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How To Grow Your Empower Network In 4 Easy Steps

How To Grow Your Empower Network In 4 Easy Steps

You tried your best to ignore the Empower Network. You kept hearing about it on Facebook. Your friends kept Empower Networkasking you about it. Everywhere you turned, people were talking about the Empower Network. You finally succumbed to the Empower Network, now what? Its time to grow!

Here are 4 easy steps to grow your Empower Network:

Step 1 :  Set up your Empower Network Account
Well  no kidding! The Empower Network is SO easy that this really IS the first step! You have to sign up. During that process, however, you have to set up your merchant account, which is crucial! The merchant account is how you get paid for the commissions you earn. While you can use Paypal, the Empower Network highly discourages that. Seeing that this system is world-wide using a merchant account like first data works the best. Administrators of the Empower Network admit that the most difficult thing in the sign up process is the merchant account. Otherwise, its easy as baking a pie!

Step 2: Submit content every day to your Empower Network Blog
In the Fast Start training, it is recommended that in order for you to be successful, you need to submit a blog post every day. The lesson here is that if youre going to be an internet marketer, you need to be prepared to engage every day. While leaders of the Empower Network tell you that you can blog about whatever you want, be smart. Blog empower network blogabout subjects valuable to your niche.  Use this opportunity to provide valuable content to your growing list of leads!

Step 3 : Market for the Empower Network Every Day
Youre getting really tired of this every day thing arent you? If you want to be successful, this is what its going to take! Being persistent and consistent in your efforts. Because the internet is global, and so is the Empower Network, you can squeeze this in whenever it fits your schedule. Set a goal to connect with at least 20 people per day. By doing this simple thing EVERY DAY, you will connect with at least 400 people per month {assuming 5 days per week}. Dont you think that out of those 400 contacts youll get an interested party? Absolutely!

Step 4 : Call To Action
The Call To Action is the simplest and most over-looked step in marketing. It is important here, because you want to drive traffic to your Empower Network blog. Each blog submission must have a Call To Action in order to be effective.

Sample Call To Action statements are:

Click here to join
Share this post with your friends

The reason you want to have a Call To Action is so that your readers know what to do. Yes, it may seem like common sense to you, but you are not marketing to you! While having a Call To Action doesnt guarantee your reader will do what you ask, you dont want to leave it to chance that they know what to do. Providing a Call To Action will guide your reader to the next step!

Growing your Empower Network may seem like a huge undertaking, but it doesnt have to be. Use the steps listed above to be effective in your marketing, which will result in growth in your Empower Network!

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5 Good Reasons to Join The Empower Network

5 Good reasons to Join The Empower Network

Seeing the Empower Network growing just like a wildfire inside a dry field, it’s no surprise that you’re thinking about joining the Empower Network. But, empower network videoWhat is the reason for thinking about joining? Could it be due to all of the buzz you’ve heard?

Could it be since your Best friend said she made some cash? Or possibly your road dog sent a copy to his lead list? While all those situations may be possible, and enticing, allow me to provide you with 5 good reasons to join the Empower Network!


Co-creators David Wood and David Sharpe make an online marketing super team! David Sharpe describes his story as moving from the park bench to fifth Avenue. David Wood was destitute previously residing in a van. Talk about having hunger for Success! Both of these gentlemen are master internet marketers. If you are planning to understand how to promote on the web, making money, these are the best guys to learn from. Each of them have produced multiple 6 figure earnings, and show no signs and symptoms of slowing down.


Initially, it appears the product is simply just a blog. That’s true however it isn’t just any blog. It’s a completely operational wordpress blog that’s privately empower network bloghosted and it has its own domain name. Together with your blog, you receive a highly converting landing page and sales funnel with the two Davids doing the selling for you.  Your sales product is truly a viral blogging income generating machine! Systems are awesome! You just generate the leads and traffic and the system does the rest. What’s more, the leads that you generate are yours to keep. You can direct them to an autoresponder series of your choosing that will help funnelthe leads to whichever destination you desire!


To summarize the marketing training in a single word would be too hard. The Empower Network offers Fast Start Training to enable you to get on the right track to success. In the series of short videos they train you on everything you need to know to obtain an excellent start. The trainings are recorded and saved inside your back-office to ensure that you are able to  view them anytime you like, at your convenience. You’re being trained by the top internet marketers around at this time. David Wood is the number one recruiter in his primary company, and he’s done it all online! The training you’ll receive comes directly from him or someone trained by him.


This is where the Empower Networkgets great! With all the affiliate marketing programs around, not one of them provide you with ALL the cash. They could give you 20% here 50% there, but not one of them give 100% commissions such as the Empower Network. If you are wondering how this 100 percent commissiondeal could possibly get much better, I’ll let you know. You receive your commissions instantly, immediately, at this time even! Through establishing an online merchant account, you’ll be able to have your commissions deposited directly into the bank account of your choosing. Do not like that idea, you could use Paypal instead, even though Empower Network leadership cautions against it. There is a Powerline structure that’s designed that you can be lucrative at any level!


Despite the fact that the Empower Networkis within its infancy, you will find communities appearing everywhere – Facebook, Skype Your sponsor has an empower-network-100interest in your ability to succeed. From the beginning, your sponsor receives the second, fourth, and sixth purchase, after which every fifth sale you make. Don’t sit there with your mouth open, you’ll have that too!

The compensation plan is set up so that your sponsor doesn’t just ditch you and leave you alone in the dark. Your earnings affects theirs also!

You now have 5 good reasons to give the Empower Network an attempt. If you are prepared to join the system that’s taking the internet by storm and producing leads for your business, do something now and join today!

Join My Empower Network & Earn 100% Comissions

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My Lead System Pro review from Paul Butler

My Lead System Pro review from Paul Butler

My Lead System Pro:

MLM Lead System Pro, also called My Lead system Pro, just as the name of the company says is a Professional marketing system to generate leads online on autopilot 24X7 for your MLM business. This is an honest review based on 6 years of experience in network marketing and hundreds of  hours of learning, training and research.

MyLead System PRO joined the marketplace in September 2008 and has attracted some of the worlds top internet marketing leaders and network marketers. This system was created by Mastermind Team Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer. These guys are some of the industries top attraction marketing gurus on the web today. Leaders such as Cedrick Harris, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Nicole Cooper, Mia Davies and many more use this system and are trainers on our team.

Lead Generation with MY Lead System Pro:

Generating leads and prospecting for your MLM opportunity are really the backbone of building a successful business and generating massive wealth. Attraction Marketing, brought mainstream by people like Mike Dillard, is the number one way to generate “hungry” leads that hunt you down to join your opportunity. Remember People join People not companies. MLSP is best attraction marketing system that teaches anyone at any level to become a successful online attraction marketer.

My Lead System Pro uses what is called a funded proposal. This is where you have a product, such as an information DVD, for sale in the front end and than a proposal for a system that generates you monthly revenue in the backend. What is unique about MLSP system is they have an affiliate marketing system that generates more revenue for you to help build your organization. MLSP has some of the internets’ top copywriters, trainers and designers that help position yourself as a leader. Because, lets face it, leads are looking for a leader to follow. This system is designed to promote yourself as that leader.

Now one of the key ingredients for long-term wealth generation is building a list. That is what My Lead System Pro helps you to accomplish. Also built into MLSP marketing system is an auto-responder email campaign to help bring people not only into your MLSP team but also in the backend the system promotes your current MLM opportunity. This system takes you by the hand and teaches you how to start generating leads today and gives you the opportunity to generate cash to fund your marketing campaigns. MLM Lead Sytem Pro is also an opportunity to create another massive source of income. This system is my personal number 1 way to build my business online.

The leadership, training and opportunity is what brought me into My Lead System Pro and I haven’t looked back. I give this system 3 thumbs up, that’s if I had a third thumb. Really, this is the best attraction marketing system I have ever used or experienced firsthand. So start now and bring your business to the next level.

I will see you on the inside my friend…Paul Butler

Attraction Marketing System

If you found value in My Lead System Pro review from Paul Butler please leave a comment and share…

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Generate Leads for your MLM with a Funded Proposal

Generate Leads for your MLM with a Funded Proposal

A funded proposal is a marketing plan where you sell an inexpensive information product to your target market, like our conquer the Internet DVD.

1. You gather highly targeted and motivated leads that have opted into your marketing system and they have further qualified themselves by pulling out their credit card and BUYING something from you.

2. You make immediate income that pays for your advertising.

This is the way to generate funding for your advertising campaign. Thus a funded proposal.

The leads that you need for your MLM opportunity are paying for your ads to find and qualify them for YOU. Does It get any better than that? Not in the real world.

How a Funded Proposal Works:

You advertise an information product, like our “Conquer the Internet” DVD, that people in your market (network marketers) need. In this case, your target market is network marketers, and they all need help in sponsoring more people.

You lead with Free, like the Free 7-Day Video Training Course, which will sell an inexpensive product. G.P.T (Get Paid Today) products. These types of products get you paid when you need the money most. NOW! The next type of products I like are products that offer a service or knowledge. These types of products are usually generic and will attract the largest group of people.

Front end money is very important to furthering the growth of your business.

If this item has VALUE, and the conquer the Internet DVD definitely does, then you can often up-sell your customer to other back-end products, such as the Attraction Marketing system MLM Lead system pro.

You are making money to pay for your advertising on the front-end, and more money on the back-end, whether your lead joins your primary business or not.
Once the lead joins your attraction marketing system than in the back-office you can promote your MLM opportunity. You are positioning yourself as a leader and professional.

When the information products are EXCELLENT, the Funded Proposal business model works like a charm.

Always remember, in the process of building a business you are building relationships. Relationships first…

Be Awesome…Paul Butler

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