If you are engaged in personal development on any level I am sure you have heard of the Law of Attraction and its many uses. The movie “The Secret” really brought this concept and Law of Attractionideology to the forefront of the collective consciousness of the human race. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill was one of the first popular books to explain and teach this concept of The Law of Attraction.

The Laws of Attraction Marketing

Now attraction marketing integrates the Theory of The Law of Attraction and Marketing to attract customers and prospect to you instead of chasing after them and potentially scaring people off instead of drawing them in like a magnet…

Many of you reading this article are frustrated and hopeless when it comes to marketing online , building a business or attracting either money or a healthy relationship. Whatever the case may be just know that you are not alone. There is a much higher percentage of people struggling, unhappy and frustrated :(

The key is to start from exactly where you are in this moment. Be OK with where you are and say to yourself this day in this moment I am going to change my life in a positive and healthy way.

“Every Day in Every Way I AM Getting Better and Better”

Law of AttractionThis is the beginning of something special. Why is it that you are attracted to positive change?

You deserve something better. You deserve to live the life of your DREAMS!!! It is a probabilty that you will achieve any Goal you set your mind on. You are here in this moment FOCUSED

Take a Deep breath, hold it for a moment…Release, Let GO and SMile. It is difficult to be sad if there is a smile on your face.



With the following keys to the Law of Attraction I am handing you the keys to the doorway that will open before you and reveal the path to YOUR SUCCESS!

  1. The Law of Attraction always starts within, in your Mind, Your Brain your Thoughts. Everything begins as an idea. That idea becomes a belief and than a reality. Do you believe in yourself? Of course you do or you wouldn’t be here today. You found this article because you believe in yourself. Your True Self beyond this reality is guiding you.
  2. The key to the Law of Attraction like any Law is to be consistent and do not give up. Its OK to fall back to have obstacles and setbacks. These are all a part of Life. these things do not define you. What defines you is your Spirit, your drive, your passion; Whatever that may be…
  3. Stay Focused on your Goals. Write them down. Create a Vision Board. This board consists of what you want to achieve. It can be a board with photos, drawings, words whatever you can use that will keep you focused. Whatever gets you fired up.
  4. Never Stop Working on Yourself and Never stop Learning. In Life the world is in a constant state of flux. It is always changing. You change with the world. The Law of Attraction is about staying fluid and going with the FLOW. You learn to work with the flow and not against it. Everything happens for a reason and unfolds exactly as it is meant to. It is all good my friend. Let it be OK. Expand your mind, expand your consciousness.
  5. TAKE ATION!!! Last but not least take action. Not just any action, but consistent and passionate action. Be excited about something. Enthusiasm will go a long way. We must take what we learn, put it to practice, be consistent and the compound effect will kick in. You can do it!!!

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The Law of Attraction is Magical. It is unfolding before you as you read these words.

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