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How To Develop An Abundant Mindset: 3 Proven Ways To Attract Wealth Quickly

How To Develop An Abundant Mindset: 3 Proven Ways To Attract Wealth Quickly

Having an abundant mindset is the next best thing to having a million dollars in your hands. Why? Because it could get you that million dollars… and a whole lot more!

Have you tried observing or studying millionaires? These people are undoubtedly living the good life. Now, they don’t waste their precious time thinking that they would never amount to anything.

In most cases, people like them actually have a very positive outlook towards life. And believe it or not, you also have the opportunity to live that way.  You may not be the son of a tycoon or the daughter of a world-renowned fashion designer; but if you have an abundant mindset, all the benefits that come with being rich and successful will fall easily onto your lap.

Here are some of the different ways you can encourage an abundant mindset.

1) Read books dealing with wealth and success stories.

Reading nourishes your mind. If all you do is read about how bad the economy is and how you’re never going to get to the top, what kind of images do you think your mind will conjure up? You definitely won’t encourage an abundant mindset that way.

Whereas if you keep yourself inspired with a lot of financial motivation and success stories, you’ll not only learn which strategies Abundant Mindsetwork, you’ll also be setting yourself up for the same kind of success.

There are many titles in bookstores these days that you can choose from. One book I highly recommend to develop an abundant mindset is “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker.  The “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series by Robert Kiyosaki can also shift your mindset dramatically towards attaining financial success. I say grab a copy of the one that appeals to you best and start reading!

2) Give yourself time to appreciate what you have.

We’re always busy these days. No longer do we have time to take a stroll around the block, nor do we have time to just sit down and enjoy the scenery.

But the truth is, the key to having an abundant mindset is sitting with yourself and being grateful for all the blessings you are experiencing in your life right now. Why don’t you start make a list of all the good things you have in your life?

Even if it’s just having cereal this morning, write it down. There are some people who actually try to create a month-long happy list in their journals. Everyday, they must write something down that made them happy.

At the end of each month, you’ll be surprised to see just how much you can be thankful for. Doing this exercise helps hone the perspective that you are always blessed. Life offers us simple pleasures. Let’s not waste them.


3) Be generous.

Don’t be a penny pincher. Having such a tight hold on your purse strings is sending out a message to everyone (even yourself) that you don’t have any, and will not have any, money to spend.

Not that you should give away all your priceless possessions to the next homeless guy you see, but you should at least know when to give and when to treat yourself.

Every once in a while, why not treat yourself to a nice and relaxing massage? Think of it as an investment. When your body has had its rest, you tend to be more productive and more eager to get back to work. Or why not treat your friends to coffee one of these days? Better yet, why not donate to your favorite charity? If you have the opportunity to be a little magnanimous, don’t let it slip away.

Someday, those same people might return the favor. So don’t hold out on other people, even on yourself. And hey, even if they don’t repay you, the universe will.

There are a lot of people who try to save every last bit of their penny, haggling to death with a vendor even when they know they can easily afford the product. Just think of it this way. Money rotates. The more unwilling you are to part with your money, the more unwilling it will be to return to you.

However, you should not confuse being generous with being a lavish spender. Giving yourself a treat once in a while, or sharing your blessings with other people, is a great way to attract wealth. But improper budgeting, impulse buying or compulsive spending can make you go broke before you realize it.

Having an abundant mindset will open up a lot of wonderful opportunities for you. It will enable you to develop a different perspective of the world, give you room for more creative ideas, and help usher in a lot of good vibes in general.

And don’t worry. It’s easy enough to ease yourself into the abundant mindset. You don’t have to go through a rigorous personality change. Just remember to surround yourself with positive energy, appreciate what you have, and be more giving to others and yourself.

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Positive Thinking Tips: 3 Powerful Ways To Stimulate Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Tips: 3 Powerful Ways To Stimulate Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a very important element in your life. It helps you create a more productive atmosphere at work, in school or at home; positive thinkingand it helps you develop a better attitude towards life in general.

People who often dwell on negative matters are usually those who wake up each morning feeling as heavy as lead. They see life as an everyday affair of problems; and as a result, they are more stressed than any normal person should be. They have a perpetual frown on their face and have forgotten how to smile properly.

However, even with today’s not-so-perfect world, you can still have a wonderful day – everyday. There are easy ways to encourage positive thinking for almost any situation.

1. Whistle a happy tune.

Whistling a happy tune may have come from a children’s song, but it does its share of work in dispelling negativity away. Let me cite a story to expound on its powerful effect.

Ray was the kind of person who generally did well on reports and presentations. His professors all had a good impression of him. Still, when it came time for the mock defense for his thesis, he was as nervous as a prey cornered by a predator. His stomach was doing cartwheels, and he just couldn’t do enough breathing exercises to calm himself down. Then, he remembered a song he used to sing as a kid…

“Top of the World” by The Carpenters.

Ray started humming the tune softly to himself. In just a few seconds, he felt his nausea dissolve. He found his confidence and resolve returning.

You can do the same thing when you’re sad, angry or anxious. Find a happy tune to hum, and this will quickly reinforce positive emotions and positive thinking.


2. Contribute to charity.

Has a beggar ever approached you for alms? Do you pass by homeless people on your way to work? One of the easiest ways to encourage positive thinking is by helping out those in need. Helping others gives you a nice, warm feeling in your heart that will stay with you for the rest of the day.

I have seen a few people actually buy food and give them to beggars on the street. These beggars must feel a bit of happiness upon receiving the food from strangers. If you look into their eyes, there is gratitude in them. But if you look into the givers’ eyes, there is also Positive-Thinking-Daysomething twinkling in there as well; for on that day, they have made a difference in somebody else’s life.

A lot of people feel bad because they see themselves as useless. They don’t think that they can make a difference in their workplace or even at home. Sometimes though, it only takes the right opportunity to open their eyes to what they can do.

Those who have experienced helping others out feel better about themselves, and can thus perform better at work. They develop a more positive outlook about life and about their own capabilities in general. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

You can contribute in your own way, no matter what situation you’re in. Let’s say you’re working in an office. If you’re on your way to make coffee and your co-worker is still neck deep into his work, you can offer to bring them a cup as well.

3. Put it on paper.

One of the ways to encourage positive thinking is by literally putting the words on paper. You can easily write positive affirmations down on a piece of paper, and then post it somewhere that can be easily seen everyday. These affirmations usually begin with “I HAVE” or “I AM.” Use the present tense to make the affirmation more real.

An example of a positive written message goes like this: “I am a healthy and happy person.” For starters, you can create one that says: “Today is a wonderful day.”

A lot of people respond really well to visual messages. To see is to believe, remember? By seeing “Today is a wonderful day” on your bedroom wall, you are almost programming yourself to have a pleasant day.

It’s the complete opposite of those who wake up each day feeling as heavy as lead. By staying with a negative thought from bed to breakfast, they’re actually setting themselves up for a lousy day at work.

Now that you know what staying grumpy can do to you, it’s time to take charge and reverse your situation. Positive thinking is not rocket science. You can be a teenager or a senior citizen and still apply positive thinking in your life. Keep in mind that the simplest actions can uplift your mood. Once you’re used to being a positive thinker, everything else will become a breeze.

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Be A Good Provider

Be A Good Provider

We all supply value in the workplace—either by the work we inject as an employee, or with the products and services we sell in our business.

A great performance review might not be enough to guarantee a promotion or even to keep your line of work. In addition to that, a high-quality product or service might not be enough on its own.

Give First Mentality

Value is in the eye of the observer (think about how much more you may pay for an umbrella on a showery day). Workers who are simple to get along with and reliable with assignments will be more useful to their manager than somebody who produces stress in team meetings and on a regular basis misses deadlines.

In addition to that, a product will be more useful to a consumer if his or her favorite famous person endorses it, if it‟s on sale, or if it includes a contributed bonus.

At the same time, we’re becoming desensitized to ads; we‟ve gotten to be wary of bonus offers, upsells and add-ons. We‟re seeking authenticity; that’s what we value today.

Given the expanded rivalry in the job market, workers have to establish their value to the company in order to get and keep their lines of work, as well as to move ahead to higher positions and acquire customers when it comes to having the entrepreneur mindset.

A lot of consumers are feeling whipped and worried and are guarding their buys cautiously. On the other hand, we‟re in the middle of a virtual flood of sales offers (no deficit there).
Consumers are picking out the products and service they perceive to be the most useful. You absolutely have to maximize the sensed value of what you offer. But you likewise need to support yourself and your loved ones. So what do you do?


Seek things you are able to add on to your products and services that won‟t cost you a great deal but are still really useful, e.g., a downloadable e-book or accompanying CD.

Approach somebody who has a complimentary business that services your market, and ask him or her to chip in an additional product or service. It‟s a win-win, as they acquire the exposure to your clients or customers and you get the extra value for your offer.

Add to the sensed value of your product or service by including case studies and/or recommendations. Think about who may have the peak level of “societal capital” for your audience.

Typically this will be somebody whom your leads may relate to as having like challenges and conditions OR somebody they look up to for having accomplished what they’re attempting to accomplish.

Once you consider ways to amp up the sensed value of what you provide, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Is there something about your product or service that you brush aside, but that other people find useful? If you‟re not certain, survey satisfied buyers and customers.

Workers and business owners, make yourself essential to your team by demonstrating yourself as a connector. Listen for matters that individuals require and match them with individuals, products or services that have them.

Naturally, do this for work projects and additional office tasks, but likewise extend it to personal issues.

For instance, if somebody tells you about an awesome holiday spot, and somebody else is planning their next trip, suggest that the 2 individuals chat about it.

Point out the added value you‟re already giving to your customers. Maybe you regularly catch clues that everybody else misses. Don‟t simply assume your clients will notice: point them out in an email or blog post.

In this crowded market, competitive business market and challenging economy, there are chances for the cream to rise to the top. Make certain you remind individuals of your value; why you’re the cream as an entrepreneur.


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Learn To Listen to Customers

Learn To Listen to Customers


Watch and learn from your people you work with because they frequently demonstrate the habits you’ll need to have when you’re living the life of an entrepreneur like how to listen to customers.

Notice What People Want

There’s a lot of discussion about listening these days. Listening is among the most crucial skills that you are able to learn. If you are able to really stop and listen to your customers, you are able to pave the path to ongoing business success.

Listening calls for paying attention and reacting to the needs and wants of customers. If you want to have your own business, you have to practice the art of active listening.

It is not good enough to react to clients. You have to be able to anticipate their needs. Listening to clients is about placing your company to be the answer to buyer needs, ideally previously them even asking.

Listening is likewise about getting involved with your clients. This includes really spending time with them, exploring things that are significant to them, studying magazines and books that are written for them, and being an authority in the things that matter to them.

You‟re business ought to have an ideal customer. This is the prototype of the perfect client for you. You need to draw in this sort of client, and the more of your clients that fit the ideal, the better. So, it adds up that this is the sort of client you ought to be paying attention to.

A client is somebody who’s purchased from you or the company you work for, but it’s likewise somebody who may purchase from you. You ought to treat clients, prospects, and general public with equal respect. All the same, you ought to spend your time listening to the individuals who you most want as clients.

Listening may (and ought to) occur everyplace. That being stated, you are able to hone your listening by utilizing particular tools and strategies.

Offline, you ought to be conducting client surveys and just be getting out and talking to clients and people. Go to trade shows and conferences that are likewise attended by your ideal clients. If there are none in your area, begin one.

As your expertness grows, you might want to think about doing a few speaking engagements. This is an awesome way to meet people and to get individuals to tell you about the problems that they face.

Online, the openings are endless. You are able to listen on Twitter with the help of Twitter Search. You are able to track key words and phrases across the net utilizing Google Alerts.
Forums are a great place to listen. You are able to likewise produce your own listening posts with a blog or podcast. Sure, this is about you talking, but it will likewise force you to explore and learn about

your clients. And you are able to encourage dialog and reader comments.

Make sure to listen where clients are talking. If you will be able to find out where ideal clients congregate, online and offline, then you have to be there too.

Active listening will help you to better comprehend and connect with your clients. It will make sales and marketing easier, as you’ll be able to position yourself right between the client and the need.

Becoming a great listener will likewise endear you to the individuals you wish to reach. Everybody loves being listened to. So close that trap, put away that profit and loss sheet for a minute, and begin exploring the world of your clients.

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Perusing The Dream

Perusing The Dream

There are a lot of employees who are longing to be their own boss, yet are fearsome of what the future may hold if they were business owners. I would like to advise that if you’re among those individuals, you’d do well to become a great employee first! I spent a lot of years as an employee and was constantly found to be a model employee.
My entrepreneur bosses constantly gave me high evaluations. In going over the list of employee mentalities, I can frankly tell you that I didn‟t have those mentalities. I was a great employee!
If you have a want to be on your own one day, going after your dreams as an entrepreneur, you are able to begin now. Approach your occupation as though you owned the company where you work.
Bearing that ownership spirit will reward you on the job and ready you for the day when you are able to pursue your own business. You are able to be an entrepreneur while you’re still working. Having this spirit will excite you to go after your own endeavors when you’re not on your employer‟s time clock.

Positive Mindset and Productivity

You spend about a one-third of your life at work. If you’re spending it with negative individuals, it may really affect you and bring you down.
By arresting negative thoughts as they enter your ears and not letting them go forward in your thoughts, you’ll be doing a lot of the work to remain positive in a negative situation and build your business skills. Here are ways to keep horrible situations at work from bogging you down.

Possess a life outside your job.

Keep acquaintances who have a good grasp of reality and with whom you are able to share life that’s totally unrelated to the job you do. Refuse to even discuss your work outside work hours, particularly if the environment is toxic except when it comes to the ideas for your own business.
Recognize that most of what goes on at work and most of the negativism, even that directed at you, isn’t about you.
Think about the stress your colleagues are facing at work, at home and in their personal lives and comprehend that they’re projecting and displacing their angriness onto you and other people around them as well. Remember that dealing with people is crucial to being an entrepreneur.
Refuse to let your colleagues’ workaholic, ambitions and selfish conduct seep into your system.

It’s simple to start letting negative conduct creep in by agreeing with perspectives or taking sides. Rather, choose to rise above it all by staying neutral.
Defend your thoughts; they sooner or later become your reality.
Make certain the negativism around you doesn’t continue playing in your head. Play music at your desk at a reasonable volume if you think it helps center you. Take breaks to collect your thoughts. Keep favorable reminders in quotes and pictures around your workspace about what you are trying to learn and accomplish.
Truly think about your options for beginning your entrepreneur journey.
A few bosses may be emotionally abusive; if the company surroundings don‟t look likely to change, evaluate whether this is truly the best place for you and ways you can start your own thing soon.
You spend eight plus hours a day at your desk juggling calls, e-mails and correspondences. All the same the stack of paper on your cluttered up desk continues growing taller, you eat more meals at the office than you do at home and you’re still hardly meeting your deadlines.
Discover ways to keep away from time traps and to improve existing procedures to be not only more productive at work, but much less stressed and to develop skills that you can use in your own business.

Notice time wasters.
Standard culprits are instant messaging, net surfing, personal calls and gossip with colleagues. The minutes spent on these mis-directions may become hours of lost time and lost productivity. Determine limits on these actions and discover ways to politely end conversations.
Confine distractions and interruptions.
Schedule times to follow-up and respond to mail, e-mail and voice mail. If conceivable, switch off instant messenger programs and don’t answer personal calls while you work at other tasks.
Coordinate and prioritize.
If you’re consistently searching for items on your cluttered up desk, allow time to organize files, tools and equipment. Keep paper and electronic files in marked folders. On your PC, produce shortcuts and favorites to help find items rapidly and easily.
Utilize a single portable calendar to track all meetings, dates and deadlines.
Produce a schedule to begin and finish a given task and stick to it. Start and finish tasks on time. A daily or weekly “To Do” list may likewise be a helpful tool to stay on track and remain productive.
Be truthful with yourself about your fortes and failings and then budget time and jobs accordingly. It may be helpful to do the things

that you like the least first, as they might be more time consuming and you’re more likely to finish more interesting activities.
Compose agendas for meetings and remain inside the allotted time.
Inefficient meetings that go late are a huge cause of productivity loss.
Put down all key information like date, time, attendees, schedule items and action items when taking notes. This might save considerable guessing later. When in doubt, document.
Learn to utilize new and better tools to accomplish your work and invest a little time in learning to utilize existing tools more efficiently.
Discover a coach or mentor or take a class in time management, organizational strategies and productive business communication.
Take breaks.
This might seem conflicting when you are swamped. All the same, “crunch time” is when it’s even more crucial to stay clear and centered. It’s easy to make errors and when feeling deluged. Actually schedule breaks into your day if essential. Even a short walk around the building may clear your head and bring down stress, which promotes productivity.

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Building The Business Brain

Building The Business Brain

Among the hardest transitions for individuals is to move from the employee to the entrepreneur mentality. The idea of getting on your own, getting your own business is fantastic.
It’s the desire of a lot of individuals to leave their jobs and get to be successful business owners.
However, is there a transition that has to be made from the employee mentality to the entrepreneur mentality?
It‟s really exceedingly crucial that you bear this entrepreneur mentality to succeed in business on your own…because most of the principles you’ll need to succeed are based off of being a true entrepreneur.
And there are gigantic differences between that and an employee mentality, I‟m not pulling your leg …and we will look at it here.

Develop The Right Mindset To Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur

Which Mindset Do You Have?


Many small business owners and enterprisers got their beginning as an employee. They worked for somebody else. The issue is, if you‟ve been an employee for years, it may be difficult to shake of the bonds of the employee mentality.
What does this mean?
If you’ve an employee mentality, you’re more likely to look to other people to tell you what to do. You‟ll find it difficult to take responsibility for the success and failure of your endeavor.
You see, as an employee, you’ve no say about how the business is executed. You just work hard to prove your value so that you can stay employed.

Which One Are You:

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you think much differently. Essentially the buck stops (and begins) with you. You’re responsible for the success and failure of your endeavor. And you are the one who makes all the huge decisions (including who to designate littler decisions to!).
To discover if you’re thinking like an employee or an entrepreneur, take this fast quiz:


  • Do you confine your tasks/responsibilities to a subset of what is required for your business to flourish?
  • Do you base your life-style on your revenue?
  • If a money setback happens, do you shrink your budget to adapt to the reduction in revenue?
  • Do you constantly seek outside advice to make even daily decisions?

If you responded “yes” to most of these queries, chances are you’ve an employee mentality. Here‟s why those with an entrepreneur mentality would answer “no.”
Do you confine your tasks/responsibilities to a subset of what is required for your business to flourish?
Entrepreneurs understand that occasionally they have to do things in their business that are “higher up” or “beneath” their skill level. Their mental attitude is if it has to get accomplished, get it accomplished and they’re not adverse to bundling up their sleeves and getting their arms dirty.

Do you base your life-style on your revenue?
Entrepreneurs will seek to develop their business, enlarge their line of products and broaden their services when money setbacks happen. They don‟t let themselves get to be or remain a victim of fiscal conditions.
If a money setback happens, do you shrink your budget to accommodate the reduction in revenue?
Entrepreneurs send out the payments for themselves first. They center on bringing in the money that supports the life-style they want and invest the rest into their business. That stated, they’re likewise cognizant of and accept the fleeting sacrifices that may need to be made in order to achieve a goal.
Do you constantly seek outside advice to make even daily decisions?
Entrepreneurs handle their time and take responsibility for their actions. While they might seek out mentors to guide them to expanded growth, they’re in control of their day-to-day actions and don‟t need somebody else to tell them what to accomplish or prompt them to accomplish it.
Let’s look at some more differences
Monday mentality

  • Employees fear Monday. (Or, whatever the beginning day of their work week is.)
  • Entrepreneurs are not bolted into a work week. They approach each day as a different chance to go after their dreams.

T. G. I. F. (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) mentality

  •  Employees are constantly looking forward to their off days.
  •  Entrepreneurs are forever seeking ways to extend their business even when they’re not “working” they’re considering ways to extend their entrepreneurial talents. They look forward to each day!

When am I going to receive a raise? mentality

  • Employees think that raises ought to come according to the calendar, instead of according to their work.
  • Entrepreneurs seldom consider when they’ll receive an increase. They realize that the more they work towards helping other people the greater their reward will be.

Oh no, what now mentality

  • Employees set about meetings with an “oh no” mentality.
  • Entrepreneurs set about meetings with a mastermind mentality. They realize that excellent ideas come out of these meetings.

There are a lot more mindsets that we may compare. As a matter of fact if a few have come to mind for you as you read this write them down.



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The Secret Sauce to Success part 2

The Secret Sauce to Success part 2


Self-control is the power to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state or a way to Secret-Saucemaintain a positive mental attitude.

Get It In Order

Imagine what you may achieve if you could merely get yourself to follow up on your best intentions regardless what. The pinnacle of self-control is when you reach the point that when you arrive at a conscious decision; it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll follow up on it.

Self-control is among many personal development tools available to you. Naturally it is not a cure-all. Even so, the issues which self-control may solve are crucial, and while there are other ways to solve these issues, self-control utterly shreds them.

Self-control may empower you to wipe out procrastination, maintain a positive mental attitude and be a success. Moreover, it becomes a potent teammate when combined with other tools.

Self-control is like a muscle. The more you discipline it, the stronger you get. The less you discipline it, the feebler you get.

Just as everybody has different muscle power, we all possess assorted levels of self-control. Everybody has some — if you are able to hold your breath a couple of seconds, you have a little self-control. But not everybody has formulated their discipline to the same level.

The way to establish self-control is like utilizing weight training to establish muscle. This entails lifting weights that are close to your limitations. You force your muscles till they fail, and then you rest.

Likewise, the basic technique to build self-control is to tackle challenges that you are able to successfully achieve but which are near your limitations. This doesn’t imply attempting something and failing at it daily, nor does it imply remaining inside your comfort zone.

You’ll gain no strength attempting to lift a weight that you can’t budge, nor will you acquire power lifting weights that are too flimsy for you. You have to begin with weights/challenges that are inside your present ability to lift but which are near your limitations.

When you succeed, you step-up the challenge. Even as most individuals have very weak muscles likened to how strong they may become with training, most individuals are really weak in their level of self-control.

If you’re really undisciplined right now, you are able to still utilize what little discipline you have to form more. The more disciplined you get, the easier life gets. Challenges that were once inconceivable for you will finally feel like child’s play. As you become stronger, the same weights will feel lighter and lighter.

Don’t equate yourself to others. It won’t help. You’ll only discover what you expect to discover. If you believe you’re weak, everybody else will feel stronger. If you believe you’re strong, everybody else will appear weaker. There’s no point in doing this. Merely consider where you are today, and aim to get better as you proceed.

Originative Vision

Originative thinking is the bringing into being of something which didn’t exist before, either as a product, a procedure or a thought.

You would be demonstrating originative thinking if you:

  • Cook up something which has never existed before
  • Devise something which exists elsewhere but you’re not aware of
  • Cook up a new procedure for doing something
  • Reapply a subsisting procedure or product into a new or changed market
  • Formulate a fresh way of viewing something (bringing a fresh idea into existence)
  • Alter the way somebody else views something

As a matter of fact, we’re all originative daily because we’re constantly altering the ideas which we hold about the world about us. Originative thinking doesn’t have to be about developing something fresh to the world, it’s more to do with formulating something new to ourselves. Once we alter ourselves, the world alters with us, both in the way that the world is impacted by our different actions and in the different way that we go through the world.

Get Creative

Originative thinking may be utilized to make products, procedures and services better and it may be utilized to produce them in the first place. It’s expected that increasing your originative thinking will help you, your organization and your clients become happier through betterments in your quality and amount of output.

Originative thinking is the procedure which we utilize when we come up with a fresh notion. They are the blending of ideas which haven’t been blended before. Brainstorming is one form of originative thinking: it works by blending somebody else’s ideas with your own to produce a new one. You’re utilizing the ideas of other people as a stimulus for your own.

This originative thinking process may be accidental or deliberate.

Without utilizing special strategies originative thinking does still happen, but commonly in the accidental way; like a chance happening making you consider something in a different way and you then discovering an advantageous shift. Additional changes occur slowly through pure utilization of intelligence and logical advancement. Utilizing this accidental or logical advancement process, it frequently takes a long time for products to formulate and improve. In a quickening and competitive world this is plainly harmful.

Utilizing special strategies, deliberate originative thinking may be utilized to develop new ideas. These strategies force the blending of a wide range of thoughts to spark off fresh thoughts and procedures.

Brainstorming is among these special strategies, but traditionally it begins with unoriginal ideas.

Developments of products happen much more speedily utilizing these deliberate strategies than by accident. A lot of individuals known for being originative utilize these strategies, but are not aware they’re doing so because they have not been officially trained in them. If you utilize these deliberate strategies during advanced brainstorming sessions then you too will be more originative which in turn will add to your positive mental attitude.

With practice, ongoing originative thinking (the continuous investigation, calling into question and analysis that develops through education, conditioning and self-awareness) happens all the time. Ongoing originative thinking maximizes both accidental and deliberate originative thinking. Ongoing creativeness takes time and deliberate practice to get skillful at, but it’s amazing how quickly it becomes a mental attitude, not a strategy.

The opening move to take is to learn the creative thinking strategies so that you are able to deliberately utilize them to come up with fresh ideas. You’ll then be at an immediate advantage over those who don’t understand how to utilize them. You ought to then practice the strategies to increase your skill at ongoing originative thinking as well as boost your positive mental attitude.

Organized Thinking and Concentration

Concentration and organized thinking work together but one doesn’t lead to the other. To concentrate is to direct your mental mights or your efforts toward a certain action, subject or issue.

Memory is the power to remember info, experiences and individuals. There are a few particular skills that may be learned to heighten both concentration and organized thinking.

Practicing these skills is likely to better one’s positive mental attitude.

Get Your Brain In Order

When something is stored in our brain, we don’t forget it. We might, however, have difficulty recalling the data. It’s likewise possible that the data we’re trying to recall was never stored.

Good concentration will heighten organized thinking. If we only practice skills that better our organized thinking but never look at divisors that enhance concentration, our efforts will only be marginally successful.

Make your mind a deal it can’t reject. Yes, the mind takes bribes. Rather than telling it NOT to worry about a different, lesser priority (which will cause your brain to consider the very thing it’s not supposed to consider!), assign it one task with start-stop time parameters.

For instance, “I’ll consider how to pay off that charge card debt when I get home this evening and have a chance to add together my bills. For now, for the following 30 minutes from 1-1:30 pm, I’ll provide my total focus to practicing this presentation so I’m eloquent and articulated when pitching this proposal.”

Still can’t get additional concerns out of your brain? Write them down on your to-do list so you’re free to block them. Recording distressful obligations means you don’t have to utilize your brain as a “reminder” message board, which means you are able to provide your undivided attention to your chief priority task.

Don’t feel like concentrating? Are you ducking a task or project you’re supposed to be working at? That’s a sort of procrastination. It’s astonishing how long it takes to finish something we’re not working at.

Next time you’re about to put off an obligation ask yourself, “Do I have to accomplish this? Do I want it accomplished so it’s not on my mind? Will it be any simpler later?”

Those 3 questions may provide you the incentive to mentally apply yourself as they bring you face to face with the reality this chore isn’t disappearing, and delaying will simply add to your guilt feelings and make this burdensome chore occupy more of your brain and time.

Picture your brain as a camera and your eyes as its aperture. Much of the time, our eyes are “taking it all in” and our mind is in “wide-angle focus.” We may really consider a lot of things at once and maneuver really efficiently this way.

What if you wish to shift to telephotograph focus? What if you have to ready for a test and you require 100% concentration? Cup your hands about your eyes so you’ve “tunnel vision” and are looking only at your text. Placing your hands on the side of your face screens surroundings so they’re literally “concealed, out of mind.” Consider the importance of those words.

If you cup your hands about your eyes each time you wish to switch from wide-angle to telephotograph focus, that physical ritual gets to be a Pavlovian trigger.

Utilizing your hands as blinkers each time you wish to narrow your focus teaches your mind to switch to “one track” mind and center on your command.

Wish to know how to be “present” and fully here and now rather than senselessly rushing here, there, and everyplace? Next time your brain is a million miles away, merely look around you and truly view your environment. Study that dainty flower in the vase. Get up close to the picture on the wall and wonder at the artist’s craftsmanship.

Lean in and truly view a loved one you tend to take for granted. Your world will come alive in your mind’s eye.

Budgeting Time and Being Excited

If time is an un-renewable resource, it adds up to make the most of the time you’re presented. Learn to set a budget and maximize the time you have.

Let life drift by without a clear, definite, and ascertained purpose. You now have the pure formula for boredom!

If you let the day go past without zest and vigor, you’re opening gaps to allow dull moments to creep in and a negative mentality.

Get Moving


When it comes to devising purchases, many individuals have an idea in their brains of what they’re willing to spend. You likely wouldn’t walk into a shoe-shop and say, ‘I’ll buy that pair of shoes regardless how much they cost.’

If the salesperson states the shoes cost $300, most individuals wouldn’t purchase them. That’s because when it concerns making purchases, individuals set a budget in their brains of how much those shoes are truly worth to them.

However what about when it bears on how you spend your time?

Do you occasionally expend more time on particular tasks than they’re truly worth?

For example, when it comes to housecleaning do you spend 60 minutes a day doing so? 2 hours? 3 hours? More than 3 hours? Is dusting truly worth that much of your time? What about your additional projects and assignments? How much is that time worth to you?

We all get the same sum of time every day–24 hours. Leastwise eight of those hours are apportioned to sleeping. So, we all have about sixteen hours when we’re awake.

By arranging a time budget for particular activities, you’ll always ensure your time is being expended on what is most crucial to you, your loved ones and your future.

How much time are you wishing to invest with a spouse or love? How many hours will you apportion to working, cleaning, working out, eating or watching TV?

Before arranging anything, ask yourself how much time you’re willing to commit. Put those time investments down so you can reference them on a regular basis. Then, stick with your time budget.

Time isn’t an inexhaustible currency, so make sure to spend it sagely.


Go to a place where you’ve never been to. Anything fresh will make your brain curious and invigorated. This lifts the dullness off your present way of living. Fresh places bring back the childly curiosity in you. Curiosity keeps you alive; and traveling is, far and away, the best antidote to tedium.

It is frequently said that, “All work and no play, makes a dull day”. You have to work in order to pay the bills. All the same, working without fun once in a while might result to listlessness.

Once a year, take time out to go to a fresh place or alien land (if your budget may allow it!) and add fresh info in your intellectual vault.

If you’re a pet lover, drive over to a pet store of your choice and pick out an animal companion. Individuals state that dogs are the most

truehearted companions. You’ve heard of dogs risking their lives for their owners.

If you can’t have pets at home, one alternative is to have plants. Others find it curative talking to orchids, roses, and each imaginable flower in the plant kingdom. Flowers in assorted hues, and the color green, may be relaxing to the eye.

If you’ve a green thumb, why not attempt this hobby? If you feel thrilled when surrounded by plants, go ahead and grab your horticulture tools!

Boring life may be made exciting thru food! Aside from being the source of power (and additional pounds!), Utilize food to make life stimulating. Be on the lookout for fresh food ideas through eating and distinguishing unique restaurants.

Think about cooking as a different activity that may stimulate the mood. Cooking exposes you to assorted flavors and textures of ingredients. Who knows? You may be looking at a future business venture if you indulge in your passion in cooking.

Distinguish what you want and love to accomplish. If you’re not into it by now, this is the ideal time to begin the discovery procedure. Perhaps now is the correct time to learn a fresh skill like playing an instrument, enroll in a gym, and pick-up fresh habits. This will do marvels for your life in terms of physical wellness and elimination of tedium.

Other people engage in volunteer work. This is a different alternative that’s certainly fulfilling and uplifting to the spirit.

In all these actions, you are able to invite similar-minded acquaintances to join you in your journey. The moment you decide to pursue a clear and definite purpose and do something that places meaning into your life, you’ve taken the initial step toward a life of ceaseless fulfillment and a positive mental attitude.

 Wrapping Up

This is the beginning step… reading. It ought to be a fast reading, to grasp the sweeping flow of thought that the article bears.

Read for certain emphasis. A 2nd reading is for the purpose of absorbing particular details. You ought to pay certain attention to see that you comprehend and truly grasp any fresh ideas the book presents.

Read for the future. This 3rd reading is more of an organized thinking feat than it is a reading job. Literally learn passages that have certain meaning to you.

Discover ways they may relate to issues you’re presently facing. Test fresh ideas; attempt them; discard the worthless and imprint the valuable indelibly on your habit patterns.

Read — later — to brush up your memory, and to rekindle your inspiration. There’s a celebrated story about the salesman who’s standing up in front of a sales manager stating: ‘”Gimme that old sales talk again, I’m getting kinda disheartened.” All of us might become disheartened. We ought to re-read the best of our books at such times to rekindle the fires that got us going in the beginning place.

To your success,

Paul Butler


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The Secret Sauce to Success part 1

The Secret Sauce to Success part 1

This article is to instruct you on what to do and how to accomplish it when it comes to tapping and utilizing the powers of your subconscious.

Where have you been schooled to constructively utilize, neutralize, command or harmonize with your passions, emotions, secret-sauceinstincts, dispositions, feelings, moods and habits of idea and action?

Have you been instructed how to aim high and accomplish your goals irrespective of the obstacles? If your answer is “No.” You’ll be taught these things if you read and then apply the precepts in this book.

Secret Sauce Strategies

Lessons You Can Learn From The Secret On Spicing Up Your Life!

There is an invisible talisman (mental attitude) that has 2 amazing powers: it has the power to draw in wealth, success, happiness and wellness; and it has the power to drive back these things — to rob you of all that makes life worth living.

It’s the first of these powers, that lets a few men climb to the top and remain there. It’s the second that keeps other men at the bottom all their lives. It’s the later that pulls still other men down from the top when they’ve accomplished it.

A Place To Begin

You must learn to develop the habit of recognizing, relating, assimilating and utilizing universal precepts and adopt them as your very own. Then follow through with desirable action.

And what are the precepts you might apply? They may be learned and applied by youngsters and grownups:

  • Greatness comes to those who acquire a burning desire to accomplish high goals.
  •  Success is accomplished and maintained by those who try and keep going with a positive mental attitude.
  • To become an expert achiever in any human action, it requires practice . . . practice . . . practice.
  • Effort and work may become amusing once you establish particular desirable goals.
  • With each adversity there’s a seed of an equivalent or better benefit for those who are motivated with positive mental attitude to become achievers.
  • Man’s biggest power lies in the power of prayer.

To learn and apply these precepts, tune in your invisible talisman to the positive mental attitude side.

We’re the masters of our fate as we are masters, first, of our attitudes. Our attitudes determine our future. This is a universal law. This law works whether the attitudes are destructive or constructive. The law says that we translate into physical truth the thoughts and attitudes which we hold in our brains, regardless what they are.

We translate into truth thoughts of poverty even as quickly as we do thoughts of wealth. But if our attitude toward ourselves is big, and our attitude toward other people is generous and merciful, we

Draw in big and generous portions of success.

As well know that those who trust they can’t repel the positive; they utilize the negative side of their talisman. Those who trust they may repel the negative; they utilize the positive side.

That’s why we must be cautious when we utilize these talismans. Its positive mental attitude side that may get for you all the rich blessings of life. It put up help you to overcome your troubles and to discover your strengths. It may help you step out ahead of your rivals, and can turn what other people say is impossible into reality.

But the negative mental attitude side is just as powerful. Rather than happiness and success, it may draw in despair and defeat. Like all power, the talisman is unsafe if we don’t utilize it the right way.

But how do you go about putting positive mental attitude to work in your life instead of negative mental attitude? Some individuals seem to utilize this power instinctively. Some learn by relating and absorbing what they read in inspirational magazines and books.

A few individuals use positive mental attitude for a while but when they get a setback, they lose faith in it. They start out right, but a few “foul breaks” cause them to flip the talisman wrong-side-up. They never realize that success is maintained by those who continue trying with positive mental attitude.

A few individuals seem to use positive mental attitude pretty much all the time. Other people start and then quit. But other people — the huge majority of us — have never truly begun to utilize the fantastic powers available to us.

What about us? May we learn to utilize positive mental attitude, as we’ve learned other skills?

The answer, based on years of experience, is a definite yes.

This is the content of this book. In the chapters that follow we’ll show you how it may be done. The effort to learn will be worth it because positive mental attitude is the crucial ingredient in all success.

You Can Alter Your Life

We now know that positive mental attitude is a great thing. Once you begin to employ these principles with positive mental attitude in your preferred occupation or to a solution of your personal issues, you’re on the road to success. Then you’re on the right track and headed in the correct direction toward getting what you wish.

To accomplish anything worthwhile in life, it’s crucial that you employ positive mental attitude, no matter what other success rules you employ.

Positive mental attitude is the catalyst which makes any combination of success precepts work to accomplish a worthwhile end. Its negative mental attitude, combined with some of the same precepts, that’s the catalyst which results in crime or evilness. And grief, calamity, tragedy — sin, disease, demise — are a few of its rewards.

The Things Needed

As long as you live, from this day onwards, you are able to analyze your every success and every failure — that is, if you form these principles indelibly in your memory.

You might develop and sustain a permanent positive mental attitude by making it your duty to adopt and apply these principles in your day-to-day living.

There’s no other known technique by which you might keep your mind positive.

Analyze yourself bravely, now, and learn which of these precepts you have been utilizing and which of them you’ve been overlooking.

In the future examine both your successes and your allures, utilizing the principles as a measuring system, and really soon you’ll be able to lay your finger on what has been holding you back.

If you have positive mental attitude and don’t succeed, then what? If you utilize positive mental attitude and don’t succeed, it might be because you’re not using it the right way in the combination for success to accomplish your particular goal.

Initially it might be hard to comprehend and apply the principles. However as you continue to read each of these precepts will be more clear to you. You’ll then be able to utilize them.

Has the world presented you a raw deal? “I never truly had a chance to advance. My dad was an alcoholic, you know.” “I was raised in the

slum area and that’s something you are able to never get out of your system.” “I only had an elementary school education.”

These individuals are all stating, in essence, that the world has afforded them a raw deal. They’re blaming the world and conditions outside themselves for their failures. They blame their heredity or their surroundings. They start out with a negative mental attitude. And, naturally, with that attitude, they’re handicapped. But it’s negative mental attitude that is holding them down, not the extraneous handicap which they provide as the cause of their failure.

Identifying one’s self with a successful mental image may help break the habits of self-doubt and defeat which years of negative mental attitude set up inside a personality. A different and equally crucial successful strategy for altering your world is to identify yourself with a mental image that will inspire you to make the correct decisions. It may be a slogan, a picture, or any other symbol that’s meaningful to you.

What will your picture state to you? There’s one way to find out. When you’re faced with a grave issue or decision, ask your picture a question. Listen, for the answer.

A different crucial ingredient for altering your world is to have definiteness of purpose.

Definiteness of purpose is the beginning point of all accomplishment. Definiteness of purpose, blended with positive mental attitude, is the beginning point of all worthwhile accomplishment Remember — your world will alter whether or not you decide to alter it.

However you’ve the power to decide its direction. You are able to pick out your own targets. When you ascertain your definite major aims with positive mental attitude, there’s a natural tendency for you to utilize seven of the success precepts:

  • Personal initiative
  • Self-control
  • Originative vision
  • Organized thinking
  • Commanded attention (concentration of effort)
  • Budgeting of time and cash
  • Exuberance


98 out of every 100 individuals who are disgruntled with their world don’t have a clear picture in their brains of the world they’d like for themselves.

Consider it! Consider the individuals who drift without aim through life, disgruntled, struggling against a great many things, but without a clear goal. Can you say, right now, what it is that you wish out of life?

Fixing your goals might not be simple. It might even involve a little painful self-contemplation. But it will be worth whatever work it

costs, because as soon as you are able to name your goal, you are able to expect to enjoy a lot of advantages. These advantages come nearly automatically.

The first awesome advantage is that your subconscious starts to work under a universal law: “What the mind of man may conceive and believe — the mind of man may accomplish with positive mental attitude.” Because you visualize your specified destination, your subconscious is affected by this self-suggestion. It goes to work to help you arrive there.

Because you know what you desire, there’s a tendency for you to try to get on the correct track and head in the correct direction. You get into action.

Work now gets to be fun. You’re motivated to pay the price. You budget your time and cash. You hit the books, think, and plan. The more you consider your goals, the more enthusiastic you get. And with enthusiasm your want turns into a burning desire.

You get alerted to opportunities that will help you accomplish your objectives as they present themselves in your daily experiences. Since you know what you want, you’re more likely to recognize these chances.

All of these things are essential for a positive mindset and consequently success.

Personal Initiative

Consider something you wish to accomplish that’s truly important to you? (Don’t go forward without picking out one of your top goals.)

Now imagine having accomplished it? You’re basking in the gratification of a job well done. How does it look? How does it smell? How does it taste? How does it feel? How do you feel?

The sole way in which you’ll experience the delight, beauty, and fulfillment that will come by accomplishing this goal is if you utilize your personal initiative. It won’t occur without it.

Initiative is a force of personal power that rises from deep inside and flows forth into positive, goal-oriented activity.

Take Action

Your personal initiative is your inner energy that begins all action. It’s the enemy of procrastination. It’s the spark that starts your productive actions. Without personal initiative, you can’t be successful.

Success is something you have to accomplish without somebody telling you what to do or why you ought to do it.

Success comes to those who are proactive. Rather than drifting through life doing only what is called for, successful individuals do the additional things that bestow more meaning to life.

Regardless what your goal is—becoming a noteworthy mother, an honor student, an great athlete, a top-producing sales man, or the owner of your own business—if you’re going to be successful you must utilize your personal initiative to do the little things demanded of you to succeed.

Personal initiative is more than a rudimentary requirement to accomplishing your goals, it’s likewise about doing the little things that make your life and the lives of other people, both at work and at home, more pleasurable.

It’s doing the simple matters like cleaning up your dirty clothes, cleaning house or emptying the spilling over trash can. It’s taking 3 minutes to clear the coffee mugs in the sink at the office. It’s taking time to convey your genuine gratitude to somebody who did something for you. It’s offering to assist a friend in need and is essential for a positive mindset.

In a way, your personal initiative is observing and being aware of the tasks that need to be done without being asked.

Among my fundamental beliefs is that the only way you’ll have personal initiative to do huge things is by first utilizing it to do the tiny things. Each big success is made up a big number of little successes, each of which demands personal initiative and many of which are so little and insignificant that merely you notice, but they all add together.

Utilizing one’s personal initiative has more advantages than meet the eye. Individuals who utilize their personal initiative are more respected and have heavier influence.

No other technique for building one’s self-regard is more effective than utilizing your personal initiative to do the little tasks that make you a better individual.

Individuals who constantly utilize their personal initiative to advance their vocations are those who are at the upper side of the pay scale in their profession.

You’ll have the edge at everything you do as you will stick out as an individual worthy of being noticed who has a positive mindset.

I not certain of the cause, but I see fewer individuals utilizing their personal initiative to advance their lives forward than at any time in my life. It’s like everybody is seated in a holding pattern waiting for something to shift.

This is your chance to rev up your game and distinguish yourself from the rising number of apathetic individuals. This is your opportunity to utilize your unique talent, skill, and power to accomplish the things that are significant to you. Don’t let the lethargic surroundings around you keep you from stretching yourself to become your very best.

I wish to challenge you to begin doing the little things that call for personal initiative. As you establish your confidence in executing the little things, then begin stretching yourself to do the bigger things. Keep going with this procedure and let each success to build on the prior one.

click here for part 2



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How to become a Successful Entrepreneur

How to become a Successful Entrepreneur

You see successful businesses everywhere.

None of those businesses sprang up from the ground. Entrepreneurs
are the backbone of the business world.

Someone had some genius idea, made a plan and went for it.

They accomplish this feat of imagination and hard work with
characteristics including confidence, vision, consistency and

However, there are some qualities that separate really successful
home business entrepreneurs from all the rest.

Here are 6 qualities that separate the successful from the rest:

#1 – Successful entrepreneurs don’t lose who they are when the
money comes into their pockets.

This down to earth perspective keeps their heads on straight and
keeps them in business. They pull off this characteristic in one
of two ways.

One, it’s just in their personality. Two, they figured out how to
live off little to nothing while trying to start up their business
and making their initial profit.

All too often, people go crazy with the money they make.

Suddenly, they are spending more time playing and less time
working. Before they know it, their business crashes, burns, and
they’re back to square one.

#2 – Entrepreneurs have a touch of naivety.

In our culture today, naivety is considered a bad thing.

It’s related to ignorance and stupidity. This perception of the
word is wrong and unjust. Naivety is a lack of experience and a
lack of judgment. More so a departure from reality and into the
dream realm. It’s here in the dream realm that true genius is born.

Naivety gives entrepreneurs a false sense of optimism.

They see nothing but clear skies and a sunny day in front of them
on the road ahead. Most of the time, this is a figment of their
imagination that is hiding the challenging storm on the road ahead.

If it wasn’t for the imagined problem-free journey, they may have
never left the comfort of their home to explore the business world
as an entrepreneur.

#3 – Luck follows every successful entrepreneur.

I grew up hearing that luck is the convenient byproduct of hard
work. Well, in the business world, this is as true as it gets.

Successful entrepreneurs constantly put themselves into positions
where luck can take a swing.

They work hard and persevere. They are consistent, level headed,
and driven towards success. Luck loves to hang around these people.

Please note that just because they are lucky in the business world
doesn’t mean they’ll be lucky in Vegas.

It takes hard work to produce luck.

#4 – Successful entrepreneurs have a diverse and well-rounded
skill set.

They realistically cannot be a master at one skill and expect to
become successful.

It’s completely impossible. Get that delusion out of your head.

At the start of your business, you have dozens of different tasks
to manage and complete. Unless you came into a lot of money and
can afford a payroll, you’re going to be doing everything on your

#5 – The successful leaders also have compassion.

A heartless leader will bear no fruit. A leader with compassion
towards his employees, his customers, and his products will be

When going into business, profit isn’t everything.

A stable and consistently fruitful business will be better.
Further, it’s through a leader’s compassion that they create
their legacy and become immortal in memory.

#6 – Successful entrepreneurs stand out from all the rest.

They are different and generally don’t fit in with others.

They surround themselves with friends who are also successful or
striving towards success.

They are always hard at work and bettering themselves. They focus
on one thing they love and go all out in their efforts to becoming
successful doing what they love.

Different is good. Different is unique, and it takes a unique
person to being successful as an entrepreneur.

If it was easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur.

Thankfully though… it’s not impossible.

When you have employ these 6 characteristics, along with
imagination, dedication and persistence, a powerful combination
is created which can propel you to the level of success you desire.


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Stay on Track – Keep an MLM Diary

Stay on Track – Keep an MLM Diary:

Is an MLM diary a great way to remain focused each day?

MLM DiaryA sensible man had said when a life worth living is a life worth documenting.

Does a fact like this stay true for you when you develop your MLM business? What possible edge will you gain by documenting what you’re doing and what you hope to attain?

What can determine whether or not you succeed or fail? Can the difference  between reaching your goals and failing inside a horribly tragic way genuinely come down to a MLM diary? Lets see.

An MLM diary – Part of a Roadmap to Success:

Do you comprehend probably the most crucial step you’ll ever take may be the next one?

Doesn’t any voyage literally begin when you first start planning it? You mlm business planconsider perhaps taking a holiday as well as start examining resort costs as well as the cost of air fares or fuel. Most people will certainly look  online and take a look at various resorts as well as attractions in the area you prefer to visit. A lot of people have finances as well as they document the cost of every little thing and then begin as well as pick the location, the route and book the hotel.

(Part 1 of keeping an MLM diary– write down your plans.)

Once you have selected a destination, you map out a plan how best to travel to your destination. You choose a route primarily based on the time frame you have got and any additional stops you may want to make along the way. You also spend some time deciding the best mode of traveling. Will you fly, drive, walk or catch a train. ( MLM Diary Step 2 – Plan your work. )

Then, once you get started, you take photos along the way and even a few video shots to document and record the journey. Perhaps you even make one or two notes about the people you met on the way and the attractions that have left an impression. You make a note to revisit a few places. ( MLM Diary Step three – Record day-to-day activities and review your activities for results. )

Everyone wants to see the critical moments from your journey. And so you’ve kept a photo album, and a written history. You have a journal. And you know where the grass is greener, and what areas are best avoided. So you share which pitfalls to avoid, as well as what rest stops are worth the while. (MLM Diary Entry #4 – Record what works! Record what doesn’t!)

MLM Diary Success Tips:

It’s true with any kind of business, if you can locate somebody that’s in a position where you desire to be you must research what they do and follow their lead by going through all the procedures that they have taken to be where they are.

By mapping anything you do as well as taking cautious notes you will definitely reach that location quicker and prevent any distractions as well as risks along the means.

In network marketing, look for a mentor who will definitely be happy to show you his MLM diary. This will certainly give you a good idea of what MLM.Banner-3-250x250you ought to be doing every day. Their diary will definitely show you the step-by-step process he goes through which may include planning ahead for coaching and training sessions. An effective MLM leader will certainly have a little something he utilizes daily, it might be an e-book or notes about his own private mentoring.

He will certainly have one in some type or other. Discover the teacher, remember of how he operates his business and do the same for your business.

Then along your journey to success do the same thing. Make a MLM diary of tips, tricks and secrets. Share your success and your struggles. The fun times, bad times and things to avoid along they way. Then share your model of success with your team to attain even greater success.

If you received value from Stay on Track – Keep an MLM Diary please comment and share…

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