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Think Wealthy: 5 Simple Steps To A Wealthy Mindset

Think Wealthy: 5 Simple Steps To A Wealthy Mindset

It takes more than just money and material things to separate the wealthy and the not quite poor. It’s obvious that wealthy people live in big houses, drive the newest cars and take the most fancy wealth-mindsetvacations.

But it’s more than just the obvious that separates the wealthy from the rest. It’s what’s behind the scenes that truly sets them apart from the average Joe.

The wealthy think wealthy. Now what I mean by this is that they possess a mindset that not only allows them to become wealthy, but stay wealthy as well. This may seem like a stretch of the imagination, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ve probably been in a few states of mind as you’ve grown.

When you were young, everything was fun and carefree so you focused on that. When you grew up some, you began to pay more attention on attracting the opposite sex. Then when you’re fully grown, you’re more focused on family and your home.

Has something gong wrong and you feel like nothing can ever go right? All of these are states of mind that you are in at a certain point and time.

Changing your state of mind isn’t hard and can improve your business, your money and your overall life.

Here are the vital steps to a wealthy mindset:

Wealthy Mindset Step # 1: Set Your Goals.

Make a list of what you want and don’t set limits on it. If you want to make $100,000 a month, then write it down. Write out what you want in your life – a big house, a luxury car, anything you can think of. Write down how you want you and your family to live.

Take this list of goals and put it somewhere you will see everyday. This will keep you focused on what you want to achieve. Staying focused on your goals is a big part of thinking rich; if you aren’t consistently thinking of your goals, they will get lost and you won’t be creating the proper mindset.

Wealthy Mindset Step # 2: Surround Yourself With Your Goals.

Some of the people with the highest reputation in the self-improvement field assert that if you surround yourself with pictures goal writingand writings of what you want, you will achieve them.

By posting pictures at your computer as you sign on everyday to begin working, you will see the picture of your desires, and read your writings about the lifestyle you want to create for you and your family.

This goes back to consistently reminding yourself and presenting yourself with your goals. Stay Focused.

Wealthy Mindset Step # 3: Picture Yourself Successful.

This may sound a bit ridiculous, but it’s all about changing your mindset. Visualize yourself already having everything you’ve written down and posted pictures of.

Believing you are already successful and in possession of all these wonderful things changes your mindset. Believe and truly believe you are there.

Many people put this into action everyday by posting pictures in their work books, all around their work station, and even in their bedrooms and bathrooms. Completely surrounding themselves with their goals and what they want to achieve keeps them focused. Eyes on the prize, so to speak.

Wealthy Mindset Step # 4: Get Rid Of Negativity.

This means two thing in particular. Eliminate those thoughts of “I can’t”. If something is a little out of your price range, don’t say “I can’t afford it” but say something like “I’ll find a way…” This takes the NO out of your mouth and out of your mind. “No” will only hold you back.

The same thing goes for people; if you have individuals around you who are constantly putting you down, saying you’ll never make it, maybe it’s time to have a talk with them and tell them you need their support.

If they cannot support you (or at least not put you down), then maybe you should avoid them when you can.


Wealthy Mindset Step # 5: Take Action.

Now that you have nixed the negativity in and around you, and you believe in your goals and yourself, it’s time to put it all in to action.

Creating the wealthy mindset will get you past a lot but you can’t just think about it, you need to think and act. Putting all of your goals and ideas into action with your new found mindset will build the lifestyle you are dreaming of. Dream big because nothing is unreachable when you put your mind to it.

Changing your mindset to thinking wealthy can be an incredible change for you. Start believing in yourself, and the process of thinking rich, and you can see wealth before you know it.

Changing your overall view of the world can bring on experiences and opportunities that you may never have gotten – or even saw – if you had not changed the way you think. Reach for the stars and stay focused; with your new wealthy entrepreneur mindset, anything is possible.


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5 Profit Making Tips To Get More Customers And Cash

5 Profit Making Tips To Get More Customers And Cash

Everyone wants to get the most out of their business. Increasing your profits is the focus of what you want. This can seem a bit overwhelming, as there are many ways to increase profits, and a lot of people will tell you a lot of different ways.

The most important thing is to stay focused. Don’t jump from one idea to the next without following through with them. As you go through different steps you will see what works for you. If you jump Profit-Making-Tipsfrom one to the other without seeing if it succeeds or fails, you are bound to stand at a stalemate.

Be committed to what you are doing. Running a business involves work and needs to be treated as so. If you are going to be lackadaisical about your efforts, there is little chance you will see any results, and you will most likely end up frustrated and quitting.

Implement these strategies and follow through:

Profit Making Tip # 1: Offer Time-Sensitive Discounts.

When your prospects see that they have a chance of getting a good deal, that’s the first step to grabbing their attention. Offering discounts on products you are promoting is a great way to drive extra customers your way.

This is easily accomplished by simply talking to the product owner of whatever it is you are an affiliate for. Every owner has discounts available; and if they don’t, it’s very easy for them to create one. Add your own bonuses and create a deadline for the special offer, and you will see your sales skyrocketing.

If you are already driving decent traffic and giving good business to the product owners, they will have no problem creating a coupon code or special bargain exclusive for your prospects.

Profit Making Tip # 2: Use Social Networks.

Taking advantage of social networks is a highly effective and yet somewhat untapped way of getting exposure. Sites like Facebook, Myspace and YouTube have taken the internet world by storm.

They allow you to really connect with your audience and get direct feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, and what they want.

By consistently updating the public about what’s going on inside your business – any changes, news, and any new product or service offers – you will instill a lot of trust and reliability in your company.

Profit Making Tip # 3: Diversify.

If you are already doing well with one or two products, then why not go for number three and four?

A lot of people stay focused on promoting one product and one product only. Now this is good, at first; but after you’ve accomplished this and you know the steps to gain income from a product, you need to expand your horizons.

In the same respect, you do not want to get too carried away and start promoting too many products. This can cause confusion and you may end up leaving some of your projects unattended for a while.

Profit Making Tip # 4: Build A List.

Once you are driving good traffic to your sites and you have been cashing in on commissions or steady payments (if you’re promoting your own product), you need to focus on gathering contact information from your customers.

Instead of selling this one person on one product one time, you can capture their name and email, and then market other good products and opportunities to them.

Offer a free quality report in exchange for giving their name and email, and then you can direct them to the product’s page right after.

Profit Making Tip # 5: Advertise Yourself Aggressively.

If you haven’t noticed, there are ads everywhere on the internet. Well all of these ads come back to someone or some company who started an advertising campaign.

Taking advantage of Google Adwords and Yahoo Ads can give an incredible boost to your profits. There are quite a few places you can set up accounts and start campaigns so research them, and make sure to find the one that is right for you and your needs.

It’s easy to start an advertising campaign that you pay per click. This is a small amount (usually measured in cents) of money that you pay each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. After doing some good research, you can see what should be in your ad to grab people’s attention and drive them to you.

Using these strategies can drastically improve your profits. You need to stick with them and follow through. Do not jump around and try every possible technique to increasing profits, or you will end up not doing any of them very well. Stay focused and keep moving forward, so you can increase your profits in a short amount of time.

Keeping everything together and organized is a great way to stay on top of what you’re doing. Write down what you need to do, like a check list, and follow through with it. You must stay on track and continue on with what you’re doing until it either succeeds or fails.


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5 List Building Secrets To Get More Subscribers In No Time Flat

5 List Building Secrets To Get More Subscribers In No Time Flat

If you want in on list building secrets, then you’ve come to the right place. After all, list building isn’t just about the quantity; it’s also about the quality. Frankly, the list is the very lifeblood of many List Building StrategiesInternet marketers. This article will teach you what the pros don’t exactly want you to know: how to get people interested and how to keep them interested.

So if you want to attract more subscribers and keep them coming back for more, then these list building secrets are just the thing to help you out!

List Building Secret # 1: Give Them a Little Taste.

Most Internet marketers withhold information from visitors unless they give up their email addresses. While this does work on occasion, doing the opposite has been proven to work more wonders.

By giving potential subscribers a taste of what they could have, the chances of them signing up are better. What’s even more interesting is that those who do sign up tend to be the right kind of market your product or your website is targeting.

It’s hitting two birds with one stone. It’s quantity and quality in one list. Just make sure that you’re offering them something good though, since a bad first impression might only turn potential subscribers away.

List Building Secret # 2: Be Visible in Forums.

Participating in forums is great for list building. The first thing you need to do is find a forum that is related to the product that you’re selling.

For example, if you’re selling e-Books on sales talk success, then you need to look for a forum that tackles sales techniques or persuasion techniques. Take the time to browse through the topics and observe how the people interact.

If you like the vibe, then jump right in. You can usually put a link to your subscription page right below your message, in your signature file. However, some forums may disallow sig files, so read the rules carefully and observe other posts.

And be sure that you’re really contributing to the forum and not just spamming the space with your links! Real contributions make you a welcome participant in the forum and increase your chances of getting subscribers. Spamming only gives you a bad reputation.

List Building Secret # 3: Offer Something Free.

One of the most common and effective list building secrets is that of offering free stuff. A free e-Book or a free e-Course usually does the trick. After all, nobody can resist free stuff, especially if it has a high perceived value.

Most of the time, people won’t even think twice about subscribing if there’s no charge at all. This is called the psychology of free. Why do you think free information sites like Google and Yahoo took off so quickly?

Take advantage of this mentality and don’t be shy about offering something for free. While what you’re offering doesn’t have to be worth a lot, make sure it’s useful enough for people to actually appreciate it.

And don’t worry. Free stuff usually comes with low expectations so you won’t have a hard time getting the subscribers’ approval. Trust me, once you put something out for free in the market, people will automatically agree to subscribe to your list!

List Building Secret # 4: Make Your Presence Felt.

Subscribers can be pretty finicky. If you seldom email them and you’re not consistent with your schedule, they might forget about you altogether the next time you send them a message. And when this happens, they chances of them unsubscribing is higher.

It is therefore important to make your presence felt and be consistent with your emails. If they expect to receive a message from you every week, you have to follow through with that. However, don’t keep hovering around them either because that is just annoying. And the number one rule here is: don’t annoy your customers!


List Building Secret # 5: Cultivate Your Relationship.

Your relationship with your subscribers is very important. Many marketers take this for granted; they just focus on getting as much subscribers as they can, but they don’t go the distance in building a solid relationship to gain their trust.

So even though they could be adding subscribers everyday to their list, they could be losing even more from unsubscribes and word-of-mouth. And this is the last thing we want to do when building a list.

While a lot of Internet marketers simply subscribers as walking dollar signs or as email addresses, you should know better. When someone emails you to ask about a certain product, attend to it right away. Email them back with a sincere message instead of using a heartless template that doesn’t really answer their question in the first place.

Auto responders are there for a reason, but they’re only used for sending messages like daily newsletters or weekly round-ups. And even though you’re pretty stressed out over a lot of other things, don’t take the easy way out.

Don’t just send someone a link to the website and say something as rude as, “It’s there. Look it up yourself.” Be sincere when you reply because the person who sent you the inquiry could become your customer sooner or later.

If your business has grown and expanded, and you cannot attend to all the emails, you could hire someone trustworthy to reply for you. However, you should train that person really well so that your personality and individuality is still evident from the replies.

List building secrets are everywhere around you. You only need to understand the basic human nature. The best gauge, in this case, would be yourself. Ask yourself what would compel you to subscribe to a mailing list? What would get you to give up your name and email address to someone you don’t know personally? Reflect on these questions and you’ll have three or four more ideas on how to increase your list!

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5 Facebook Marketing Tips: How To Establish Your Presence On Facebook

5 Facebook Marketing Tips: How To Establish Your Presence On Facebook

Facebook has quickly become the place to go for social networking. Every month, more than 100 million people log into their account at Facebook, which has made it become the largest social networking program out there. You can use this to your advantage and get some great customers by using the simple tips below.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 1: Take Some Time to Build Up a Great Profile.

You will be introducing yourself to old friends and new faces, which can easily become new clients for you. Your profile is actually part of your branding, so you need to sit down and first figure out what you want to achieve with Facebook.

Do you want to become known as an expert? Then let others know in your profile that you know a niche very well and are willing to answer any questions they may have about it. Do you want to be Facebook Marketing Strategiesknown as a product reviewer? You would then let others know that you have tried many things, and are going to talk about them.

You will need to include a picture of yourself. Don’t use one that makes you look goofy or silly, but pick one out that portrays the message you want to send.

Do you want to look like an expert? Well then, have your picture portray that. Dress and look like a professional in your field. If you are a doctor selling a medical guide to wellness, then for goodness sake look like a doctor. If you are a mother selling a scrapbooking book, look like one.

A picture tells a thousand words, and a lot of weight will be put on your profile picture, and any other photos you add to your Facebook site. Pick them out carefully, and leave out the party pictures.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 2: Build Up Your Network of Friends on Facebook.

Start by joining a few groups and then start asking people in the group to be your friend. If you do a few per day, you will quickly build up a list of friends that are interested in the same things you are.

It is important to start working on your list first before trying to make any sales. People are not looking for someone that tries to sell them something when you first meet. They will not appreciate a sales pitch right away. You need to be a lot more subtle than that.

If you have built up a highly targeted group of friends, it is obvious that they are interested in the same things you are; so no selling is really necessary. A better approach is a gentle guiding over to your site where they can then be sold.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 3: Establish Relationships And Become Known.

It is not enough to just build up a big network and then leave them hanging. You need to work these people and get them back to your Facebook page.

You will have to do some interaction for this to occur. You will need to answer people’s requests and comments, and also get them to notice you and come to your page. The best way to do this is by updating your relationship status from time to time.

A news feed is sent to everyone in your group if you change this one status, since it is one that does not change too often. You will be more noticed if you make a relationship change, and you can start adding promotional material to your feed.

You can also send birthday wishes to members of your group, and write on people’s walls. If you log in to your Facebook account every day or two and simply spend 10 minutes contacting people, you will develop relationships.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 4: Start Your Own Group or Event.

You can become the trendsetter in a group of people by starting something new, or by holding a special event. You will be seen as a leader and will be able to collect followers.

The success of these two ideas will depend on the size of your friends list, and how well you have maintained and built up your relationships. You should always continue to build up your friends list so that you have a bigger pool of people to work with.


Facebook Marketing Tip # 5: Using RSS, Syndicate Your Blog on your Profile Page.

This makes your blog post show up on your profile page. It will also help to build up backlinks for your blog.

The bonus with this kind of setup is people will take you much more seriously if they see that you have a site dealing with your common interest. Most people don’t know the first thing about setting up a site, and have a lot of respect for people that have one.

Use these Facebook marketing tips to help get more visitors to your site, and to make more sales. The more exposure you can get to yourself and your products, the more sales you will make. It really is that simple.

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5 Blogging Tips To Write Sensational Blog Posts That Attract Readers

5 Blogging Tips To Write Sensational Blog Posts That Attract Readers

In most cases, writing a post for your blog is quite different from other writing you normally do on the Internet. A blog is more of a diary/fast information or news kind of site that people go to for up-to-date information on the topic, or to get some advice or opinion from an expert.

Here are some proven tips for writing great blog posts that will keep your visitors coming back time and time again for more.

Blogging Tip # 1: Keep It Short.

People can get very easily distracted, so a short blog post can have a lot more effect than a long one. If you have a lot to say about a topic, then it is better to break it down into two or three posts instead of keeping it as one that is too lengthy.making money from blogging

If you find that you need to write a long post, and can’t break it up into pieces, remember to make it very readable by adding bullet points, images or a numbered sequence.

You can also make it more readable by bolding words and adding a lot of subtitles. Most people will be scanning through the information; this makes it easier for them to find the bits and pieces they are looking for.

Keeping your site readable makes people want to return. If they want to return they will bookmark your page and recommend it to others with social bookmarking. This is the kind of viral response you should be aiming for.

Blogging Tip # 2: Proofread.

A lot of typos and grammatical errors will make your visitor close your site. Tons of people today have a hard time with reading as it is, and errors can just add to their confusion. Keep your posts as grammatically correct as possible, and keep it polished and neat.

Blogging Tip # 3: Put The Reader In Mind.

When you write, you need to remember that you are not writing for yourself, but you are writing for another person. Why is that visitor coming to your site? Why did he find it using that certain keyword you are promoting?

A person that is looking for a specific topic of information does not want to hear how your day went. If you are keeping a kind of journal with your blog then that is fine, but if you are developing a business in your niche, and are targeting a specific keyword for information, your personal life has no relevance in that post.

That is not to say, however, that you should not add personality to your blog posts. You can make them rich and lively without getting into a lot of personal information.

There is a separate place on your blog that you should write some personal information about yourself, and that would be the “About Me” page.

You’d be surprised at how many people will click on this page if they are considering making a purchase from your site. Some Internet consumers want to find out more about the company or person they are purchasing from. Your “About Me” page should be personalized so that you become a real figure for them, and they feel they can trust you.

Blogging Tip # 4: Make Wise Use of Your Keywords.

If you blog half-hazardly you will not get the same results that you would by setting up a keyword plan and sticking to it.

If you set up a list of keywords to blog about, you will stay on focus and on-topic much easier than you would than by just blogging as things come to mind. Your post topics are going to appear on the front page, and Google is going to pick them up according to relevance.

There is a trick that many bloggers use and get very good at. That is the ability to write both for the reader and the search engines at the same time. If you can satisfy both, your profit levels will soar. You will get both traffic and loyal readers coming to your blog faithfully.


Blogging Tip # 5: Offer Something Unique.

You will get your visitor’s attention if you offer something that they can’t get anywhere else. If you have a niche in the crafting field, for example, you can sign up for the latest news with Google News or Yahoo!News and blog about anything strange and unique within the topic.

If you have a list of keywords handy, you can just work them into this news blog and kill two birds with one stone. You will have a keyword rich blog, and have some exciting news to offer your visitor.

A lot of people blog without a plan and never really seemed to make it. Remember that a plan is your best friend, and putting forth a strong strategy can make your blog rise to the top above all others.

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Marketing Call To Action: 4 Strategies To Convert More Visitors Into Sales And Leads

Marketing Call To Action: 4 Strategies To Convert More Visitors Into Sales And Leads


It’s called a “marketing call to action”. When your prospects visit your website, you must call them to action – and action in this case is either getting them to opt-in or make a to action

For many people, websites are information hubs. But the unfortunate thing about many sites is that they are not effective enough in converting visitors into subscribers or customers.

In this article, I’ll show you how to achieve higher conversions on individual pages of your site. Aside from the Home Page, you can also monetize from other pages such as the About Us Page, the Contact Us Page, and one other page which is lesser known but highly powerful – the Media Page.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Home Page

If you’ve been doing internet marketing for a while, you probably already know what would make your home page stand out, and how to convert clicks into cash or leads.

But many marketers are missing out on potential sales or leads when a visitor exits the site. Once they close your webpage, they might never return again. That’s why you need to have an effective exit strategy.

If your aim is to make a sale, then use a virtual smart agent that will offer them a discount when they exit your site. If your aim is to build a list, then put an exit pop-up that offers some quality products in exchange for their email.

2) About Us Page

This is where you get to talk about who you are, and your knowledge or experience in your niche. Don’t make it long. A couple of paragraphs will do.

Right after that, it’s testimonial time. Get one of your clients who’s very happy with your products to give you a testimonial. And make sure it’s powerful enough.

Most happy clients are happy to give testimonials. If they were satisfied with your product, they will have no problem with you explaining to them exactly what the testimonial is for and where you want it placed.

To get even better results, bribe them with a quality product or gift in exchange for the testimonial they’ll be giving.

Tell them to make it concise and to the point (better for the client); long winding testimonials start to look like overkill. Then get a photo or logo of the client (and their website, if any) and place them together with the testimonial, either on the left or right hand side. Done?

Now add a line there that wills your prospect into action. Say something like: “Are you ready for these kinds of results right now? Click here!” This link leads to the Order Page or Opt-In Page.

Already, you have used the About Us page to make a call to action.

3) The Media Page

You may or may not have one, depending on what you’re offering. Either way, because the regular media is a great way of publicizing even online products, it’s advisable to have one. Here, get press clippings of what a newspaper or magazine had to say about your product.

Then get an existing client to give you an interview; around 5 minutes is enough. If they don’t want to appear in person, record an audio session – it will do just as well. All you need to do is insert their name and website under the video or audio clip.

Then create a good call to action like: “If you want to experience the freedom that xxx is enjoying now, click here”. The prospect’s mind is still ringing with the video or audio content; they’ve just seen a happy client. They want to be like them, or at least try. Catch them then.

If you have a testimonial or endorsement from an institution or a press house, you may put it here too. Right after that, make a good call to action. Again, it must be cleverly worded. For example “JKL Company was able to reduce their customer query turn-around time by 75%. If you want to achieve the same results, just click here.”

4) Contact Us Page

Most people make this a page about their office location, email addresses and telephone number. Nothing wrong with that, but it should come at the very bottom. Make it such that you are congratulating the prospect for having come this far.

Use the page to gather more information on the visitor. Use a feedback form and ask questions about what they would like. If they have not bought, maybe ask them the reason, what they would like to see, and if they think the product is useful.

You’ll probably get a few rude answers, but most people like to share their opinions; they will give you information. Use that information to improve your site or products. And don’t let them leave the page without giving them a “reward.”

What kind of reward? How about some quality ebooks or software (but they have to register their email first)? Or how about a special discount that is only available to people who gave their feedback (more sales to you)? The possibilities are endless.

The whole point of using this very specific marketing design is to make sure that wherever on your site your visitor is, you are getting them closer to do what you want them to do.

Don’t leave them wandering around – most buy decisions are made in a split second, and you should use that split second to get a sale. As for the squeeze page, entice them the best way you can to give their email, then come up with an irresistible one-time offer after they subscribed. You’ll find that you’ll have better conversions this way. Best of luck with your marketing call to action strategies!


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List Building Tips: 4 Proven Tips To Build A Huge List In No Time Flat

List Building Tips: 4 Proven Tips To Build A Huge List In No Time Flat

A lot of Internet marketers have a preconception that building a list is hard. This is far from being true because in fact, it can be very easy to start building a list if you know how to do it properly.

Here are some tips you can use to start building a list the easiest way possible; and you can do it at a shoestring budget or even for free.

List Building Tip # 1: Create an Attractive Squeeze Page.

You’ll need to first create a squeeze page giving away your free product. This page will need to have an optin box and a paid list building tipsautoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse.

You can offer a simple 3 to 4 page report and let people know that you have more great information to offer them if they take the report and sign up for a free newsletter, or to receive e-mails.

If you don’t know how to build a squeeze page, you can look at profitable ones and use them for reference. If you look at the Google adwords appearing on the right-hand side of Google for your niche, you can assume that the ones appearing at the top of the list are making a good profit.

Depending on the niche, these marketers are paying a very high price to get their ad to show up at the top. This means that the squeeze page they are using is working at driving home sales.

Examine a few of these and see what they are doing to make their page a success. Make a few notes and then go onto the next. After you have looked at a few, you will see a pattern appear of what is working and making these sites profitable.

List Building Tip # 2: Make Use of Ad Swaps

An ad swap is an agreement between two webmasters in the same niche to promote each other’s products. If you are just beginning and don’t have much of a list it can be quite difficult, so this is meant more for the owners of sites with larger lists.

It can also be used by anyone that has a new unique product that they are willing to give away for free to site owners in exchange for a list name.

If you have a product that you know will be of interest to customers in a niche, you can create a product which would normally sell at around $37 or $47; then let your affiliates sell it at a discounted rate ($27, half price, etc.) and give all the commissions to the affiliate. Let webmasters know that this opportunity is available for a limited time.

This is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved. You win because when people purchase the book, they will automatically agree to sign up to your list. The affiliate wins because he or she gets all the commissions, while enjoying a high conversion rate due to the special offer. The customer wins because he or she gets the product at a discounted price.

You can also offer a webmaster the chance to give your product away for free. They will send their customers to your free opt in page to pick up the product, and you will get another email. Most webmasters welcome the opportunity to give away a good free product, especially if there’s a one-time promo or affiliate offer involved in the process. If approached correctly, with a lot of respect, they would likely agree to do it.

It is possible to build up a list of 5,000 to 10,000 within a month’s time by selling or giving away these ebooks. Some marketers began their entire Internet empire in just this way.

List Building Tip # 3: Use Free Traffic Techniques.

You can use your favorite traffic techniques to get people to your squeeze page. Article marketing, forums and twitter are just a few of the many traffic techniques you can use to get people to your page.

It is easier to get somebody to sign up for a free product than it is to sell them something right off the bat. If you have tried building traffic with article marketing or some other method to make immediate affiliate sales and have found it difficult, don’t assume that the same will happen if you offer a free product.

Traffic conversions for free stuff are quite different than those for affiliate sales. If you continue to build a traffic system and continue to test it, you can get a lot of people joining your list very quickly.


List Building Tip # 4: Keep Your List Happy.

Having a list is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It is a treasure chest full of opportunity; and when times get slow for your business, you can always fall back on your list.

Once you start building it up you can direct your customers to a sales funnel and start converting them on higher ticket items. If you keep the customers on your list happy you will get great conversions and build up trust.

The way to keep your list happy is by using the same methods you used to initially get these customers on your list. Give them free quality stuff from time to time, and reasonable product offers of great value.

Free stuff can be used during many different phases of your Internet marketing. Always keep your eyes open for something you can give

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away to both new visitors to your website, and your list. People really appreciate getting something for free.

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List Marketing Tips: 4 Profitable Ways To Make Your List Love You To Bits

List Marketing Tips: 4 Profitable Ways To Make Your List Love You To Bits

It’s no secret that e-mail marketing is a lucrative technique that can bring in lots of money. Building your list is the first step to having a targeted audience to market to. But once you have your list, your efforts are far from over.

A lot of people think that once they get a decent sized list of List Marketing Tipssubscribers, they can start promoting just about anything and make money on autopilot. Well, that’s not true because it doesn’t matter how large or small your list is, if you don’t market to them properly, you will still be missing out on the big paydays.

If you’re not treating your list like gold, you won’t only miss out on the income opportunities, but you will also lose your subscribers faster that you can say “wait!”

Here are some proven tips on how to build trust and respect with your list, so you can make more money in the process.

List Marketing Tip # 1: Stay Personal.

If you are marketing to your list with very general emails, then your subscribers are not going to feel like their needs are being approached personally. It will make you seem more like an automated machine, and no one wants to do business with a machine.

When they sign up with you, they want to know that they are going to be treated as an individual and their issues will be met with compassion.

The emails that you are sending out to your list should have a very personal feel to them. Write to them as if you’re writing to one person, and not to a list of people. That way, when each of them open their mail, it will feel like you are talking specifically to them.

You can do this by always greeting them with their first name in every email (most autoresponders allow you to put a syntax that personalizes it with their name). Speak to them like you’re speaking to a friend, not to a group.

When your subscribers feel like their needs are being met with compassion, you can build a personal relationship with them in no time. This relationship will keep them hanging to your every word and more responsive to what you are marketing to them.

List Marketing Tip # 2: Remember Why They Subscribed In The First Place.

This is actually a huge problem in list marketing. People tend to gather their list and then market everything they can get their hands on to them. This is a big no no.

For example, if someone comes to your website about dog training and they sign up to your list regarding dog training, why would you send them a product about golf?

It is unbelievable how many people build a list about one thing and then market something completely different to it.

Now there’s a good chance you have more than one list in more than one niche, so you need to be absolutely sure that what you are marketing to your list is what they need and want. It must be relevant and deal with what they signed up for in the first place, or you will risk losing your subscribers.

List Marketing Tip # 3: Put A Face To A Name.

A lot of times people have built a good list, but they still remain faceless. People want to put a face to a name, so they can feel more like they really know who they are listening from.

You can do this by including your picture when you’re sending HTML emails. Obviously, you can’t do this with text emails, but you can still direct your subscribers to your websites, blogs, Twitter account, and other web properties where they can see your picture.

This way, those reading your email will see your name and face, and really feel like they are getting to know you as a person rather than just an email.

This again will instill trust and belief that you are a reputable person, and not hiding your identity. The more your subscribers trust you, the easier it will be for you to market to them.

Don’t leave your subscribers in the dark about who you are. Trust grows when you expose yourself and allow them to get to know you better.

List Marketing Tip # 4: Be Reachable; Ditch the ‘No Reply’ Email.

Some marketers use a “donotreply”email address, while some use a “do not reply to this email” note somewhere at the end of their message.

This makes it seem like the person is unreachable. That is not how you want your list to feel. You want your list to feel like at any given time, they can email you with questions or comments, and they will have no problem reaching you.

They should more than just feel they can reach you; they should be able to reach you. If for whatever reason you do not want people to reply to your list mailing address, you can put something like “if you need or want to reach me, please email…”

Stay reachable, personal and on top of your list. Using these list marketing tips will accelerate your success in marketing to your list and will bring you the income you strive for.


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4 Profit Boosting Tips To Skyrocket Your Online Earnings

4 Profit Boosting Tips To Skyrocket Your Online Earnings

So you’ve got your business going, but you’re looking for some ways to boost your current profits. This doesn’t have to be a hard job, whether you’re experiencing a plateau or even a loss in your business.

A lot of people assume that once they’ve started doing well with their business, that’s all there is. Well that’s a wrong assumption increase-your-profitsbecause you can always reach for bigger and better ways to increase your earnings.

Here are some powerful tips you may want to consider:

Profit Boosting Tip # 1: Have a Follow Up Offer and One Time Offers.

Using follow up offers is a great way to build your online profits. I’m sure you’ve seen them before.

You click on something to buy; and after you purchased, another offer is being made. Now this is only profitable if it’s a complimenting offer. Meaning if you sold someone some golf clubs, then a good complimenting follow up offer would be a bucket of golf balls.

You must have a complimenting follow up offer because if you sold someone golf clubs and then the follow up was a printer deal, they would most likely have no interest in it. Make sure your follow up jives with the original offer.

This strategy is in line with one time deals. Usually right after the visitor purchases the product – but right before they download it – you will have a one time offer pop up. Again it’s important that it is a complimenting offer and not something off the wall that they have no use for.

Profit Boosting Tip # 2: Practice Time Management.

Sometimes people take too much or too little time on projects. This can have devastating effects on your profits.

If you are spending too much time on something, then your other jobs are losing valuable time. You need to practice time management.

Set out a time for things you need to get done, and be sure to stick to it. If you need 2 hours a day to write, one hour a day to read and 3 hours a day to do updates, then make sure each section of your project gets the time it needs.

Neglecting some time a project needs may end up leaving it half done and not up to the highest quality it can be. Decide what kind of time you need for each aspect of your business, lay out a schedule and stick to it.

Profit Boosting Tip # 3: Cut Your Costs.

In any business, there a number of costs that comes along with it. This could be anything from printer ink to utility bills.

You need to find out what your costs are and where you can afford to take some cuts. For instance, if you’re paying someone $100 a week to write some content for you, then maybe you should consider doing some – if not all – the work yourself.

Or you could test out other freelance writers who are offering cheaper rates. Who knows, they might even write better quality articles than the more expensive writer.

It’s important to know whether the tasks you have outsourced are costing you more than it could normally be. Maybe you’ve outsourced a little too much work and you’re paying a lot to employees each week. Well you can do some of this work yourself and cut your costs down.

Identify where you can afford to cut costs without hurting your business efforts and cut them down. It can be simple things that save you the most money, so take a close look at your business.

Profit Boosting Tip # 4: Follow Up with Your Customers Offline.

These days, emails can be so impersonal that some people really don’t take much heed to them. It’s kind of like a nameless faceless piece of paper that just shows up on your computer.

Take the time to follow up with your customers offline by sending them a post card or letter. Express to them how valuable their satisfaction is to you and how much you enjoy doing business with them.

When people get a physical piece of mail from someone they did business with, it makes them feel like they are really being noticed and taken care of.

This will build trust in your customers that you care about them and are willing to do what it takes to help them. Not only will this keep them coming back for more, but it will also prompt them to refer your business to their friends and family.

Take the time to be personal with your customers; after all, they are the reason you are in business in the first place. Be real with them and let them know that you truly care and will help them the very best you can.

Use these profit boosting tips now to skyrocket your onlineearnings.


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4 List Building Techniques To Rapidly Grow Your List

4 List Building Techniques To Rapidly Grow Your List

“The money is in the list!” That’s true in a certain sense, because when you have a large mailing list, you can consistently market to them and turn your computer into an ATM machine with one simple list building tipsclick of a button (as long as you have built good relationships with them and gained their trust).

But before you can interact with – and make money from – your list, you need to increase your subscribers at the shortest time possible.

How do we do this? Here’s 4 list building techniques to show you how:

List Building Technique # 1: Create A Focused, Attention-Grabbing Squeeze Page.

If you don’t already know what a squeeze page is, it’s the page that has the opt in form for people to give their name and e-mail info. This page is really quite important because it’s the first impression people get of you.

You need to take good care of your squeeze page and make sure it does what it should, which is grab someone’s attention and make them want to give away their information for what you are offering.

If your squeeze page is cluttered with flashy graphics and banners, it may not load very fast and some (or many) might leave in the first few seconds of waiting. Frankly, if your page takes a handful of seconds to load up, then chances are they will simply close the page and go somewhere else.

Moreover, you want to focus on getting their emails, and having various ads on your site would only distract them from subscribing. Sure, you may get a sale today; but you’re leaving out many potential future sales you might have earned by following up with them when they opt-in.

List Building Technique # 2: Add A Video.

Now some will say that simple is better, but how many times has something simple and boring caught your attention? Probably never or at least not very often.

Videos are a good way to accomplish the functions of both the eye-catching images and the good text. Well there really isn’t text with a video, but you can get the same message across; and it seems as though people are much more willing to listen to – and watch – a person than they are to read a nameless, faceless text page.

List Building Technique # 3: Test Your Squeeze Page.

Test your squeeze page out with some friends and the public to get a good idea of what catches the attention of people and what may make them want to close your page.

You may even pay for advertising different styles and set-ups of your squeeze page. It may cost some amount and you may have to sacrifice some early profits, but you will earn a lot more in the long run.

Once you’ve got a good idea and plan of what works and what doesn’t, run with it. Knowing what people will respond to is a big factor in effective list building.

If your page isn’t doing its job, you will be losing hundreds of potential customers. That’s why you should always test, test and test. Do your homework; and if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again until you find out what works the best.


List Building Technique # 4: Spell Out The Benefits Clearly.

The days when one could have thousands of subscribers simply by only putting a vague subscription page are long gone. You need to ensure that your potential subscribers will gain some helpful benefits.

To convert visitors into subscribers, you need to provide them with very strong reasons why they should sign up for your list. One of the prime reasons would be that they would get the useful information they’re eager to acquire; or better yet, they would finally know how to solve their problem.

And when you said you’re going to give them something, give it to them immediately after they subscribed, not days or weeks after (unless it’s a daily or weekly course where they get a certain information after a specified number of days).

The important thing to remember is to satisfy them at the soonest possible time, so that their first impression of you would be flawless. And as you probably already know, first impressions last.

Apply these list building techniques and I’m confident you will have a massive subscribers list faster than you can ever expect.

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