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#1 Resource for Solo Ads ~ Generate Massive Traffic and Leads

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#1 Resource for Solo Ads ~ Generate Massive Traffic and Leads



here is the solo ad group I talked about in the video: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salestestimonials

My other top source for Solo Ads: Udimi>>>https://udimi.com/a/hp66l

Number 2 Traffic Source: LEADS >> https://www.mlmleads.com/?12000




Getting Started With BeonPush

If you are currently no signed up with BeonPush Click here to get started with your free account.

The first thing you’ll want to do now that you’ve signed up is activate your account. The only way to activate your account is to purchase an ad pack. You need to at least purchase a $20 pack. If you can buy a bigger one then do that because higher value packs earn faster and you’ll make more money but for now, just to activate your link, a $20 pack will do the trick. Once you have purchased an ad pack your referral link will immediately go live & you can start to sponsor people into your down line.

Before you can purchase an ad pack you will need to add money to your e-wallet. Follow the red arrows in the instructions. 
First Click on e-wallet.
After you click on e-wallet, you’ll want to select the payment processor that you are using. In this case I’m using PayZa as the example as most of us already have a PayZa account. Click on the word PayZa.
BeonPush 2
That may or may not require you to log in again. If it does, please log in to BeonPush again. Then, click on e-wallet once more
and then click again on PayZa.
Select the dollar amount you want to load into your BeonPush e-wallet from your PayZa account. NOTE: you have to already have that amount loaded on your PayZa account.
Type in the amount you want to load to your e-wallet & hit the Pay Now button.
 BOP 4
On the next screen you’ll need to select the payment processor again just by clicking on the name of the processor. In this example it is PayZa. On the right hand side you’ll notice the transaction fee – that is simply the cost of doing business. Please make sure to include extra to cover the fee otherwise you won’t have enough money to purchase your ad pack. Then put in your email & password for Payza and hit continue.
On the next screen it will have you also input your PayZa PIN number. 
NOTE: If you don’t have enough funds in your PayZa account, it will not work. If you do have enough funds, your BeonPush e-wallet will be loaded successfully. Also the site will count down from 20 seconds, let it do that. Don’t click the back button. This will allow the site to register the purchase without any glitches.
BOP 12
Now that you have successfully loaded your e-wallet you are ready to purchase your first ad pack & activate your link.
When in your back office of BeonPush, click on Packs. Then choose the pack that you want to purchase. Click on the Buy Now button next to the pack that you want to purchase.
If you don’t have any money loaded on your PayZa account but want to get started right away, this is what you need to do. Log in to your PayZa account. Then click on Add Funds.
On the next screen you will have the option of Credit Card, Bank Account, Bitcoin or Crytocurrency Trader. In this example I’m going to choose Credit Card because it is instant. I will have money in my PayZa account immediately and can load that amount to my e-wallet inside of BeonPush. PayZa does charge a 5% transaction fee for this. So again this is not mandatory but we are trying to get our account active as soon as possible, so we can sponsor new members and earn those commissions as soon as possible. Once your account is active, the next time you can choose your bank account as an option to load funds or one of the other options but it does take longer than credit card transfers, so you will need to be patient.
Once you select credit card, on the next screen select the card that you want to use, enter the CSV/CVV number on the back of your card, the amount you want to load and hit Next. PayZa only accepts VISA – if you have a Master Card, sorry but it will not work. Remember to request a few extra dollars for the transaction fee. In this case I’m wanting to purchase a $50 ad pack, so I’ve loaded $55 to be able to cover the fees.
On the next screen PayZa will have you put in your PIN number and hit Add Funds. Once you do that, those funds are immediately available to you to use. Just hit the HOME button and you will be able to see the funds there.
BOP 10
As you can see I have that amount available immediately to use to purchase ad packs inside of BeonPush.
BOP 11
Thank you! If you have any additional questions please get back with your sponsor or the person that introduced you to BeonPush.
instant access

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Two Important Steps to Network Marketing Success

Two Important Steps to Network Marketing Success

Copyright 2006 Mal Keenan

How’s your email inbox been lately? No doubt jammed packed with the latest, greatest offer promising to make you $1000s in a matter of days. Your only commitment comprises of simply signing on the dotted web page.

Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, one way to make good money online is by leveraging the efforts of others but one must be careful before jumping in with both feet.

It is important when comtemplating joining a network marketing program that two important things are in place.

Firstly, you MUST have a product that people will buy and that you could use yourself. After all if YOU can find a use for the product then chances are your prospects will be able to do so too.

Too often I have joined network marketing companies and found that the product was sub-standard or worse still, the product came a far off second to the compensation plan, setting the company up with the possibility of being labled a “pyramid scheme”.

Pyramid schemes focus on the exchange of money and recruitment – Sure enough it is important to signup others in order to grow out your team and increase your earnings but the product should not be so dubious that the company comes under the scrutiny of the law.

You can find out more about pyramid schemes at the site below: http://www.sec.gov/answers/pyramid.htm

One program, that I became involved with recently, attracted me before I even knew I could make money from promoting it. Success University offers Self Improvement courses, which is a genre that I have always been interested in. So, making a monthly payment to improve my knowledge and earning power seemed a no brainer to me. The investment seemed small compared to what I could gain, that’s without taking into consideration the money earned through promoting the product to others.

The above formula is just one way to check out whether the product is something that you can sell to others in good conscience.

Secondly, if you want to make money from your network marketing company with the least possible effort then you must look out for a GREAT compensation plan.

This folks is a no brainer – I have been a member of one particular network marketing program and in spite of the presence of a great product AND personally recruiting hundreds or thousands of members, the monthly payout was comparatively very low. The compensation plan did not significantly reward me for my efforts and subsequently I have lost interest in continuing apace. I would much rather expend the same amount of effort for greater gains.

When perusing the compensation plan ask yourself – Can I start earning with the least amount of effort and more importantly will my income grow exponentially through the time and efforts of both myself and those on my team?

You may also want to find out how others are earning by searching the online forums. People love to boast and if the money is being earned then you’ll hear about it.

Keep in mind the couple of points above when choosing a company to put your weight behind and you won’t go too far wrong.

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Network Marketing Takes Bold New Ideas

Network Marketing Takes Bold New Ideas

In today’s internet age, advertising and marketing techniques that were the buzz of the business world a short decade ago have all changed. The people and companies that changed with the media are very successful and those who thought they could make their old ideas work in a new generation of media have failed. Although many companies don’t want to think about it, there is no way to avoid the changes that are coming into our technology numis networkworld and to the business world as well. Regardless  if business changes with the times, the times are still going to change.

In the old days, marketing was more impersonal than it is today with many concentrating on the internet and global marketing efforts. Unfortunately, many of their marketing dollars are wasted in areas where customers are not located. By default of the global accessibility of internet campaigns it has become increasingly difficult to target specific areas where marketing campaigns can do the most good.

There is also a lot of confusion about what marketing is. Often it is confused with advertising. Advertising is designed to draw attention to a particular product for a particular period of time. Grocery stores have been very successful in using weekly advertisements for specially priced products to lure people into the store and hoping they will spend extra dollars on merchandise with higher margins.

Marketing, on the other hand, is selling a brand or idea and is not limited to a single shot. Inviting people into the store to shop once will provide one sale. A good program, which defines the store presence and its core values, will keep people coming back more often. Marketing can make a customer feel more a part of your business than an advertisement can make them feel and can help build loyalty with your customers.

Network Marketing Takes Bold New Ideas

Multilevel marketing is an area where most people confuse the two. Designed to build legs of profit producing marketing strategy bridgedistributors, many people forget about selling products and focus instead on convincing more people to sign up as distributors.

In order to succeed in building a strong network of quality distributors is not to recruit new distributors, but to have them ask to join your program and this is where real marketing techniques make the difference. A successful network marketer will first concentrate on the product. If it is something they believe in, it will be easy to do.

If the product is as good as you claim it to be, the best salesman to get that person to sign up to be a distributor will be your customer. They will want to know more about the company and you can then tell them they can save money buying the product wholesale by being a distributor. When they ask how, they are hooked and you have added a partner to your distributorship leg.

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Network Marketing The Organic Way

Network Marketing The Organic Way

Network marketing is, or should be, organic by definition.  After all, it comes about as a natural product, or byproduct, of normal actions of you, the network marketer.  Like most things organic, it might benefit a little from some planting, fertilizing and removal of parasites.

A genuine “network marketer” is concentrating more on the network than the marketing side of the equation.  social network marketingMany of the sales made by network marketers come more often from the trust and relationship the buyer has with the marketer rather than from the perceived qualities of the product itself.  Make no mistake here, a good product at a reasonable price can influence a lot of potential buyers, but the trust in the seller will have a lot more to do with success, all other things being equal.

This brings up a point for those interested in getting into a network marketing program, but who are afraid of having to “sell” things.  If done properly, the major “job” of the network marketer is to continually expand their circle of friends and acquaintances.  It’s a rough life, isn’t it?

Another point to remember is that many internet business opportunities and internet marketing techniques adapt themselves quite easily to the network marketing model.  The main difference the network is built in cyberspace and you may never see a single customer.


There are many places and activities that are good for building your network, but there are a couple of steps you might want to take first.

* Prepare yourself:  At first, there are going to be two strong tendencies on your part.  One is to throw up your hands and quit at the first question or contact, the other is going to be the desire to make every meeting into a sale.  Both of these will probably be influenced primarily by ignorance.  If you don’t know what you are talking about, you will either avoid the topic completely, or babble idiotically.

You should definitely be as familiar as possible with your company, its history, its place in the business community, the products you sell, prices, return policies, and the business opportunity itself, in the case of a multi-level-marketing business. You don’t have to have every figure or statistic immediately at hand, that’s what brochures, website, and lunch dates are for, but you should be able to present a rational overview without consternation.network marketing pyramid

You should also prepare some simple, tantalizing responses to such beautiful lead in questions such as, “And what business are YOU in?”  In his book “The Wave 4 Way To Building Your Downline,” Richard Poe offers tips from a successful network marketing professional named Jerry Campisi.  When asked what he does for a living, Jerry would commonly reply, “I’m a lifestyle marketer.”  This response would very often elicit a request for further details on the part of the listener who would then be in the position of asking about what Jerry had to sell rather than having to run away from a sales pitch.

In his network marketing classic, “Big Al’s Super Prospecting: Special Offers & Quick-Start Systems“, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter offers much the same advice, including a list of sixteen possible responses, such as, “I put people on the fast track to retirement.  I save them money and help them retire 15 years early”.  See how it works?

* Prepare your tools:  It doesn’t hurt to have some brochures in your pocket or purse, but the biggest single physical network marketing tool you will need for building your business and your network is the simple business card.  Always have plenty of these with you and hand them out liberally.  They should be simple and unobtrusive but should give the prospect all they need to get in touch with you.  They should NOT be sales pitches, although they can contain the name of your business and/or a quick overview of your business.  For example:  Bob’s Mowing – Complete Landscaping and Lawn Care.  It is also a plus to include a website and email, particularly if they contain information about your business:  bobrobertslandscaping.com, email bob@bobrobertslandscaping.com.  That website did not exist when I wrote this, by the way, so if you are Bob Roberts and are in landscaping, go for it!


Your network will be mainly built from two groups, professional contacts and social contacts.  I view professional contacts as two groups, although there might be some overlap or blurring between the two.  I refer to connected and non-connected professionals.


Connected professionals are the people you work with or come in contact with as a result of your “real” business if you are just getting started in network marketing.  You have to be careful here as you can alienate someone you need for your regular business, or you might create a conflict or overstep a boundary.  Just as one example, many companies frown on soliciting and might consider even talking about your network business as grounds for censure or even firing.

Non-connected professionals are those such as property managers, real estate agents, car sales people, and others who may already have a rich network of contacts, who may have some sales experience or expertise, and who might be interested in your opportunity if not your product.  I won’t call these people “fair game”, but you certainly do have a little more latitude in contacting them and explaining your business, and having them join you could be quite a boost.


You may already have a broad network of social contacts, but here are a few suggestions of what you can do to broaden this network.

1.  Public places and events:  You can frequent malls, fairs, coffee shops, sidewalk sales, garage sales, and other group functions…all in the interest of broadening your reach.  Stay away from selling.  Talk of generalities or the weather, or who won the game last night, but have your cards ready and know what you are going to say when the moment arrives.  A lady asked me about a wrap I had on my wrist the other day, and I jokingly replied that it was an occupational hazard.  I spent so much time making money on my computer that I must have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome.  Trust me, after that, she was more interested in the money she could make than possible damage to her arm.  By the way, I switched to an ergonomic keyboard and mouse along with a better chair and it cleared up.

2.  Clubs and organizations:  While many of these are targeted groups with agendas of their own, there are a great many opportunities to network with the membership, and they are a great way to expand your own group of contacts.  You can also sometimes get some great help in other ways as well.  More than one person, including myself, has gotten a good job through a social contact, or a good price on furniture.

3.  Speaking engagements:  If you are knowledgeable on a subject related to your business, you can provide free workshops, classes, or talks on that subject.  Don’t think it works?  I once watched a woman who sold self-defense items such as pepper spray, whistles, and books, sell over 200 items after giving a 45 minute talk on protecting yourself.

4. Business lunches or seminars:  Here’s an opportunity to mingle with like minded people who might be interested in what you have to offer.  It’s a great time to exchange cards and practice your “what do you do for a living?” response.  By the way, there is a website called MeetUp.com.  You can go there and sign up to join or start groups of people in your area who share your interests.  Two weeks from today, I am going to participate in a seminar on search engine optimization.  The audience will include a lot of people who will be interested in internet marketing…a topic I know a little about.  I wonder if I can give them a card?

There are many other situations such as PTA meetings, weddings, and even church functions which become great network marketing opportunities when you leave the selling at home and concentrate on making friends and acquaintances.

If you found value in Network Marketing The Organic Way please leave a comment and share…

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So you want to know how to start your article marketing venture
I understand exactly how you feel – in fact I was never into this method until someone gave me a few tips that works for me and thats what Im going to share with you now .
So I totally know what you are going by means of.

But I have a number of hints for you personally… and it is actually this-
Ive been using these techniques to help enhance my write-up advertising enterprise and so are you able to So please spend focus.
If you are new to this then these are the steps that you simply will want to get.
Hints one. You might want to create an original post for your site or weblog – You could write an original 250-400 phrase article for the web site and in addition making positive that you simply optimize it to your primary keyword. Marketing For those who do not know how you can outsource it.
If you happen to outsource it you can expect to spend in between 2 to 5 . Bear in mind this write-up is heading to become the foundation of additional content articles to come. So you should be sure it truly is well-written and of top quality .
Hints two. You might want to rewrite the original write-up then submit it to EzineArticles.com – Once you have got the original post for your web page finished you might want to rewrite it once again.
Or you could have an individual write it for you personally. Bear in mind you will need to pay between 2 to 5 for every post. Also it has to be exclusive from your authentic article .
As soon as you might have your unique authentic write-up you may submit to EzineArticles.com.
Recommendations 3. You might want to submit the write-up you send to EzineArticles.com to other significant article directories –
Here is actually a record of key write-up directories to your reference-
Buzzle.com – ArticleBase.com – ArticleAlley.com – GoArticles.com – ArticleDashBoard.com – ArticleCity.com
Recommendations 4. You have to create again hyperlinks for your original EzineArticles write-up – Youll want to create again links to your website and for your authentic EzineArticles write-up.
Since content articles from EzineArticles rank the best on the normal basis you want to allow it to be additional powerful so it is possible to rank even higher than it is actually at present performing .
Warning- Do not neglect the previously mentioned Put these 4 write-up marketing and advertising techniques into motion and you ought to see superb results . Superior luck.
Ideal now we do not even know should you can have good results in article promoting
To discover tips on how to be successful in write-up promoting make sure you pay a visit to my blog for extra good ideas Article Promoting Strategies.
Warning- When you learn these write-up advertising insider secrets youll in no way see post marketing and advertising the exact same way once more.
Difficulty- Moderately Challenging
Things Youll Need Computer Allocated Office area Note Pad Phone Business License Business Cards Marketing Brochure
oneStarting off an enterprise may be a frightening endeavor but for individuals who dare to check out the rewards are monumental. To begin with start which has a check record.
You are likely to desire-
Organization Name ConceptIdea Location Company License Business Style Sole Proprietor Partnership Corporation Other Item of Company protection MarketingAdvertising Company Advisors Networks Company Associations
2Your organization identify spot conceptidea and internet business license should be your 1st priority.

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How To Be A Successful Network Marketer

How To Be A Successful Network Marketer

Any type of job you do should provide you with fair compensation for your efforts, especially if you’re self-employed. To make sure that you’re always earning what you’re worth, you need to be as informed about what you’re doing as possible. If you’re a network marketer, you need to read this information.

When recruiting a new lead, speak to them in terms they can understand. Instead of saying why YOU like the job, listen to what they talk about and figure out why THEY would love it. Let them know about perks that fit into their lifestyle, like a flexible schedule. LISTEN

Concentrating on yourself is very important when you are in the business of network marketing. Those who are successful are always trying to improve what they know and what they are doing. It can be intimidating to start something new, though you will be able to acknowledge your success when you have faced your fears as an online entrepreneur.

Start a blog about your company. This will attract people looking for an opportunity, but it will also attract customers in the market for the product your company sells. A blog will also give people the chance to learn about you, which makes them more likely to join you and buy from you.

When it comes to network marketing, focus on building relationships rather than on your bottom line. By taking the time to really connect with people in order to find out what they want, you can better assist them. When your main objective is to truly help people, you can quickly build trust, which in turn can lead to enormous success.

Take advantage of training provided and any workshops and events that are offered. Most business owners do not take advantage of these things, but they are often presented to you when you join up with a network marketing business opportunity. Make sure you take part in these, and stay focused on your success.

If you have decided to embark upon a network marketing campaign, it is important to consider the overall compensation package that is available to you and whom ever you have partnered or teamed up with. Knowing the compensation end of your network marketing agreement will determine if your time is being spent well or if you need to consider other options.

Network Marketing Tip

An important tip to consider when it comes to network marketing is to find a way to establish a metric system to grade how well you are doing.  This is important because if you do this then you will never know how to truly rate your success or failure.

Network Marketing can only be a success if you put your entire heart and mind into it. You have to eat, sleep, and live your strategy. As often as possible, double check that everything you’re doing is with the end goal of bettering your career and increasing your profits to sky-high levels.

Network Marketing Money Making opportunity…

If you’re not making money in your business dealings, then they aren’t worth dealing with at all. This article has just showed you some very basic ways you can use information to your advantage in order to make money with network marketing. There’s no excuse to ignore it; use these tips and succeed in marketing.

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Network Marketing Top Advantages of Using a System

Network Marketing Top Advantages of Using a System

Have you ever tried eating at a fast food chain? These restaurants have one thing in common, the food tastes the same irregardless the location. Did you ever wonder why? They cook the food at a certain temperature, for a certain a mount of time and they serve it with a smile. This is their simple system!

A system they apply to every single store they have. When you buy a franchise from them you need to follow their system, you would not want to experiment because you know that their system works. Thats why anyone who buys a franchise, are actually after their money making system, not the food.

The same is true with network marketing, you must create a system that is duplicatable that if you pass it to your network, it will give them the chance to achieve the same level of success.

The Advantages of a System in Network Marketing

1.Simplifies your work – With a system you make your work easier because you already know what you are suppose to do every single day. A system is just like your daily to-do list. You have your goals written down and since you have a system you know what you have to do on a daily basis to get there.
Another reason why a system helps simplify your work, is because the bigger your network becomes the more complicated it gets, what could work for a group of 200 may not work the same for a group of 2000.
2. More Profitable   With a system you make your network marketing business more profitable. Let me tell you why.
When your system works and you start earning big money because of it the next step you should do is teach your system to the top people in your downline. You’re probably telling yourself that a great system should be kept a secret so that people don’t steal it from you. But let me tell you something “SHARE your system to the people under your network” Why? Because if you help your downlines earn more, you earn more also. Help them in becoming better network marketers and you build a stronger network.

Your downlines’ success is your success!!!

Now that you know the advantages of creating a system in network marketing, you should start creating one. A system always works to your advantage, it does not have negative effects on your business as long as you set it up right from the start of your network marketing career. A good leader should be able to set it up even before he starts on his journey to success in the world of network marketing. But since its not easy to set-up a system, you need someone to guide you and help you make it.

Here is an example of the system I personally use

God Bless and More Success to you my friend!

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