Now, Acceptance is probably a word you have heard many times throughout your life.

I would like you to stop for a moment though.

Take a deep breath… EXHALE

Close your eyes for a minute and stop thinking!

Ok, now lets take a look at this word from a different perspective.

What are you accepting?  You see Acceptance is the key to the doorway to FREEDOM!

What do I mean by this?

Did you accept what I just said. Why not?

We must learn to accept, now this doesnt mean giving up. It means allowing yourself to be wherever you are right in this moment. accepting your past, accepting your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

why do you want to do this?

Because if you don’t you will create resistance and with resistance you will suffer.

Suffering is caused by resisting your true self, your true nature. Resistance to your purpose is caused by not accepting or allowing your life to unfold in natural way. We have never really separated from our source which is Pure Awareness.

Our true self is this Pure awareness. What Zen master Bankei called the Unborn Mind. It is the unnameable, that which is beyond space and time. Acceptance gets us in touch with this Pure Awareness beyond thought. acceptance also means letting go.

Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.
-William James

Acceptance and Letting Go

Letting go of our memories, our past, our stories. Letting go of resistance, control and fear. All these things come from the Unborn, unchangeable Source.

Think on these things. Even our thoughts are not our own. Do we ultimately have free will. We have the will to accept things. But even this acceptance comes from the pure source without movement.

A guru once said the only way to tell the difference between what is real and what is not real is by noticing that which changes is not real, that which is real never changes.

The Unborn Pure Aware mind never changes. Our One still source never changes. That which manifests in the field of awareness changes.

this world is but a dream… We are like marionettes being played by the one master. I once heard it said that this divine comedy is like God playing hide-go-seek with himself. We use “he” here just for reference. Pure Awareness is neither male nor female. It is not something and it is not nothing…

All things are in play in the field of Pure Awareness and Pure Awareness is within all things.

The great Zen master Bankei also said that we were all born perfectly awakened buddhas, we were taught to convert our pure unborn mind into the 3 hells. The hungry ghosts, the angry demons and the frightened animals.

Acceptance, in a way, is retuning to that pure innocent state of a child. Looking through fresh eyes. We must accept the fact that we are already enlightened masters. We dont become what we already are. It is in the Acceptance that we real-ize this truth, that we are ONE with the Source, Truth, Love, Life, God, Buddha, Toa… all words with he same meaning.

These words are just fingers pointing to the moon. We have to stop looking at the finger and follow where the finger is pointing. To the One Unborn Unchanging Still and Pure  Source that is our home and our True Self.

Acceptance is the Key to the Doorway of Freedom” – Paul Butler

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  1. your thinking is realy up to date and i realy agree with your thinking with this matter.please write some more informattion in this matter.great article with useful information.

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