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#1 Resource for Solo Ads ~ Generate Massive Traffic and Leads

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#1 Resource for Solo Ads ~ Generate Massive Traffic and Leads



here is the solo ad group I talked about in the video: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salestestimonials

My other top source for Solo Ads: Udimi>>>https://udimi.com/a/hp66l

Number 2 Traffic Source: LEADS >> https://www.mlmleads.com/?12000



Benefits of Generating Your Own MLM Leads

Benefits of Generating Your Own MLM Leads

Anybody can buy an MLM lead list or buy a membership for a lead generation company.  The problem with doing this is that it is, frankly, a complete waste of time!  The problem with paid leads is that their generation is ethically gray at best.

Think of all of the spam you get in your inbox—most of that came from signing up for information from one company who thenMLM-Leads-List sold your information to as many companies as they could find.  Paid MLM leads are often a result of the same process!

Why you want your own Leads List:

Sure generating your own MLM leads will be a lot more work, but this work will also yield a higher rate of return.  Whether you are looking to build your downline or expand your customer base, generating your own MLM leads is the only way to go.  Here’s why:

1.  When you generate your own MLM leads you know that they are opting into your lead list voluntarily and that their information is correct (usually).  You don’t have to worry about buying information that is old or outdated.  What’s more, you know that they are interested in your business!

2.  Generating your own MLM leads helps you to build relationships both online and off (depending on your lead generation methods).  Building a relationship with your leads promises a far greater rate of return because your leads know who they are doing business with.  When you build a relationship you are no longer a faceless newsletter or email.  You are a person that they can trust!

3.  When you generate your own MLM leads you are, in effect, building your business both online and off.  The leads you generate will be more likely to refer even more leads to you through their own social and business networks!  Your business can grow by leaps and bounds when you generate your own leads.

4.  When it comes to customer leads, the leads you generate yourself are more likely to be repeat customers.  Bought leads are usually people who are “just curious” or who will try your business for a day or two and then drop out.  The leads you generate yourself are generated by your relationship with that person and that relationship is what will encourage your customers to keep sending their business your way.


The bottom line is this:  you know what you are getting when you generate your own leads.

You know that the people opting in to learn more about you and your business are interested in you and what you are selling. You don’t have to worry about being yet another annoying phone call or ending up in someone’s spam box.

When you generate your own MLM leads you put a face onto your business—something that roughly ninety percent of your competition won’t bother to do.

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Creating Opportunity With Network Marketing Leads

Creating Opportunity With Network Marketing Leads

Marketing is one of the main components of business building which involves tangible goods and/or services. Of course there are many other components involved in building any kind of business. But no matter what processes a business utilizes, marketing will always be an important part of any business. Marketing is a process which is done to promote the goods after manufacturing. Network marketing leads is a very important form of marketing. Marketing is done in various forms and there are numerous methods of marketing. Some may use extensive marketing strategies while others may use the strategy of limited marketing.

Remember leads are people…

Network Marketing Leads

Such leads are growing rapidly in the field of marketing. There are multiple opportunities catching the eye of people in relation to this field. Younger individuals are mainly attracted to this field of network marketing leads. To talk on a wide basis, the field of marketing is full of opportunities at large. Companies and businesses are introducing huge amounts of money just for their marketing purposes. These leads are one of the easy and effective means of marketing and at the same time earn a good amount of money. To put it in simple words it is an effortless way in which money can be earned. Using creative ways in the generation of network marketing leads may prove to be very beneficial to business owners in increasing their profit margins.

Each person sponsored is a lead because they keep on adding new people below them and thus the chain continues. It is like sowing seeds today and then reaping the benefits of your seeds sown over a period of time or in near future. This is looked upon by many individuals as a bright opportunity because this system of marketing works on the simple principle of your returns multiplying as and when the person sponsored markets the same concept to the next person. This is the power of duplication, the compound effect. It works on the mathematical instrument of ratio which is to be maintained while marketing the product. Networking marketing leads are very advantageous for any businesses who are adopting these strategies in positive ways.

Network Marketing Leads

Network Marketing LeadsAnother important part,being that it makes network marketing leads as an important opportunistic form of marketing is that leads can be obtained very easily. This model of marketing gains importance in the marketing field because it has further reaching effects. The burden of marketing is not felt by a single individual but instead it gets distributed as a group of people and as they put their efforts in it. These opportunities are available to every individual in their own circle. For example a student can approach his classmate to market the product or a businessman can approach to his business colleague to market the product. Opportunities in this industry also arises widely as everyone has to work for themselves so that they can earn more on the basis of their own marketing skills and by working for themselves. This form of marketing is very effective and opportunistic as it provides equal income opportunities to each and everyone involved.

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How to do MLM Lead Generation

How to do MLM Lead Generation

This іѕ а good question tо аѕk bеfоrе уоu spend аnу money оn MLM lead generation choices needed іn building уоur MLM business.

Why wоuld уоu wаnt tо gо аbоut MLM lead generation іn thе fіrѕt place?

Over thе years thе MLM business hаѕ gоttеn а black eye bесаuѕе оf thе оvеr hyped promises оf money аnd freedom. Vеrу fеw people hаvе еvеr achieved а high level оf success іn аnу MLM business. And еvеn fеwеr hаvе еvеr bееn аblе tо maintain thе level оf achievements оvеr а period оf time.

That dоеѕ nоt mаkе MLM companies bad. Nоr dоеѕ іt mаkе thе opportunities thеу afford thе average person аѕ ways tо mаkе extra money оr еvеn аѕ а wау tо drastically change уоur lifestyle.

MLM lead generation іѕ thе wау tо dо it.

There аrе 2 big benefits оf MLM lead generation:

1. It gеtѕ уоu аwау frоm approaching уоur friends аnd relatives. If уоu hаvе bееn іn mоrе thаn оnе MLM business оvеr thе years уоu mау hаvе аlrеаdу approached thеm аnd uѕеd uр уоur credibility whеn уоu wеrе unsuccessful.

2. MLM lead generation іѕ а duplicable wау tо build уоur business thаt уоu саn pass оn tо уоur downline. Anу successful network marketing business wіll tеll уоu thаt оnе оf thе main components оf success іѕ duplication. Anуоnе саn buy leads аnd work thеm оvеr thе phone оr thrоugh thе internet wіth thе uѕе оf аn autoresponder.

Now thаt уоu understand ѕоmе оf thе benefits оf buying MLM lead generation аnd hоw tо market them, lеt uѕ nоw tаkе а lооk аt thе characteristics
of thе bеѕt MLM lead generation result.

1. Hоw mаnу times аrе thе leads sold? Mаnу MLM lead companies sell thеіr leads оvеr аnd over. Yоu wіll bе contacting а prospect thаt hаѕ аlrеаdу bееn marketed to. Typically, уоu wоuld wаnt tо hаvе leads thаt аrе exclusively yours.

2. Hоw оld аrе thе leads? Wоuld уоu rаthеr contact а prospect thаt hаѕ expressed аn interest іn thе раѕt 48 hours оr іn thе раѕt 48 days? Bеіng аblе tо strike whіlе thе iron іѕ hot, ѕо tо speak, іѕ а great benefit оf а fresh MLM leads.

3. Hоw mаnу leads dо уоu gеt fоr уоur money? Obvіоuѕlу thе mоrе MLM leads уоu hаvе generated, thе mоrе leads уоu саn buy аt а time. Thіѕ іѕ еѕресіаllу important whеn уоu аrе fіrѕt starting оr whеn уоu аrе helping уоur downline gеt started.

4. Whаt Ñ–Ñ• thе quality оf thе lead? NоthÑ–ng compares tо аn effective MLM lead generation thаt соntаіnÑ• bоth а phone number аnd email address аlоng wÑ–th а fеw qualifying answers tо questions lÑ–kе “How muсh саn уоu invest tо gеt started” оr “How ѕооn dо уоu wаnt tо gеt started” оr Whеn Ñ–Ñ• thе bеѕt time tо contact you?”.

If а prospect іѕ answering thеѕе types оf questions, уоu аrе gеttіng а muсh bеttеr quality lead thаn іf уоu јuѕt hаvе а nаmе аnd email address.

5. Whаt іѕ thе response rate? Thіѕ wіll improve аѕ уоur skill level аt working уоur MLM lead generation improves. But thе fresher higher quality leads wіll give уоu а bеttеr response rate еvеn whеn уоur skill level іѕ low.

Quality MLM Lead Genereation:

These аrе ѕоmе оf thе bеѕt MLM lead generation qualities. Bе careful whеn choosing а place tо gеt уоur leads. I recommend for my team a company called My Lead Company. Click here to get 100 free leads >>> MY LEAD MLM <<<<

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Day 5 of My 90 Day Video Challenge

Day 5 of My 90 Day Video Challenge

we are now on day 5 of my 90 day Youtube video challenge. In this video I describe my first exposure to network marketing… A day I look back on in infamy…
Paul Butler

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Day 1 of 90 Day Video Challenge

Day 1 of 90 Day YouTube Video Challenge


Hey there my friend. I would like to ask you to join me in a 90 day youtube video challenge. What I am going to commit to doing for the next 90 days is create one video per day to post to my youtube channel linking back to my blog. Today is day one for me. I have just created my first video to the challenge and posted it to youtube and embeded it into my wordpress blog. It was one of the dumbest videos I have ever created but who cares! Exposure is exposure. I dont care what the world thinks of me anyway. I am going to just do it, because I believe that completing this challenge will take my business to the next level. We shall see. Either way I am definitely going to get a lot more practice shooting and editing videos. And who knows it may make me famous 🙂 Worst case we will at least have added 90 videos to our channel all with links back to our blog.  So won’t you join me and see where we can go with this. If you are willing to take me up on this offer send me an email to paul@workwithpaulbutler.com and let me know youre ready to go and we will lift each other up on this journey to the top!!! You can do it my friend… see you on the inside.


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Prospecting in MLM Going for the Gold

Prospecting in MLM Going for the Gold

In Network Marketing, there are two things we get paid for. One, recruiting prospects andMLM Prospecting two, selling products or services. That is it, this is what we should be focusing most of our efforts on. Now, recruiting people is the key residual building “walk-away” source of income in this industry. There are two skills you will have to learn to be successful at recruiting. Prospecting (online and offline) and generating leads. Prospecting includes consistently building your warm market and inviting that warm market to view your opportunity. Once you master these skills building your organization will be a piece of cake.

MLM Prospecting

MLM ProspectingMlm prospecting is a skill , so to be exceptional you will need to practice frequently.  It is additionally an art form, in order to grow, to be great, one must be consistent and committed in their practice. One must continually be developing and improving this skill. It is similar to prospecting for gold as in the most recent new network marketing trend, silver and gold coins. Prospecting is definitely the most important component of your mlm marketing success. What are we prospecting for? Lets be very clear on this. We are looking for individuals who want to lock arms with us and run with an opportunity. We are looking for people who don’t make excuses and are willing to do whatever it takes build a massive stream of residual income. You might have to shovel through a lot of rubble to find that one jewel, but it is well worth the effort. We are looking for several gems to join our team.

MLM prospecting isn’t only the numbers game, as numerous top leaders in network marketing claim it is. It is not only about the power of numbers, but it also has to be the right numbers.  It is undoubtedly a vital piece of your MLM business pie. Prospecting is definitely the most crucial responsibilities you will need to carry out within your MLM Prospecting organization. Prospecting and sponsoring are the places where many individuals fall short in their Network marketing business building. Mlm prospecting isn’t merely a question of getting your business and opportunity in front of more people. It can be very difficult to practice when you first start marketing your business. It is all about helping others succeed, this is the mindset you need to have. Your team and leadership should create the environment for this.

MLM Prospecting Process

Mlm prospecting can be done through social media like Facebook and Twitter, through youtube videos and a personal blog. It is really about connecting and communicating with people. Now you want to “qualify your prospects as quickly as possible. There are many MLM Prospectinglonely people in the world, some have called  “tire kickers“, that just want to pick your brain and tickle your ear for as long as you will allow them to. Do not fall into this trap. Get people through the process quickly and when they show genuine interest then spend more quality time with them. There is a great book that describes and teaches this called “Go For No“. Know when to say when, you will learn this in time and don’t be vested in any one prospect. You have to keep your emotion out of this business.

Mlm prospecting is without a doubt one of the major factors in your current and future success.  It has gone through a major evolution over the years.  Prospecting is an ongoing process and does not have to be the old school in your face approach. It truly is about building rapport with your prospects and communicating a vision. Its about showing interest in helping others achieve success and to transform their lives in a positive way. Always have your prospects best interests at heart.

If you would like to learn the first step to generating leads and prospecting online check out the system I personally use: My Lead System Pro

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