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How to get the most out of My Lead System Pro

How to get the most out of MLSP

First things first… If you are in network marketing

and you’re not with MLSP  stop everything

you are doing and click>>> Join MLSP NOW!!!

Who MLSP is for…

  1. Anyone looking to build their MLM
  2. Anyone that is struggling to build their business
  3. Any business owner looking to build their brand
  4. Anyone that wants to belong to an amazing community of internet marketers
  5. People looking to earn extra income
  6. People that want to brand themselves as a Leader
  7. Those that want to take their business to the next level

How to get the most out of MLSP

Now that you are a member of My Lead Sytem Pro

whats the next step?

Go through the setup process… this shouldnt take more than an hour

WAIT!!! Let me first say if you don’t plan on

plugging into the system and doing the training

and giving it at least 6 months to a year to implement

and learn than don’t even waste your time.

If you’re coachable and willing to step outside your

comfort zone Join MLSP NOW!!

Once you have your system setup and rolling

next step is to go through the marketing bootcamp

both steps 1 and 2 are under the ‘start here’ tab




Now that you have gone through the setup

process you will be getting emails on the weekly

calls and webinars on Wednesday evenings

Plug into them all until you get a good

grasp of the system.

Its not easy my friend but it is worth it

NEXT. start interacting with the community

and reach out if you need help.

That is one of the best features of MLSP


we are all willing to reach out and

help where we can…

I teach my team to start off by

learning one marketing method

to start and practice it every day

for 30 to 60 days. Than move

on to the next, while still using the previous


In time what you learn will get easier

to implement. Now move on to the

next. We have many hours of training

in the back office with some of

the leading internet marketers

doing the training.

Ultimately you want to

brand yourself as a leader.

You will need your own blog for this.

You will want your name in the url.

If your name is taken than add who is or work with before your name.

The key to your success is to get started today.

JOIN my MLSP Team here

and lets take it to the top my friend!!

If you received value in How to get the most out of My Lead System Pro please comment and share…

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How to Grow Your Business with Send Out Cards

How to Grow Your Business with Send Out Cards

Did you know that greeting cards can earn you a fortune? Are you interested in how to make a living through Send Out Cards? If you’re reading this, chances are you have at least thought about this business. Well, here are simple steps to grow your business with Send Out Cards.

First of all learn the business yourself. Take time to learn the different services Send Out Cards offers, compensation plan and ways to earn. Also take a look at the FAQ and Privacy Policy and all legal terms and conditions. You might want to overlook this step, but this is for your protection. This way you will be more confident to share the business with others.

Next, you must build your market. You may want to list your prospective customers or “target market”. Most people start with relatives and friends, but don’t stop there. When someone expresses an interest, keep regular contact and communicate with them. Establishing regular communication with them is necessary so that their interest in the business does not wane. You might want to visit them from time to time. You could find a venue to set up a live business preview presentation and encourage them to attend or do one online (with the internet everything is possible). There you can share to them the compensation plan and ways to earn. You may want to send them a greeting card or a catalog. This is but a small price to pay if you want your business to grow.

One way you can grow your business is by harnessing the power of the Internet. Make use of it; it is a very powerful way establish relationships and stay in touch with your clients. Social networking sites such as Facebook have been proven a great place to start your business. You can reach not only your friends but also their friends. The Internet is a worldwide marketplace, so it is great to give it a try. If you want to do this but not quite sure where to start, research marketing systems such as My Lead System Pro or get help from someone familiar with the Internet/social networking sites.

Develop marketing strategies. Send-Out Cards has developed a simple checklist called The Daily 8. The Daily 8 is a list of 8 daily activities or objectives that can help you develop working habits designed to help you grow your business. These are: sending cards daily, sending one gift per week, doing a gift account walkthrough, helping a first-time customer or a starting distributor, adding contacts on your manager, training a new person, following up with a prospect, and personal development. It might be hard a first, but stick to it and you’ll get the hang of it.

Last but most importantly, have that right attitude. Get daily doses of encouragement from upline leaders and others in the business. Always wear a smile, and get plenty of rest!

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Why I Use MLSP to build my Numis Network Business

Why I Use MLSP to build my Numis Network Business

In this video I explain why I use My Lead System Pro Attraction Marketing system, as a tool, to help me build my Numis Network MLM business. MLSP is a lead generation system using attraction marketing, personal branding and a funded proposal.

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How the Internet is Killing your Network Marketing Business Review

How the Internet is Killing your Network Marketing Business MLSP Review:

The following is my personal review of the latest My Lead System Pro webinar titled, The Internet is Killing Your Network Marketing Business. MLSP is a generic attraction marketing system that helps you generate leads for your MLM business and to help brand you as a leader.

Last nights webinar was hosting by My Lead System Pro founders Norbet Orlewicz and Brian Fanale.

Now, MLSP being an Internet Marketing System, obviously the title of the webinar was meant to catch peoples attention. It was also intended to teach people how to avoid falling into the Internet “rabbit hole” while building their network marketing company. The internet is a means to an end, not the end itself. The internet itself is not a magic bullet. Just as Norbert stated on the webinar, “there is no EASY button you can push and all your challenges go away.”

Also many ads and “internet gurus” have been touting that old school MLM tactics are dead. This statement can’t be further from the truth. Old school is not dead, the difference is that now its is not the only way. Old school is still the quickest and most duplicatible way to build a successful MLM business. But now we can leverage the power of the internet. This is just another means to the end, to our gola; which is building a strong MLM team and to generate massive wealth and time freedom!

I also want to clarify one thing. Some people were upset thinking the MLSP team were changing there tune. things came up like; “what happened to “stop chasing friends and family“, or “I thought old school methods were dead”. About chasing friends and family. You should never chase anyone especially friends and family. That does not mean you shouldnt expose your friends and family to your opportunity. It means dont force it down their throats. Hey expose everyone to your business and if they qualify than invite them to check out a video, webinar, conference call or live presentation. Follow up and close them or move on. That is it! Now, anyone who says old school is dead, I am sure actually mean using old school methods alone is no longer is relevant. Just implementing internet marketing you are leaving a lot on the table. Use all methods that work, that produce results…

Summary of My Lead System Pro webinar:

1. The Power of The Internet

  • The Internet is not a fad
  • Lead Generation
  • Multiple Stream of Income
  • Recruiting

2. The Dangers of the Internet

  • Overwhelm/ information overload
  • No Duplication
  • No Loyalty

3. Options

1. Build it All Yourself

2. Leverage Replicated systems

* leveraging available replicated systems will save you time and money in the long run so you can focus on connecting with people, building your list and sponsoring recruits into your business.


The 5 Rules to Success In Network Marketing


Rule #1 – Focus on your goal – Is your goal to:

A. Build a residual income through network marketing.

B. Build an online business selling services,info products and affiliate promotion.

Rule #2 – Grow Your Network Daily:

* Each day connect with at least 5 new prospects

* When starting focus on simple duplicatible, daily activities to grow your network

Rule #3 – Expose Consistently:

* You need a consistent flow of prospects exposed to your opportunity on a weekly basis.

* Its a number game – You need to reassess your priorities.

Rule #4 – Generate Momentum:

* Get your new team members started right

* Do exactly what your team is doing

Rule #5 – Build a Community and Loyalty:

* Get your team on weekly training calls

* Get your team to your companies events!!

“Its not what works its what’s duplicatible”

what you have to offer with My Lead System Pro is a solution to peoples problems; a marketing tactic to help build their business. People are afarid of rejection. Unfortunately this is part of network marketing. This is a fear you need to get over immediately! 90% of the prospects who opt-in to your list and email will not be interested in your opportunity, this moment. You must diversify where you leads are coming from. This is why the MLSP training teaches you how to generate leads both online and offline. We always have multiple tools of marketing in the filed. Your warm market is an option as long as you don’t have a vested interest in them and as long as you keep your emotions out of the equation.

The Simple Online Attraction Marketing Blueprint

(this is a 6 to 12 month plan)

Step 1: Be a student of your art -

* Become a student of direct response marketing and attraction marketing. Become more valuable.

“Invest more on yourself than on your business” – Jim Rohn

Step 2: Provide Solutions -

* Begin using replicated “attraction marketing” style websites that lead with value, training, solutions to your prospects problems/challenges. Leverage whats available, Keep it simple.

Step 3: Personalize -

* Begin to customize and personalize your marketing.

Step 4: Trainer -

* Begin to teach and train others. Create training videos, video series, screen capture tutorials, host conference calls and/or webinars. Share value with others.

Step 5: Leadership -

* Create your own offers, capture pages, sales funnels. Consider creating your own products, e-books, write a book, create a video training course, a bootcamp, hold regular webinars, training webinars, and so on…

“believing and knowing that you hold true value to other people, gives you the confidence and abundance mentality you need in order to be an Alpha Networker”

- Mike DillardMagnetic Sponsoring


Check out the Full Webinar How the Internet Killed My Network Marketing Business

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