How to Generate Prospect Leads Online

How to Generate Prospect Leads Online

Any person who has been in the network marketing industry for any length of time knows that prospecting leads is essential.

Obviously it is not possible and unseemly to pitch to everyone and if you do you will find you don’t have many friends.

How to Prospect Leads Online

There are processes you need to follow offline or online.

Understand firstly that the ability to close a sale is related to the quality of your lead.

It is pointless squandering precious time pitching your product to people who are not particularly interested in it from the very start.

May sound basic, but when new people enter the network marketing business, their eagerness appears to outweigh their commonsense!

Identifying your prospect lead comes first. Understand what “target marketing” means. Better still identify who your best target buyer or prospect is, and target without delay at them.

Some common lead prospecting strategies follow, although there are numerous others.

Some methods work better for a few of the people than others, so do what you are cushty doing, it’ll reflect in how you make your presentation.

Word-of-mouth or personal recommendation is the right way to generate good prospect leads. Time is of the essence, always chase up any referrals you are given swiftly and remember to mention the referee’s name. Satisfied customers do lots of your selling for you, if they are referring you to pals they are going to be extremely positive about your product and your prospect is so pre-warmed.

Whatever you do with this lead will get back to the individual that referred it, don’t forget to thank the referrer and chase up swiftly. This method can snowball and often leads to more leads, the ideal end result. Offering an inducement to the referrer is usually a smart idea, if it’s a money off coupon or a little gift. If this person then makes a habit of referring folk to you, they might be a perfect applicant for your downline team, as in effect they already are.

The right way to Network for Prospect Leads

Clubs and organisations are a superb way to generate leads, and if you are not a member of any go ahead and join! This set of people will be ideal for prospecting purposes. You could also join networking groups to share leads gathered from others in related firms. For example if you’re selling software, hookup with people who sell computer hardware, just make sure it is a two-way street in this situation, and always thank and supply inducements for those who give you leads.

Prospect leads can be found in spades at trade shows, but this is an expensive way of finding leads and it will also take up plenty of your time. Your target audience is there, so don’t hide behind your personal computer network with people.

You show your personality and practice attraction selling, or you will have wasted your time and money.

You will soon learn how to identify potential prospects and gather applicable information from them. Find out their business and be amiable.

Attraction marketing is a powerful thing!

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One thought on “How to Generate Prospect Leads Online”

  1. I own a small computer consulting business. All of my work comes from 2 companies that provide subcontract work.

    I am going to start expanding and looking for clients of my own. I am very good at cold calling.. i used to work as a telemarketer setting appointments to sell health insurance direct to consumer and would set at least 5-6 appointments a day.

    I figure B2B would probably be easier than direct to consumer. If i spend 8 hours a day prospecting for leads how soon should I realistically expect to start generating revenue?

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