So youre using Microsoft Prospect and youre satisfied with it. Who requires a real estate CRM when you have Outlook right
If you are this way maybe its once again time to reconsider.
Outlook on life is an email customer first and foremost not a Customer relationship management or true speak to management system.
Yes it has a calendar task manager and information feature but it doesnt have the key capabilities and functionality that you just as a REALTOR ought to be truly effective.
It simply doesnt help you as being a real estate sales expert to maximize the number of referrals and returning consumers you get. Sure Outlook may help you stay arranged but it wasnt made to do much more than that.
You want a technological innovation tool by your side that will assist you stay organized AND grow your career in tangible estate. Prospect
Since youre a REALTOR that technological innovation has to be real estate specific specially designed and personalized to your real estate gross sales business.
There needs to be a space to manage your active business your current consumers sellers and entries. And you need to be competent to enter in a listing with regard to example and then assign an inventory plan for instance to that particular listing.
A listing plans a series of tasks linked to listing a home. Their important because youll know that nothing will tumble through the cracks therefore you wont have to worry about remembering an important detail or maybe activity.
As a real estate agent its all about interactions so its essential to assign marketing programs and sphere involving influence nurturing plans to specific contacts. These plans should have drip e-mail drip marketing functionality built into them.
Youll need to be able to categorize the contacts into communities filter your acquaintances across multiple groups and then easily mail a personalized mass electronic mail or letter.
Can you do these things together with Outlook I think you would possibly run into some challenges.
But thats not many.
If youre emailing prospects for instance you want to know how effective your e mail was.
Wouldnt it be possible nice to see gambling on open charge who clicked on just what links within your mail and who sent out your email onto others After all is only way you can enhance your email marketing.
I hope chances are you get it. Youve realized Outlook is not really a CRM application. It can be classified as being a contact management program but not one that you may really expect too much of your return from with regard to getting more referrals along with repeat business.
IXACT Get in touch with on the other hand is a real real estate CRM instrument that you CAN expect money from. Its a real estate contact managing system designed specially around your business and the unique needs in addition to challenges that you to be a REALTOR have.
Indeed a monthly or even yearly fee can be involved but IXACT will pay for itself multiple times over. If you get just one recommendation that turns into a client from IXACT Contact of which pays for your annually fee for many ages to come.
Take a moment to consider that. Think about all the charges and fees youre hit with after which think about which ones can be extremely worth paying for. Which ones truly will as well as can have a real influence on your business Which ones gives you the highest return on investment
When you are using Outlook with regard to everyday email letters Im not indicating you stop. Precisely what Im suggesting quite simply supplement your regular e mail client with a genuine CRM. With IXACT Contact lenses Outlook Link potential all contact work schedule and task details can be wirelessly synchronized in real time between Outlook in addition to IXACT Contact. Now That is convenient
To learn more about the actual differences between Microsoft Outlook and a correct real estate CRM including IXACT Contact click here.
Ready to take the plunge Sign up for a free 5 week demo of IXACT Contact from Prospect Cold calling to sell is one of the hardest and most aggravating ways to make a living if you do it the way most people teach. Ive had two salespeople cold call me that knew how to make it get the job done. Right here is what they did.
Promoting by referral is a lot easier than cold calling advertising to sell is even less difficult. So why on the planet would I advise you to cold call for new business enterprise Right here can be a truth that most salespeople never ever believe about. Inside your town there are between ten and also a hundred men and women right now that definitely need to invest in what you have. I imply theyre seeking you simultaneously you happen to be on the lookout for them. Your target in cold calling will be to come across these people today.

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