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How to make $50 to $999 Just for Coming up with 12 words

How to make $50 to $999 Just for Coming up with 12 words

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5 Weird Ways To Buy Traffic That Actually Work

5 Weird Ways To Buy Traffic That Actually Work

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges were designed as a way to “trade traffic” between website owners.  While nobody that knows what they’re doing would ever recommend surfing weird websites all day long, those that do are a great target for business opportunities and traffic related offers.  Most of these services offer the ability to buy credits instead of surfing. 

For this to work, the network cannot be an “autosurf” network.  Every member that doesn’t pay for clicks, needs to click from one site to the next.  They normally use a browser extension to make this work.  If you see the word “autosurf” anywhere, it’s not worth paying them to show up to their customers.  Nobody is looking at the sites and the next one in line pops up automatically.

Test out your offer with a small amount of credits on a non-autosurf network to see if what you sell is a good fit for this kind of traffic.


Launchbit is a cost-per-click (CPC) email service.  You pay-per-click on an ad that gets sent via email.  It’s a very unique network, but they have access to most major niches.  Their lists are pretty huge and the cost-per-click is generally much lower than more mainstream advertising services like Google or Facebook.

With any CPC advertising, you have to have a very clear budget in mind before you test out any network.  Make sure you limit your budget to whatever you’re comfortable with for your first test.


Outbrain is the service that provides those sponsored results under posts on your favorite blogs.  Publishers identify their audience and Outbrain will place links to their content under high traffic, relevant blog posts.  They represent some of the highest traffic websites online, so it’s worth considering.  Even if you have to custom create a new sequence or funnel, this is an inexpensive traffic source.

This kind of advertising works best with high quality content or advertorials.  An advertorial generally shows people how to best use a product or complete an overly difficult task that a product makes much easier.  If your products fall into either of those situations, it’s worth trying.


Sponsoring someone or something is an easy way to gain access to an audience that should know about your products.  The best part about sponsoring someone is that most times, giving them a simple affiliate link is enough to get a community leader to recommend your products.  As long as you have something of value to offer their audience and they can profit from it, you can get tons of exposure and a large amount of leads and sales from an arrangement like this.

Don’t assume that you can just go in with a financial offer and have someone respond.  You have to cover the value you’ll be providing their audience, too.  Make sure you cover both in your initial conversation and you may be able to make a very profitable arrangement for all involved.

Email Clicks

While we don’t consider ourselves weird, does email traffic in a way that’s unique from most others.  We don’t do solo ads the way most companies do.  With us, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting at all.  No email writing.  You provide us a link to your landing page and we send one of our already proven emails to generate the traffic for you.  That’s why our traffic is usually more responsive than a standard solo ad.  Click here to see if we’re a good fit for you and your business.


About the Author

Ross is a best-selling author and world renowned traffic expert with a focus on helping you find your customers and reach them by being everywhere they’re looking. With more than a decade of experience selling online, Ross is going to help you reach more people, faster.

“According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code.”

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Youtube Marketing Monetize your Channel Statistics and Reality

Youtube Marketing Monetize your Channel Statistics and Reality

I shot this video to show it is possible to make some extra income with youtube but you really need to get a ton of views to make a decent living. The reality is that most channels on youtube are not making much money. You need to find a good niche and be consistent.

sign up for our newsletter to be informed when i out out new training.

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Multiple Streams of Income with Power Lead System and Yellow Brick Road Sales System

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Multiple Streams of Income with Power Lead System and Yellow Brick Road Sales System


Multiple Streams of Income with Power Lead System and Yellow Brick Road Sales System –

Drop me an email:

My Top 5 Programs:
1.) Our Current Opportunity –

2.) Traffic Authority –

3.) Lots and lots of Solo Ad Vendors – –

4.) Best Desktop Mass Emailing Program (JMailer Pro) –

5.) Top Traffic Source: Human Eyeballs –



List Build University

List Build University





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Tai Lopez

ATTN: For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Travel the World, Make Mon…Find Out Why Businesses Are Searching For People Just Like You to Help Market Their Businesses With the Power of Social Media

Click here>>>


There are few people today other than myself who know how to use social media to grow a business. Some of my recent social media accomplishments include:

» 635M minutes watched on my YouTube videos
» $21.7M in social media marketing testing
» One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
» My YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Social media marketing is, easily and decisively, the best way for any business to raise awareness and increase interest in their products or services. I’ve been able to successfully start dozens of new businesses – and scale already-existing businesses, thanks to social media.
Here’s why social media is so powerful: because it’s so pervasive in our everyday lives, and will continue to influence how people behave as time goes on. Not a day goes by where you, or someone around you, doesn’t check their social media. As a business owner, this is a powerful concept.
Unfortunately . . .

For most businesses, keeping up to date on social media marketing takes too much time. Since time is a valuable asset for a business, social media marketing is often ignored.
Here’s the good news: this failure for businesses is an opportunity for you. Businesses today will gladly pay thousands per month to have someone else manage their social media marketing.

As long as you can prove you know how to manage social media (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you can set up a service-based business that provides you recurring income.
Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this new program that trains on how to master social media (and, get small businesses to pay you for your services):

1. How to find companies that need help with their social media presence
2. The right, and best, way to use free videos to help any small business grow a highly-engaged audience of followers on social media
3. How to set up a new social media marketing agency, even if you’ve never started a business before (we’ll provide you the forms, links to legal documents, contracts, and how-to instructions.)
4. How to set up multiple types of packages for your clients, so you can offer premium (i.e., highly-lucrative) services to certain clients
5. How to choose a name for your company, purchase a domain, and set up a simple website for getting clients (plus: how to set up a generic LLC that you can use to change your business names over time)
6. The best equipment to use for social media marketing (even though all you need is literally a phone with a camera, I’ll show you what to buy when you want to upgrade your equipment)
7. Why naming your new social media business using your own name is a mistake (and what type of name you should choose instead)
8. How to make any business interesting, even if they’re a mortuary (hint: it involves how to tell engaging stories on social media that attract followers, and keep them coming back for more)
9. How to set up email marketing funnels for small businesses, so they can collect leads, and monetize them over time (when you do this right, you’ll build a long term asset for a business that increases in value as time goes on)
10. How to speak to business owners, use language they respond to, and negotiate win-win agreements
11. How to set up automation that runs your social media agency as hands free as possible, so you can travel the world, make money, and have fun
12. How to get small businesses to pay you, simply by providing them a valuable service that generates customers and profits every month using social media
13. The best way to track your social media marketing, so you can base your rate on money that’s already been generated for the business (knowing how to do this is vital for setting up pricing agreements)
14. The exact business template I would use if I were starting over (I get asked this question all the time, this new program has everything anyone needs to get started, even if they’re new to social media . . .)
15. Why you’ll never feel alone while building your agency, thanks to a private Facebook group we’ll create for members in this program
16. How to set up mutually beneficial collaborations between social media influencers and small businesses (as one of the top social media influencers in the world, I know how to do this better than anyone else)
17. How to use quizzes to attract new leads for a business (this new quiz approach works wonders for businesses because people love quizzes, especially ones that tell them more about themselves)
18. How to set up social media sales funnels for small businesses, so you can help them make more money and get rewarded while doing so (you’ll learn the best practices for sales funnels that I’ve learned during $20m+ in marketing spend)
19. How to create social media content people cannot help but like, share, and comment on (and, how to automate or outsource this once you do)
20. How to apply these principles for creating a social media agency to your business, so you can avoid the cost of outsourcing (while this program focuses on helping anyone start a social media marketing agency, it can also be used to train staff on using the best social media marketing practices)
21. Why now is the best time to get “in” on social media marketing, how to stake your claim in this soon-to-be highly-competitive industry, and create a valuable, long-term business asset that pays you every month

All of these lessons essentially give you practical, immediately-usable information that’s better than any 4-year college or university education in 4 months, and for a fraction of the price.
If you’re interested in getting started, let me explain . . .
MONTH #1 ” The first 30 days shows you what types of small businesses to help, how to form your company, get started with practicing on social media marketing on your own business.
MONTH #2 ” During the second month, I’ll show you how to become a master of social media. You’ll be given templates, checklists, and guides that are consistently updated over time, so you always have the most up-to-date info.
MONTH #3 – After I’ve shown you how to use social media, I’ll help set up your agency and get your first small business to pay you. I’ll give you the necessary info to set up the legal structure of your company, what contracts to use, and explain how to convince a small business to hire you.
MONTH #4 ” During this last month, we’ll show you how to service your customers, build your team, and automate your workflow. This last month is all about making your service-based business as “hands free” as possible, so you can make more money without adding a ton of time-consuming work.
At the end of the 4-month period, you’ll be given a Social Media Marketing Certification.
You’ll be able to show off this certification to your peers, use it to increase authority when getting new clients, and identify yourself as someone who’s learned from one of the world’s leading experts on social media marketing.


The people who act quick will benefit most from these 3 bonuses, especially bonus #3.
BONUS #1 ” For a limited time, we’ll be giving away 1 free ticket to any of our live events. This free ticket will be valid for an entire year. The value of this bonus is $1,200-$1,400.
BONUS #2 ” I’ll give you access to one of my latest programs on how to create a cool lifestyle. This will be vital to you. The reason why is because as you start making more money using social media, you’ll want to learn how to live a life most people dream about. The value of this is $497.
BONUS #3 ” After you’ve completed your 4 months, and received your certification, we’ll add your name and contact info to a site dedicated to social media experts trained with this program. This way, whenever someone is looking for a social media expert, you’ll have your name featured on a site that’s supported by our brand.

This last bonus benefits the people who take action first. The reason why is because the sooner you go through this program, the more you’ll have preferred treatment on the page.

Click to begin this program!

Stay Strong,
Paul Butler

Posted by Paul Butler on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Yellow Brick Road Sales Funnel

Hello there !
Welcome to the YBR family.
My name is Paul Butler,
And you can feel free to reply to my emails or find me on facebook if you have any questions about getting set up.
I’m always happy to help.
Now, as Steve and Mark explain in this video
The Yellow Brick Road is a complete + proven strategy thousands of people currently use to grow online lncome’s up to five figures per month.
  • It will generate traffic for you
  • It will send that traffic through your sales funnel that includes pre-built lead capture pages, sales pages + high converting email follow-ups, all coded to YOU
  • It will automatically work on your behalf to convert your leads into commissions for you across several different lncome streams
All YOU need to do now is:
First: Set up your affiliate accounts with the different lncome streams that Yellow Brick Road promotes for you:
Second: Follow the “YBR Easy Setup” on the Setup Page.
It’s painless + easy to set up but if you have any problems please let me know.
The Share Code you will need, in order to get set up with your own coded Yellow Brick Road sales funnel inside Power Lead System is:
Don’t worry though, this code is clearly displayed when you’re watching the setup video.
Even if you only have a small budget and just 15 minutes per day to spare, Yellow Brick Road can be a right fit for you.
The Yellow Brick Road strategy is all about consistency..
Sticking to the plan will mean every day you’ll see your lncome growing faster + faster.

It solves all three of the problems almost everyone has when they’re starting out online:

– Not Enough TIME to learn free marketing methods
– Not Enough MONEY for constant traffic to their web pages
– No clear DIRECTION + path to follow

Now it’s just up to you to “Follow The Yellow Brick Road”.

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We will build your business for you if you join our team

We will build your business for you if you join our team

Join our team today and we will help build your downline and build your business. We get the ball rolling and get you into profit mode and then train you on how to duplicate our success.

This is the biggest opportunity of the century. No joke. You can build a massive business without recruiting one person. All you have to do is share a free app with everyone you know and this thing will go viral.

Obviously the more you do the faster we will build wealth together.

We can do it all for you but that will realistically take much more time and effort on our part.


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We Get you Free Sign Ups in Team Freedom Now Rotator and Free Sponsors

We Get you Free Sign Ups in Team Freedom Now Rotator and Free Sponsors




Get in ahead of the curve. IF you could have gotten stock in Apple 20 years ago how many stocks would you purchase. What we have here is one of the biggest  apps coming out in Fall of 2016.

Myself and my team will get you free paying  signups. The sooner you get in the quicker your downline will build and the quicker you start making residual income.

go to

put in your name, email and phone number and check affiliate and we will send you a private invite to become an affiliate. Once you become an affiliate we will contact you and put you into our rotator.

send us an email at that you have gotten signed up and we will contact you within 2 business days and get you going.


paid sign ups


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Getting Started With BeonPush

If you are currently no signed up with BeonPush Click here to get started with your free account.

The first thing you’ll want to do now that you’ve signed up is activate your account. The only way to activate your account is to purchase an ad pack. You need to at least purchase a $20 pack. If you can buy a bigger one then do that because higher value packs earn faster and you’ll make more money but for now, just to activate your link, a $20 pack will do the trick. Once you have purchased an ad pack your referral link will immediately go live & you can start to sponsor people into your down line.

Before you can purchase an ad pack you will need to add money to your e-wallet. Follow the red arrows in the instructions. 
First Click on e-wallet.
After you click on e-wallet, you’ll want to select the payment processor that you are using. In this case I’m using PayZa as the example as most of us already have a PayZa account. Click on the word PayZa.
BeonPush 2
That may or may not require you to log in again. If it does, please log in to BeonPush again. Then, click on e-wallet once more
and then click again on PayZa.
Select the dollar amount you want to load into your BeonPush e-wallet from your PayZa account. NOTE: you have to already have that amount loaded on your PayZa account.
Type in the amount you want to load to your e-wallet & hit the Pay Now button.
 BOP 4
On the next screen you’ll need to select the payment processor again just by clicking on the name of the processor. In this example it is PayZa. On the right hand side you’ll notice the transaction fee – that is simply the cost of doing business. Please make sure to include extra to cover the fee otherwise you won’t have enough money to purchase your ad pack. Then put in your email & password for Payza and hit continue.
On the next screen it will have you also input your PayZa PIN number. 
NOTE: If you don’t have enough funds in your PayZa account, it will not work. If you do have enough funds, your BeonPush e-wallet will be loaded successfully. Also the site will count down from 20 seconds, let it do that. Don’t click the back button. This will allow the site to register the purchase without any glitches.
BOP 12
Now that you have successfully loaded your e-wallet you are ready to purchase your first ad pack & activate your link.
When in your back office of BeonPush, click on Packs. Then choose the pack that you want to purchase. Click on the Buy Now button next to the pack that you want to purchase.
If you don’t have any money loaded on your PayZa account but want to get started right away, this is what you need to do. Log in to your PayZa account. Then click on Add Funds.
On the next screen you will have the option of Credit Card, Bank Account, Bitcoin or Crytocurrency Trader. In this example I’m going to choose Credit Card because it is instant. I will have money in my PayZa account immediately and can load that amount to my e-wallet inside of BeonPush. PayZa does charge a 5% transaction fee for this. So again this is not mandatory but we are trying to get our account active as soon as possible, so we can sponsor new members and earn those commissions as soon as possible. Once your account is active, the next time you can choose your bank account as an option to load funds or one of the other options but it does take longer than credit card transfers, so you will need to be patient.
Once you select credit card, on the next screen select the card that you want to use, enter the CSV/CVV number on the back of your card, the amount you want to load and hit Next. PayZa only accepts VISA – if you have a Master Card, sorry but it will not work. Remember to request a few extra dollars for the transaction fee. In this case I’m wanting to purchase a $50 ad pack, so I’ve loaded $55 to be able to cover the fees.
On the next screen PayZa will have you put in your PIN number and hit Add Funds. Once you do that, those funds are immediately available to you to use. Just hit the HOME button and you will be able to see the funds there.
BOP 10
As you can see I have that amount available immediately to use to purchase ad packs inside of BeonPush.
BOP 11
Thank you! If you have any additional questions please get back with your sponsor or the person that introduced you to BeonPush.
instant access

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