention, so make sure that all the necessary elements are in place, you communicate exactly what you want the visitors to do, and you deliver information in a precise manner.

Step 3: Advertise To Your Target Market

Targeting your niche market will boost the chances of successful sales, instead of just spamming online and getting very few or zero results.

You will save more time by talking to people who are actually interested to buy your particular products and services. There are plenty of ways to gather the right clients. You may join specific forums and online boards, or exchange links with other web site owners having related content.

There are many other ways to market your product online. Some of the most effective include:

– Social bookmarking your sites and non-self-serving sites at Digg, Stumbleupon, Propeller, etc. Most of them frown upon marketing activities, so it’s best to stay under the radar by posting at least 3 times more non-self-serving sites than your own.

– Creating simple videos and posting them at high-traffic video-sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Yahoo videos, AOL videos, Revver, etc.

– Writing articles and posting them at high-page rank article directories like Ezinearticles, Buzzle, Goarticles, Searchwarp, Articledashboard, Amazines, Articlealley, etc. You may also post your content at content-sharing sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Wetpaint, Google Knol, and Qassia.


Step 4: Close the Sale

Aim to have every transaction lead to successful sales. Answer the questions and concerns of your clients. Make things easy and convenient for everyone involved, and you can boost the number of sales transactions you get per day.

Volume sales are very useful if you are trying to reach quotas or want to boost income quickly. In other occasions, you may want to profit from low quantity high-yield investments.

Once you get a client, make sure you do all means to satisfy them and re-assure them they have made the right decision. You should always provide optimal customer service, and follow up after they order.

The relationship between seller and buyer does not end with the payment and delivery of the product. You should continue the business relationship by asking the client about their concerns and suggestions. Find out how they find your product or service. Adjust your system to better cater to their future needs.

You may also give a second call or email message asking how the product is, and if they would like to claim a “customer only” discount on another product. You need to have effective customer service to be readily available to clients.

It’s a lot easier to sell to a satisfied past customer than to find new prospects, so keep your customers happy and they would be willing to buy more often from you. Aside from enjoying repeat sales from satisfied clients, you will build a bigger network because happy customers will refer you to their friends and other potential buyers.

The internet is a great source of information, wherein you can avail of new techniques to keep your business fresh and new. Your staff should be very capable of handling a variety of clients, in order to keep up with their changing demands. Know how the market responds to your approaches. Create a plan on how you intend to deal with competitors in the long run. Your marketing and management approaches should always have a goal and specific time frame for accomplishment. Test and track different methods of doing business, select the winners, and continue to improve upon them.

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4 Internet Income Tools To Help Your Online Business Thrive

4 Internet Income Tools To Help Your Online Business Thrive

The world has become a place where gulfs are bridged and distances are traveled, all by one click of a mouse. The Internet has brought revolutionary changes to the lifestyles and living patterns of every individual. It has created a strong impact on how things have transformed from the old era to the modernized and compact world internet incomeof technology.

The Internet shares a certain percentage of every aspect of human life, from online diagnosis centers to online matrimonial sites. It is embraced by the world with open arms and warm smiles; and now an Internet-less life is unimaginable to over 70% of its users.

The internet has become a powerful tool to exploit the business world. It is being used in each facet of the commercial and business industry, ranging from online banking to online education. Almost all kinds of businesses can thrive with the worldwide reach and potential of the Internet.

Incidentally, several new ways have emerged to boost the income of people who use their marketing and online know-how to turn their computers into money printing machines – using the power of Internet marketing.

Internet (or online) marketing have different segments that all lead to its prime target of generating user traffic and getting the leads and sales. Here you will find some of the most useful and handy tips that are necessary to attain success in using Internet marketing as an income tool.

Internet Income Tool # 1: Blogs

Many Internet marketers use blogs as one of their primary tools in interacting with their audience and getting the sales as a result. A blog with a healthy readership encourages and attracts users to the websites and results in a sales boost.

The blog should have clear and prominent links to the website, and also opt-in forms for users to provide their email addresses in exchange for a free product or other types of bonuses. These addresses can then be used to build lists and follow up with them continuously to generate profits for a lifetime.

Internet Income Tool # 2: Forums

Besides blogs, forums can also bring a lot of traffic to your webpages. However, forums should not be a sales platform; they are more suitable for allowing discussion and providing interesting content that can be continued to the website by connected links.

You do this by putting your offer or website details in your signature line (also called sig file).  Winning the users’ and readers’ trust is the crucial element of Internet marketing and its absence can reap zero benefits. This long distance and unseen trust can be developed by creating a positive image and impact of the business, website, service or product that is being marketed.

The art of successful Internet marketing also lies in the use of creativity, in grabbing the attention of the reader. If the links and advertisements in your sig line are bland and too common,  then it will not attract much user traffic. Sometimes, it pays to be a little bold and controversial to get the clicks.


Internet Income Tool # 3: Links

Back linking and three way linking have emerged to improve Internet marketing traffic and SEO immensely. Exchange of links among sites has become a norm in the e-marketing world to boost profit-making traffic. It works when one site links to another independent site and, as in three way linking, the latter links to yet another site.

These links are more or less counted as “votes” for your site. The search engines pick up on the fact that a certain site may have a lot of links (or votes), and indexes it much higher than the rest. This is a powerful marketing tool and is being used to exploit user traffic.

Internet Income Tool # 4: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

SEO and SEM are the two most evolving components of Internet marketing. Without the use of which, online success is  less likely to knock on your doors. Every website’s prime objective is to appear in top rankings in the searches; and for this purpose, search engine optimization and marketing is used.

Search engine optimization is when you target certain keywords and phrases in a certain niche, and optimizing these keywords and phrases properly in your websites to help your ranking in the search engines to grow. Having anchor text links of your keywords linking back to your site can also boost your search engine ranking on those keywords.

Nevertheless, there are various myths about Internet marketing that are prevalent. It is not an overnight get rich quick scheme. Internet marketing is used as a tool to generate income overtime by directing potential customers to the products they require or helping them solve a problem they are facing. This requires the proper techniques and system running to make it successful, as there are a lot of instances of failures from day one by marketers who do not properly plan and just rush into the business.

Determination, focus and the will to succeed is what you need to push through the rough times when you’re not making any money. However, several benefits underlie the latest online business trend of Internet marketing. It has a positive potential for both the users who are guided through the bulk Internet material easily to their desired product or service, and to the website owners who can cash in on every visit by users worldwide.

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List Building Strategies: 4 Effective Ways To Build A Large List Of Hungry Prospects

List Building Strategies: 4 Effective Ways To Build A Large List Of Hungry Prospects

List building is probably the most crucial thing you could do to consistently build your business and maintain a steadily rising income.List Building Strategies

How would you feel if you could rake in thousands of dollars for just sending out one email?
Pretty good I’d bet. Well that’s exactly what targeted list building can do for you.

Once you have your list, you can almost make cash at will with just one click of a mouse,  as long as you promote a good product and you have a close bond with your subscribers.

Think of it this way: let’s say you have a list of even just 5000 people and you send out an email with a product that you get $20 for. Even if just 1% purchased that product, you just pocketed a cool thousand dollars!

So without further adieu, here are some proven techniques to build your list fast:

List Building Strategy # 1: Make a compelling offer, but don’t offer too much.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of opt in pages, but what you may not have noticed is the incentive. Sometimes people don’t offer much; and yet sometimes they may also offer too much, which makes for a difficult thing to keep up with.

You want to find a good balance. You, of course, must offer something or the public will simply overlook your opt in; but then if you offer everything in one go, they won’t have a reason to stay on your list. So what can we do in this situation?

You can offer something like a 7-day course in which the subscriber will get a new email everyday for 7 days on “how to do something.”  After those 7 days are up, you could simply market them a much larger, more in-depth course that will bring them to the next level. If the 7-day course has helped them, people would be more than willing to grab something that would help them even more.

But what about making them stay after they finished the free course (and hopefully ordered the paid one)? You could tell them that you will give them more useful gifts from time to time; but make sure you keep your promise. You could join some PLR or resale right site and find quality stuffs that you can give away to your list every now and then. That would be a major factor for them to stay.


List Building Strategy # 2: Build more than a list; build relationships.

Building just a list of subscribers isn’t enough to keep your clients happy. If you treat them like numbers on a list, you will not get a good response and most likely you won’t keep them on your list very long.

When your list has questions, answer them fully and wholeheartedly with compassion for the subscriber’s problem. This will instill confidence that you are the authority on the subject matter.

Once you have established great relationships with your list and have gained their trust, these people will also be more likely to tell their friends about you, and buy any product you promote (if they need or want it).

After you have gained their trust, you don’t want to break it by offering them bogus products or ignoring their problems. Put your list as one of your top priorities to ensure your success.

List Building Strategy # 3: Make it easy to sign up and have an opt-in section everywhere.

You have a network of sites and web 2.0 properties. You are going to have visitors coming to you from all different pages, not necessarily just one. Knowing this, you should have an opt in section – or at least an attractive link to your squeeze page –  on as many of these pages as possible.

On top of having as many opt in sections as you can, you should also make it real easy to sign up. If your potential subscriber is staring at an opt-in section that is asking them for 20 different pieces of information, they will be very reluctant to sign up.

Keep it short, simple and to the point. Getting their name and e-mail address is enough in most cases.

List Building Strategy # 4: Buy the ad, not the list.

It can take some time to build a good extensive list, and people are always looking for shortcuts. Well buying lists is not the way to go.

Yes you may be able to buy a large list and feel confident that you can market to it, but there’s a couple problems with doing this.

The first being that nine times out of ten when you are buying a list, you are buying from a spammer, and they did not get their list ethically and most likely used spamming tactics to gather the info.

The other problem, and probably most important one, is that you have no idea if these are targeted prospects – even if the list was built ethically. This list you bought could have been built with tons of different methods and you have no way of knowing if the audience is targeted to your niche.

You must have a targeted audience if you’re going to market anything. If you are in the golf niche and you buy a list, there’s a very good chance there are from all different niches – maybe dog training or pet supplies, maybe they were looking for movie info or PC games.

Now none of those people would be interested in being on your golf list, because it has nothing to do with what they originally gave their info away for.

What you could do is pay for a solo ad in a newsletter that caters to your niche. If you’re in the natural health niche for example, you could pay to advertise your squeeze page in a natural health newsletter. That way, all the people who subscribed to your list are interested in the information you’re providing.

Implement these list building strategies to grow your list fast so you can have more targeted prospects to market to.

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Increase Online Traffic: 3 Techniques To Generate Hordes Of Traffic To Your Sites

Increase Online Traffic: 3 Techniques To Generate Hordes Of Traffic To Your Sites

Learning how to increase online traffic is the number one priority that all internet marketers need to focus on. The volume of traffic, or lack thereof, determines how successful your online endeavors will be.

Getting the traffic you desire is not based on luck; it is simply an art Increase Online Trafficthat needs to be tested and applied. The more you test and find out the things that work and don’t work, the better you will get at it; and before you know it, you would be able to conjure up visitors anywhere and anytime you want to.

Here are 3 excellent tips to increase online traffic and grab those hungry visitors.

Traffic Generation Technique # 1: Web 2.0

Set up multiple sites like blogger, hubpages and squidoo lenses; and then ping them all. Pinging is an online service that sends out the word about your web 2.0 properties being created or updated. These crawlers go out, collect information, and send them back to the search engines to be indexed.

You also need to be sure to update your web 2.0 properties regularly to increase your online traffic. Search engines look for new, original and unique content; so if your blog or site hasn’t been updated in  months, then the search engines might simply overlook them.

Be sure to stay active in the community. Reading and commenting on other web 2.0 properties in your niche will show your active participation in the online community and boost your credibility; hence, it will be easier to persuade people to go over to your site and check out what more you have to say.

Simply add your URL at the end of a comment you leave on someone else’s blog or site, but you must be informative! You shouldn’t just comment “nice post” and then add your URL. This will look like you aren’t active and you’re just trying to get some links to yourself; and nine times out of ten, you will be passed over by other users.


Traffic Generation Technique # 2: Forums

There are tons of forums in a million different niches. You can see what the hot topics are and what people are talking about. This can help in choosing exactly what you’re going to be marketing in the first place.

Knowing what the hot topics are – and knowing what problems the people in your niche are facing – can help you build a structure in which to market exactly what people are looking for.

Join in on the conversation and be informative. Give useful advice to resolve their problems. Give them tips or tricks to help them along the way.

Some forums allow what’s called a signature file; others don’t because they discourage marketing. Search for the forums that allow signature files and post in these forums.

In this signature box, you should put the URL of your website. Don’t just put your link; add a little bit of information like “Remove unsightly blemishes and be acne free today!” and turn the whole sentence into a link to your site.

This will entice the reader to find out more. Just like you should be doing with web 2.0 properties, you need to stay informative and active. If you are just commenting “nice post” with your URL in the signature box, then you will most likely be overlooked.

Stay active and helpful, so you can grab your readers’ attention and increase your online traffic.

Traffic Generation Technique # 3: Competitive Niche Research

Researching competitive websites in your niche is a great way to find out how to increase online traffic.

Take a good look at your competition. Do not only figure out how they are getting their traffic, but understand why they are. Know what they are doing, and then model what works; better yet, come up with a better version of your own. This way, you can easily keep up with your competition, or even get the upper edge.

You don’t want to get left behind in any niche you are in, so really understand why your competition is doing so well. You can accomplish this by just looking through the sites that are on the first page of Google in your niche.

You can also use a website called Quantcast. Here you type in the URL and Quantcast brings up all different stats – how many visitors they’re getting and their locations, what other related sites they check out, the demographic of who these visitors are, etc.

This is a great tool and there are others like it that can tell your page rank, outbound and inbound links, and other important stats. Take advantage of these tools and understand your competition to beat them.

Traffic generation is an art and needs to be practiced to get it right. With so many different ways to increase online traffic, it may seem a bit overwhelming; but don’t allow yourself to drown in the sea of tactics.

Focus on a couple of strategies first. Learn them, master them and decide whether or not these techniques work best for you and your niche. Once you have just a couple of these techniques down, you can move on to applying more and more. Practice the art of traffic generation and you too will be able to “conjure up visitors from thin air.”

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