Is Your MLM Upline Guiding You To Success?

Is Your MLM Upline Guiding You To Success?

You’ve taken the plunge and signed up to be part of someone’s MLM downline.  You sit back and wait for the riches to roll in and…nothing.  Perhaps you get a couple of emails welcoming you to the downline and encouraging you to start selling right MLM uplineaway.  “Sure,” you think, “I’ll start selling when I know how you want me to sell the product.”

Is your MLM upline guiding you to success or are they simply sitting back and waiting to profit off of your hard work?

The Goals of an MLM Upline:

If an MLM business is to be successful, the business owner has to be an active participant in his or her downline.  This goes for every tier of that downline.  It shouldn’t matter if you are in the first tier or the fourth tier of an MLM.  Your upline should be supporting you and helping you to reach your sales goals.  After all, their profits depend on you!

Think of it this way: MLMs are like a miniscule version of a chain store.  The owner of the business might be sitting in an office in Ann Arbor but even the stock people in Newark understand the goals of the business and what is expected of them to keep the business running smoothly.  If your upline isn’t communicating with you, you might be better served by opting out of the downline altogether.

The best way to tell whether or not your upline will guide you to MLM success is to pay attention to the training process.  If your sponsor (and his or her sponsor) work with you to develop your sales strategy and help you put your business together, you are probably part of a successful MLM.  If, however, after you opt in, your sponsor simply sends you a “Thanks for joining” email and then never contacts you again (except, of course, to ask when you are going to start making a profit), you might think about opting back out.

Is your MLM Upline a Good Guide?:

Another sign of whether or not your MLM upline is guiding you to success is to pay attention to how they respond to questions.  A good upline member will be receptive to your questions and do his or her best to answer them in a timely manner.  A bad upline member will either take forever to answer questions or not answer your questions at all!

A good way to tell whether or not the upline of your MLM is worth working with is to contact other members of the downline.  Ask your “coworkers” what their experiences with the MLM have been.  You’ll be able to tell right away if the upline will guide you toward success.

It is important that when you opt in to an MLM that your upline works just as hard as you to do ensure the business’s success.  If your upline isn’t guiding you to success, you are wasting your time.  Opt back out and start your own MLM!

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Top Ten Methods For Generating FREE MLM Leads

Top Ten Methods For Generating FREE MLM Leads

1.  Have a website with an “opt in” page!  Your website can give an overview of your business and then simply say “to find out more, enter your email” and have that email forwarded to you.  You now have one method of contacting that lead (their email). You can also use this method with phone numbers.MLM Free Leads

2. Create a newsletter geared toward your business! It doesn’t have to be long.  When people sign up for the newsletter, they opt in to being further contacted about your MLM business (make sure this is stated plainly on the newsletter registration page).

3.  Cold Calling.  Keep in mind that if you are selling personal products and not business products, this process will be more difficult.

4.  Treat your e-mail signature as free advertising space and create a signature message that briefly introduces your business and invites people to contact you for more information.  Each person who contacts you should be placed on your lead list!

5.  Send out a Press Release announcing your company.  There are plenty of ways to send out press releases without spending a cent.  What’s more, each press release will contain your contact information which means that the leads will come to you instead of you tracking them down!

6.  Write some articles about your business and submit them to free article directories—the articles can have your website information on them and people who are curious about your business will visit your website and register their information to find out more about your company.

7.  Networking.  Many people go into MLM thinking that it is a great way to do business without having to do the “traditional” business building methods like marketing, sales and networking.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  To really succeed and get free leads, you need to get out into your community and meet people.  Each person you meet can then be turned into a lead!

8.  Business Referrals both online and off can be great places to find free MLM leads.  Your business network probably has a lot of potential clients that would be interested in your services.  Create a reciprocal relationship where you can share leads!

9.  Register your business with the search engines.  Google’s small business center is free to use and can be a godsend in sending leads your way.  When you register with the Google business center, your business will appear at the top of search results for your type of business when people do local searches.  If you attach your website’s link to your listing, you won’t have any trouble generating free MLM leads!

10.  Ask your current leads if they know of anyone else who might be interested in your services.  The law of averages says that at if you ask every one of your leads who else might be interested in your business; at least a few of them will give you a few names, numbers or email addresses!


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Using Forums to Generate Leads and Traffic

Using Forums to Generate Leads and Traffic

One of the best (and easiest) ways to generate MLM leads is to build a website devoted to your business.  This website will feature an “opt in” page that encourages visitors to sign up to learn more about your business.  This is how many MLM generate leads onlinebusiness owners generate their own leads.  Of course, once you have built your site you need to make sure that people visit it.  How do you do that?

While there are plenty of traffic boosters out there, one of the best ways to send traffic to your MLM site is to participate in forums!  Find forums that reflect your target market and start typing!

The best way to generate leads and traffic by using forums is to be a regular participant.  While you might be feeling a little desperate for traffic, it isn’t a good idea for your first post in a forum to be “Hi! Visit my site and learn how to make $$$!”  or “Hi! I have the products you need! Visit my site for more info!”  Most forum users have trained themselves to skip over posts that look like blatant sales pitches.

Get involved in the conversations being had on the forums.  If other forum users are interested in what you are saying, they will visit your site on their own simply because they are interested in you as a person.  If your posts reflect a level of subject expertise not only will they visit your site, but they will probably opt in to learn more about what your MLM has to offer!

Forums are also a great place to meet leads “personally.”  Most forums have a built in private messaging system allowing you to contact members individually.  If you’ve noticed a fellow forum member’s posts, you can contact them and tell them privately how much you have appreciated their input and their comments.

Forums also offer you great free advertising space, also known as your member signature!  Use your signature space to link to your MLM site and encourage people to take a look around.

Forums are often overlooked when it comes to MLM lead generation but the truth is that they provide you a great place to promote your business and generate leads!

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How to Get the Best leads to Grow Your MLM Business

How to Get the Best leads to Grow Your MLM Business


Anybody who has ever done MLM before knows that most of the actual work lies in generating leads.  There are a number of ways you can gather leads for your MLM business—you can buy a list, opt into a subscription at a lead generation site or, if you Best MLM Leadsare really serious about your business, you can generate your own MLM leads.  Here is the simple truth: if you want your MLM business to succeed, generating your own leads is the best way to make that happen.  So how to do you get the best leads to grow your MLM business?


Anymore, it is almost impossible to do business (especially in the MLM arena) without a website.  Make sure that you build a lead capturing page into your website so that people can sign up to learn more about what your business has to offer them.  This website will save you time and money when it comes time to turn your list of leads into valuable business contacts.


In addition to a website that you can use to generate leads, you want to announce yourself to your local community.  Hitting the pavement and meeting fellow business people in your target market will not only help you build a good business network, it will also help you generate valuable leads in your community.  The best leads are the leads you can work with in person.


Always ask people if you can send them some information about your MLM business.  Whether you are asking the people you meet as you go about your day or you are cold calling, people will appreciate that you asked them to be part of your lead list before just sending them materials.  When you respect your leads before they are leads, you are more likely to turn them into profitable business contacts!


This probably sounds like Marketing 101 and that is what a lot of lead generation is, basic marketing and sales!  Lead generation is something that every MLM business person needs to learn to do effectively and if you cut corners by buying leads or subscribing to a lead generation service, you will end up wasting most of your time.  By generating your own leads you are halfway to turning those leads into customers or business referrals!


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Free Content

Free Content:

How much is too much?

Knowing the difference between what to give prospective customers
and what to sell them is an important skill for your business.

The free content is what will bring new customers in and hopefully
make you the money you’ve been working so hard to earn.

There is a fine line to walk here when it comes to free products.

If you provide too little, you will not collect many customers.

On the other hand, if you give too much, you won’t make any money.

Free content is important so let’s review the benefits and the
line to walk.

Your business is built on a network of readers and customers. Free
content is the thread that ties your business’s network together.

As you get new customers, they will spread news of the cool stuff
they found on your website and grow their network.

Your credibility must be built before anyone is going to pay you
for anything. Fastest way to do that is through your free content.

If you can show your worth to new visitors, they will become customers.

Make sure your facts are specific and straightforward. If the
information you provide isn’t accurate, you will quickly lose

Avoid supporting common industry myths or make overly generalized,
all-encompassing statements that can’t possibly be true a majority
of the time.

Show your readers and viewers that you have a unique quality to
your content that makes you better than other websites in your

Share personal stories and relate to your audience. This will
increase your credibility and your conversion rates.

A lot of writers are too generic in their work. Be specific in both
story and fact. You want people to read your content and feel like
they know you and the business a little better. No one wants to
follow someone who writes in a clinical, boring, and impersonal

There is a risk factor in the mind of every customer when it comes
to any purchase. There are objections, problems, issues, and all
such things in your potential customers’ minds that make them say
“no.” Your free content should give them every reason to say “yes.”

The most critical thing is to give your customers a desire for
more. Be tantalizing. Be seductive. Overall, you want readers to
seek out more of what you have to offer. Give them a reason to
believe that ebook you wrote is worth the price.

Now that we’ve discussed how critical it is that you provide free
content, let’s move on to what you should keep safely backed by
monetary values. This content is the main course to follow the
appetizers you graciously provided for your newly loyal audience members.

The information you sell has to be valuable.

If you sell an ebook filled with information that is easy to find
through wikipedia, you will not have returning customers.

The information you sell should also be true to your personality
and the type of information your readers have come to expect
through your website.

The more followers you have and the more valuable information you
provide for free, the more likely readers will be willing to pay
for content.

Once you’ve established authority and trust with your readers, you
won’t have to work hard to “sell” because your loyal readers will
be looking to buy.

One thing to keep in mind.

You need to make the content you are selling easy to find and
easy to buy. It should be highly visible on your website, and it
should be included in calls-to-action.

You need to make sure your checkout is easy to use and working
properly at all times. It takes very little for online consumers
to change their mind about buying something.

As always with “should do’s” there are “should not do’s.”

Do not be overly complicated. People do not like working, so do
not make them work.

Do not complete everything. Leave cliffhangers and tantalizing
tidbits of information that will bring them back for more.

Finally, remember it is marketing your free content that will
lead readers to your money making content.


To Your Success,

Paul Butler

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Paul M. Butler
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Getting Visitors To Your Website

Getting Visitors To Your Website


Many books and articles are constantly being written about generating traffic to a website or blog.  Much of the advice is decentgetting visitors to your website and is very usefully for traffic generation.  Most of it, however, is simply NOT for the “newbie” or someone just getting started in lead generation.


Why?, you might ask. 

Where to start getting visitors to your website:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), viral software and other such mass-traffic techniques are somewhat specialized and are geared more toward the advanced user than the beginner.  In my opinion, they should be addressed and used when you have the basics in place.  Too many beginners get so caught up in the technical aspects of building a website itself that they seem to never actually start.  Don’t do it.


Many Blogs, Forums, Informational sites, Sports sites, Cooking sites etc. get thousands of visitors per day simply because they have content that their audience want to read about.  They are popular because of their content, not because they are able to trick the search engines into placing them near the top.


This is not any type of diatribe against SEO or other techniques, it is rather an admonition to get started on your marketing with the very basics of attracting visitors to your site.  Later on, when the basics seem like old hat to you SEO and other techniques will make much more sense and you will be able to integrate them intelligently into your lead generation system.



The basics remain the same:


  • Put up your website or blog
  • Write or purchase some informative articles to put on your blog
  • Publish articles on article directories
  • Participate in forums and blogs
  • Add more techniques as you are able


Don’t let the technical stuff keep you from marketing.  Remember, there is no magic button for marketing.  Keep making progress one step at a time until you reach your goals.  Then, teach your downline to do the same…

and get started today!!!




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Paul M. Butler
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Benefits of Generating Your Own MLM Leads

Benefits of Generating Your Own MLM Leads

Anybody can buy an MLM lead list or buy a membership for a lead generation company.  The problem with doing this is that it is, frankly, a complete waste of time!  The problem with paid leads is that their generation is ethically gray at best.

Think of all of the spam you get in your inbox—most of that came from signing up for information from one company who thenMLM-Leads-List sold your information to as many companies as they could find.  Paid MLM leads are often a result of the same process!

Why you want your own Leads List:

Sure generating your own MLM leads will be a lot more work, but this work will also yield a higher rate of return.  Whether you are looking to build your downline or expand your customer base, generating your own MLM leads is the only way to go.  Here’s why:

1.  When you generate your own MLM leads you know that they are opting into your lead list voluntarily and that their information is correct (usually).  You don’t have to worry about buying information that is old or outdated.  What’s more, you know that they are interested in your business!

2.  Generating your own MLM leads helps you to build relationships both online and off (depending on your lead generation methods).  Building a relationship with your leads promises a far greater rate of return because your leads know who they are doing business with.  When you build a relationship you are no longer a faceless newsletter or email.  You are a person that they can trust!

3.  When you generate your own MLM leads you are, in effect, building your business both online and off.  The leads you generate will be more likely to refer even more leads to you through their own social and business networks!  Your business can grow by leaps and bounds when you generate your own leads.

4.  When it comes to customer leads, the leads you generate yourself are more likely to be repeat customers.  Bought leads are usually people who are “just curious” or who will try your business for a day or two and then drop out.  The leads you generate yourself are generated by your relationship with that person and that relationship is what will encourage your customers to keep sending their business your way.


The bottom line is this:  you know what you are getting when you generate your own leads.

You know that the people opting in to learn more about you and your business are interested in you and what you are selling. You don’t have to worry about being yet another annoying phone call or ending up in someone’s spam box.

When you generate your own MLM leads you put a face onto your business—something that roughly ninety percent of your competition won’t bother to do.

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Find A Mentor And Coaching

Find A Mentor And Coaching

A mentor is an individual with more experience in business, or merely in life, who may help an entrepreneur hone her or his powers and advise him or her on piloting fresh challenges.
A mentor may be a boon to an entrepreneur in a broad array of scenarios, whether they supply pointers on business technique, bolster your networking crusades or act as confidantes when your work-life balance becomes out of whack. However the first thing you need to know when seeking out a mentor is what you’re seeking from the arrangement.

What having a personal trainer is to your body, having a coach may be to your mind. Utilizing a coach appears to be the latest way for some individuals to get ahead in today’s gaga business world.

Learn From Others

What may your mentor do for you? Ascertaining what type of resource you require is an imperative first step in the mentor hunt. Beginning with a list is a good opening. You might want somebody who’s a great listener, somebody socially connected, somebody with expertise in, suppose, marketing, person accessible.

Ideally you may find a mentor with all of these characters, but the reality is you might have to make a few compromises. After you count the characters you’re looking for in a mentor, split up that list into wants and needs.

The following step is to “do an informational interview with many candidates and then go back to your standards that way you don’t get blown away by chemistry and you remain centered on your business or personal reasons for needing a mentor. By judging a combination of the qualitative and quantitative properties of each of your likely mentors, a prime candidate will come forth.
Bear in mind that it might be advantageous to have more than one mentor. If you think that you might monopolize too much of your mentor’s time then several mentors might be the answer.

The benefits of having multiple mentors is that you are able to get a lot of assorted viewpoints and when you have many mentors at a time, if they’re seated around a table, the synergy between the mentors truly helps move your thinking along.

How to discover a mentor:

Begin with loved ones and friends – When seeking a mentor, begin close to home. Really close to home. Occasionally you are able to talk to your own relatives or friends, individuals who you trust, who you know, who you are able to sit and say „gee, what do you feel about this?

Think about those in your broadened network – If your friends and loved ones provide you enough unsought advice already, and you don’t believe that’s the route for you, your left over options are individuals who don’t know you as well or don’t know you in the least yet.

How do you ask for such a huge commitment from a virtual stranger? The opening move is to get hold of your network of contacts. A positive word from a common acquaintance may go a long way toward getting a mentoring relationship off to a great start.

Additionally, you shouldn’t pick out a mentor overnight, which implies you ought to keep your antenna poised to pick up on likely mentors at conferences, trade shows, and so forth. Meeting with a future mentor in person helps construct a rapport and you may wish to wait till that connection develops before tossing out the question.

Think about total strangers – perhaps none of the individuals in your network seem like a great fit for you. Begin doing a little research. Profiles of business owners in magazines and papers may key you in to somebody who equals your style. But when you have a few prospects go forward delicately.

Discover as much as you are able to about the likely mentor and attempt to schedule a brief interview by telephone saying you have a few particular questions or simply generally wish to pick their brain.

You ought to travel to them and, particularly at first, make it as simple for them to help you as you are able to. At the end of your beginning interview, if it appears to have gone well, you may broach the idea of speaking once again, whether by telephone or in person, sometime in the time to come.

Over time, if they feel receptive, you may bring up the idea of a more conventional mentoring relationship with more particular parameters and goals.

Think about the rivalry – Well, not your direct rivalry. For instance, if you’re in retail selling windsocks, somebody selling kites isn’t in direct rivalry with you but may still have a few insights into the outdoor product industry.

If you have a brick and mortar store, you may even call somebody who does precisely what you do in a far away location, suppose you’re in New York City and they’re in Arizona.

However the web is increasingly placing retailers even on different continents in rivalry, so step lightly. A different hint would be to seek out counsel from somebody at a business larger than yours who may be less likely to view you as rivalry.

Tap your field – your suppliers, your local chamber of commerce, and relevant trade publishings are great sources for likely mentors. These are all great places to come by knowledgeable individuals, but how do

you find somebody who matches your personal flair? Look for a mentor the same way that individuals seek medical professionals, seek recommendations.

Pay for mentoring – But what if you have an awesome idea that you wish to get off the ground rapidly, and you need a fast jolt of expertise? Great informal mentorships are cultivated bit by bit and may frequently last for years. If what you require is a crash program, it may be time to bring in the consultants.

Individuals at all stages of professional evolution need coaches to help them. CEO’s often utilize coaches to bounce ideas around, entrepreneurs utilize their coach to help them think strategically about the business, and coaches help other people sort out career decisions.
Think about the affect you are able to have by offering to coach your partners, employees and customers. You are able to be a coach to the individuals around you and help them to accomplish their goals faster and simpler.

Individuals seek coaches for 2 basic causes:

A few individuals look for coaches to help them discover a balance between their personal and professional lives.

Other people want coaches to help them get more productive in their business or help step-up their business.

Individuals aren’t looking for speedy answers any longer. They’re seeking ways to produce lasting change. The traditional consultant

doesn’t truly bring about lasting change. A coach is a sort of consultant who works with customers to come up with their own changes that are lasting.

Coaching is the next evolutionary stage of consulting. Coaching is a blend of business, finance, psychology, philosophy, transformation and spirituality. It helps individuals get more of what they wish out of life, whether it’s business success, fiscal independence, academic excellence, personal success, physical wellness, relationships or career planning.

Coaches are soundboards, support systems, cheerleaders and teammates all rolled into one. Bottom line; the job of a coach is helping other people realize their total potential.

Coaches utilize questioning skills, listening and motivational strategies to help individuals build the skills, knowledge and confidence required to better their professional and personal lives.

A coach is a collaborative partner who helps you achieve things. Coaching isn’t a replacement for personal responsibility and personal alteration or choice.
You require a coach if:

  • Your business isn’t performing as well as you wish.
  • You feel you’re working harder and are less gratified.
  • Your business is doing well and you’re getting sick of working so hard.
  • A big downsizing in your company is causing big change in the work surroundings.
  • You think your career is approaching a plateau.
  • You got a subpar performance review.
  • You’re not able to mold and lead your staff.
  • You’re not easy making strategic conclusions.

A coach supplies you with a place to get a little perspective. A coach is somebody who isn’t caught up in all the daily stuff and who may see the big picture.

Wrapping Up

Once I decided to follow up on my entrepreneurial urges the conversion from employee to entrepreneur was easier because I initially developed the entrepreneur spirit while working and utilized the time to keep an eye on situations and formulate the skills I would need in order to be successful.

You are able to transition to an entrepreneur mentality too and I trust you will.

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Paul M. Butler
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Be A Good Provider

Be A Good Provider

We all supply value in the workplace—either by the work we inject as an employee, or with the products and services we sell in our business.

A great performance review might not be enough to guarantee a promotion or even to keep your line of work. In addition to that, a high-quality product or service might not be enough on its own.

Give First Mentality

Value is in the eye of the observer (think about how much more you may pay for an umbrella on a showery day). Workers who are simple to get along with and reliable with assignments will be more useful to their manager than somebody who produces stress in team meetings and on a regular basis misses deadlines.

In addition to that, a product will be more useful to a consumer if his or her favorite famous person endorses it, if it‟s on sale, or if it includes a contributed bonus.

At the same time, we’re becoming desensitized to ads; we‟ve gotten to be wary of bonus offers, upsells and add-ons. We‟re seeking authenticity; that’s what we value today.

Given the expanded rivalry in the job market, workers have to establish their value to the company in order to get and keep their lines of work, as well as to move ahead to higher positions and acquire customers when it comes to having the entrepreneur mindset.

A lot of consumers are feeling whipped and worried and are guarding their buys cautiously. On the other hand, we‟re in the middle of a virtual flood of sales offers (no deficit there).
Consumers are picking out the products and service they perceive to be the most useful. You absolutely have to maximize the sensed value of what you offer. But you likewise need to support yourself and your loved ones. So what do you do?


Seek things you are able to add on to your products and services that won‟t cost you a great deal but are still really useful, e.g., a downloadable e-book or accompanying CD.

Approach somebody who has a complimentary business that services your market, and ask him or her to chip in an additional product or service. It‟s a win-win, as they acquire the exposure to your clients or customers and you get the extra value for your offer.

Add to the sensed value of your product or service by including case studies and/or recommendations. Think about who may have the peak level of “societal capital” for your audience.

Typically this will be somebody whom your leads may relate to as having like challenges and conditions OR somebody they look up to for having accomplished what they’re attempting to accomplish.

Once you consider ways to amp up the sensed value of what you provide, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Is there something about your product or service that you brush aside, but that other people find useful? If you‟re not certain, survey satisfied buyers and customers.

Workers and business owners, make yourself essential to your team by demonstrating yourself as a connector. Listen for matters that individuals require and match them with individuals, products or services that have them.

Naturally, do this for work projects and additional office tasks, but likewise extend it to personal issues.

For instance, if somebody tells you about an awesome holiday spot, and somebody else is planning their next trip, suggest that the 2 individuals chat about it.

Point out the added value you‟re already giving to your customers. Maybe you regularly catch clues that everybody else misses. Don‟t simply assume your clients will notice: point them out in an email or blog post.

In this crowded market, competitive business market and challenging economy, there are chances for the cream to rise to the top. Make certain you remind individuals of your value; why you’re the cream as an entrepreneur.


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To Your Success,
Paul M. Butler
Network Marketing Specialist

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List Building Fundamentals

List Building Fundamentals

When it comes to list building there is so much information out there on the market you could think that the market was saturated.

It seems that every “ghuru”  says “the money is in the list” … and the truth it is.

It sometimes seems like every other internet marketer has a list building training that can’t fail and is guaranteed to bring in many subscribers quickly and easily.

With so much information out there it’s easy to think that everyone except you is busy building their list and making money.

But in reality it is much different than that.

The reality is that most people trying to market online are struggling to get traffic when they don’t really need to.

They pay endless amounts of cash for courses and advertising that may work but seems they fall short of what they had hoped for.

But I good news for you.

The good news is… you can definitely begin building your own mailing list and you can start doing that today by following certain actions.


Let’s first talk about one very important thing – why would you even want to build a mailing list of your very own?

Although I could write a book about this list building, I will start with what I feel are the important reasons for having a list to the following.

  1. In the history of the Internet it has been found that around 99% of people who succeed online long-term have a list of their own.
  2. When you have a list of your own you  eliminate further advertising costs. I mean completely. When you own your list you can promote anything any time you want and as frequently as you want … for no cost.

In the following article I will share exactly how you can go from no subscribers to getting new subscribers every day.

If you currently have a list, I will share with you how you can grow your list bigger and faster.

If you know anything about me you know I hate hype, so we’ll skip over the “get rich quick” methods that promise you can get 100,000 subscribers in 30 days or other outlandish claims.

To set the stage for my simple list building course lets take a look at the bigger picture.

After all, knowing what is needed to do a job right is the first step. If you don’t know what  your goal looks like how can you know if you are off to good start?

For this lets use an age-old method that really works.

Let us take look at the why,what,when,where and how of list building.


Here is the easy answer to who should build a list … anyone who is serious about making money online or building a successful online business .

If you are looking to make a quick buck online and you really aren’t serious about succeeding online then list building is probably not right for you.

There is on simple reason – once you have a list you need to build a relationshipwith them and let them get to know you so they can learn like you, trust you and buy from you.

Take notice of that order because it’s very important. They will need to learn to like you before they can trust you. And they need to trust you before they will buy from you. Remember first impressions are very important. You can lose people quick if you lose their trust.

While it may be true, you can place ads and make sales, when it comes to selling with email to your own list your prospects will really need to like and trust you before they will buy anything from you especially in large volumes.

And large volume is what we all want!


List building, at first, may seem to be complicated or it can be very easy. Since I’m a simple guy I like easy.

All you really need to build your own list are these few things.

  1. A  simple squeeze page. We also call a landing paget.
  2. An autoresponder to capture your leads and send automatic follow up messages.
  3. Something of value to entice people to join your mailing list. Just getting people to land on your capture page is not enough in most cases. People want things with a high-value. A video training or downloadable PDF reports work very well.
  4. A series of Email messages you can send automatically to the people who sign up for your list.
  5. Consistent Great products to promote to your list. Your goal is to sell things, right? The way you do that is to provide helpful articles about a specific problem and then offer to solve that problem for your reader by suggesting a product.
  6. Highly Targeted traffic.  Once you have your system in place you need to market to people who need what you are offering. It’s called target marketing and it is the most important skill to learn.

If you learn how to achieve these six things you will have all you need to build a valuable and long lasting online business.

One key is this – don’t limit your thinking to one market or niche. Once you learn to do these six things well you will be able to enter ANY market or niche and begin making sales quickly and automatically.


The answer here is very important – if you are not currently building a list now then it’s time to get started.

If you see the reason for needing a list then make the commitment today that you will start doing something every day toward building your list.

All we have is today. And now PERFECT time to get started building your list.


The best place to get started in my opinion is pure leverage. Pure leverage,I feel, is not only one the best autoresponder but you also earn commissions on referring their service to other online marketers.


This is an easy answer – to make a lot of money selling things. That might mean affiliate marketing or selling your own product or other offers.

If you are online to make money then list building is one of your most important assets!!


continue here…..

I’ll repeat the two reasons given above. They bear re-reading.

  1. In the history of the Internet it has been observed that a full 99% of people who succeed online long-term have a list of their own. Now that’s not scientific but it’s true.
  2. When you have a list of your own you completely eliminate advertising costs. I mean completely. With your own list you can promote anything you want any time you want and as often as you want … for zero cost.

Here’s another reason – when you have a list you become a sought-after joint venture partner. You might not believe me right now but trust me when I say that if you build a powerful list the top marketers online will come a knockin’ on your door. They will want to reach YOUR audience. How cool would that be?


The first step is to see the big picture. I hope this article helped you do that.

Take a moment to review the six points in the “What is needed” section above. That really is the road map we all follow when it comes to list building.

Begin today making a list (no pun intended) from that section of what you have and what you need. Use it as your list-building blueprint if you like.

I will tell you that having a mailing list of my own, and knowing what to do with it and how to develop trust and relationship, has been the most profitable thing I’ve ever done online. Including owning the DOE, writing 10 books and more.

About twice a year I’m asked “what would you do if you lost everything – how would you start over?”

My answer probably won’t surprise you — I would focus 100% of my efforts on building a list and giving the people on that list incredible value.

Once you do that selling takes care of itself and becomes automatic.

And having an automated selling system (or 12 of them) is a beautiful thing indeed!

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