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OutSourcing Report: Never Cold Call a Lead Again

I’ve been experimenting with some ideas here, and they work – so I decided to put together this video, to show you how you can Automatically have your leads called by a professional call center…

…without picking up the phone.

This is a(very cool concept that will free your time and make you lots, and lots of money…)

What I want you to do (after you see the video) is >>>click here<<<, put your phone number into the page, and just talk to these ‘MyPhoneRoom’ guys. Ask yourself (when you’re talking to them)

“Would I be comfortable having these people call my leads for me?“

If so – you might just save yourself 2 hours a day, double your sales, and make lots, and lots of money in your company…

Click Here and do it.

P.S. I actually wrote a MyPhoneRoom Review, you can click the link and read that, as well.

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My Phone Room Personal Review

My Phone Room Personal Review


Work With Paul Butler in My Phone Room

Many people new to network marketing get discouraged very early in the game because they burn out their ‘warm market’ very quickly and have trouble getting momentum and sponsoring new people and building a team. The next step would be to go to the internet to prospect but the learning curve is steep and can take months to get things rolling. So I generally recommend buying leads. I wouldn’t pay more than $5.00 to $10.00 per lead at first. This is a great way to get experience talking with people on the phone and presenting/closing. Now if you have more money than time and hate cold calling leads than my phone room is perfect tool for you.

This is the best system I have found for outsourcing calls for you. The telemarketers are trained for MLM and are very professional. The team will qualify your leads for you and contact you once someone qualifies for your business. Now you can have them call for multiple opportunities, you get multiple channels in which you can create scripts for the caller to use for each opportunity.

Built on our proprietary half million dollar infrastructure and leveraging new “Cloud Computing Technology,” myPhoneRoom.com connects all your offline marketing with your online efforts — INCLUDING your website — DIRECTLY to our state-of-the-art call center located in Phoenix, AZ., USA.

My Phone Room Leads

Whether your leads are:

  • Emailed to you …
  • Call your toll free number …
  • Purchased from a vendor
  • Someone you meet …
  • A referral …
  • Or they just opted-in to your website …

… Your prospects are IMMEDIATELY contacted by your personal appointment setter — oftentimes, while your red hot prospect is STILL on your website and at their hottest peak to get started!

And the best part is it can happen in real time.

Rejoice! You’ll never call another lead again!

Let our highly trained, professional and award winning staff do all your telling and selling for you so you can live the life of your dreams while making more money than ever before!

With access to myPhoneRoom.com’s exclusive digital software …

  • You’ll NEVER have to call another lead again!
  • You’ll NEVER have to deal with rejection!
  • You’ll NEVER have to waste a minute sorting tire-kickers and chasing unqualified prospects!

Now you can quit giving up your nights and weekends away from family and fun.

The bottom-line is simple: Time freedom doesn’t have to be a dream … it can start right now and last forever!

myPhoneRoom.com makes sponsoring new reps easy because your prospects will automatically respect you as a successful leader because you are being introduced by your own professional phone staff.

Plus, as a member of myPhoneRoom.com you’ll be able to honestly tell YOUR prospects they will never have to make a single call if they don’t want to — a huge reason why many are afraid to start a home business!

Inspired by Tim Ferris’ book: “The 4 Hour Work Week” and Mike Dillard’s “Black Belt Recruiting,” — outsourcing your calling to myPhoneRoom.com lets you focus on what’s most important: Growing your business and living your life.

With myPhoneRoom.com you’re leveraging so much more …

More money … More fun … More time freedom … and more success …

myPhoneRoom.com is the HOTTEST new product of 2009/2010 and we have an exciting and lucrative affiliate program that pays HUGE cash!


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My phone room

The HTC Sensation is a dual purpose smartphone of the very best quality and if you are looking for the ideal gaming handset then youll not go a lot wrong with this quite high specification phone….. Big screen mobile phones offer you many advantages to the buyer. The displays are perfect for viewing a looking at the whole spectrum of multi media sources that are available from photos to video footage. Any additional size of the screen also offers extra operation to the customer with the screen allowing more room for multi-touch input and large symbols. One area that is often overlooked nonetheless is gaming with smartphones becoming more and more powerful these handsets are superb for playing various activities. The specification around the new HTC Sensation makes it one of the very best devices available for this sort of tasks.Anybody trying to find a new handset is going to be aware of the high quality screen that the Experiencing uses along with its large 4. My phone room 3 inches size so we wont focus to considerably attention on this part of the handset. An area possibly even more vital to a complete gaming encounter is a high quality model and the Sensation wont let us down in this department. HTC have got chosen to stick using a Qualcomm chip in this instance and have used the third age group chip from its Snadragon loved ones. In addition to its double core properties additionally it offers a super speedy 1.2Ghz speed which often not only benefits the type of the gaming experince for this model but also some other element of the devices usage. Part of the outstanding chipset found here also includes a terrific quality graphics cpu which gives images not necessarily dissimilar to what you would expect to find on a computer system monitor. This Adreno Two hundred and twenty chip boasts souped up that is several times in excess of what they could package into previous offerings and boasts requirements very close to what you would locate on a dedicated gaming system. Part of the excellence of the area of the phone is its ability to combine a number of textures including movie and camera in addition to 3D graphics.The particular HTC Sensation should expect to see some fascinating applications arrive in the longer term to further enhance the whole gaming experience. Significant recent releases is really a programme that enables anyone to use a Nintendo Wii controller alongside the Sensation. This effectively allows the product to be used purely as a monitor and its substantial screen is perfect for this. It also gives you a lot more room to view the particular display as links do not need to be on the touch panel. For an operating platform Android is arguably the best system available for game packages thanks to the ease of use for those kinds of programme coders. Just two years back the Apple iPhone has been the only phone where you could expect a good amount of gaming. Since then even so Android has exploded and 2011 is really the year for Android and take best billing. Games that had been once exclusive to Apple inc have found their approach onto the platform while using best example of this becoming the best selling Angry Birds which usually proved such a big success in 2010.The actual HTC Sensation is a multi purpose smartphone extremely highest quality and if you are looking for the perfect gaming mobile then you will not proceed far wrong using this type of very high specification telephone.The HTC Discomfort and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Participate in are available now. My phone room When you decide to become a carer one of the first steps you should take before transferring someone into your residence is to prepare your home with regards to arrival. Preparing your house for a disabled or maybe ill adult is significantly the same as childproofing your home for just a toddler. Each place must be gone through restructured if needed and made as accident proof as possible.
Here is a room by simply room checklist to use as a guideline.
Frequent Living Areas
Are just about all electrical and phone chords secured or maybe out of the way to avoid being tripped over Dont run your current chords under rugs or furniture they might become damaged or maybe frayed and wont use tacks or fingernails to secure these down.
Will your loved one have the capacity to turn lights on and off easily If not you can try touchable lamps or table lamps that react to noise.

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