How To Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Motivated

motivationBeing Motivated and staying motivated is all about focus. Focusing on your goals and having a white hot desire to achieve those goals is the profile of a champion.

People need inspiration and encouragement in their lives to lift them from the  mediocrity of the lowest common denominator to that of excellence and success!!

How To Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Motivated

How do you inspire and uplift your team? Get them motivated and stay motivated? The first thing you need to do is find their why… why is that? Once you find a persons’ why you find their inspiration, their needs and wants.

Motivation is really about communication. This is one skill we can always improve upon. Being a good communicator also means being a good listener and asking the right questions. digging deep into why and what people are trying to communicate to you. You inspire and motivate your team with properly communicating to them your vision. Do not drop the ball on this!!

The why becomes the tool of motivation and inspiration. People need a vision. Without a vision we only have fate. Fate, meaning habits and the patterns of ones own mind. People in a rut, tend to stay in a rut. When a person motivatesubscribes to mediocrity they tend to become a life-long partner.

With a vision you can now have patience and perseverance. Its the small day to day actions over time that make your vision a reality.  It is what we call the compound effect. Remember the tortoise beats the hare. Patience is a virtue. Stay focused, keep your team focused and build an empire.

Now, your team will be motivated by the vision of the team and stay motivated as your team builds momentum and growth is created. We shall inspire with our words and motivate with our actions. We must work tirelessly and with a positive attitude.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot…You are right!! – Henry Ford

A human being can alter the circumstances of their lives by altering their attitudes of their minds. Our thoughts about things and life tend to start with our image of our self.  Our self image will either uplift or destroy us based on our own beliefs. Negative thinking breeds negative habits.

The truth is, you can only provide the vehicle for motivation. It is up to the individual to out what you teach into practice. You can tell someones motivation by how much or lack of complaints and excuses.

If you want to win you need to change. If you are winning now, then you must have figured it out!!

Success and Excellence is a habit – Aristotle

Do the thing and it shall give you power. We lead by example. You keep your team motivated by being motivated. People hear what you speak but do what you are!!

What are you doing?????

I will finish this article with quotes that I love by Steve Farber from “The Radical Leap”

If I love who we are, and if I love what we can be, then I’ll love the process of how we get there. And in order to make it all happen, I will act boldly and courageously and I will, at times, fail magnificently. But my love demands that I try. Demands it.”

“that’s the nature of leadership in the extreme: the dynamic interplay of love and fear. Acting out of love creates fear, and love gives me the courage to work through that fear.”

LEAP – Love, Energy, Audacity, Proof

“Love generates Energy, inspires Audacity, and requires Proof. LEAP, you see, is simply the Extreme Leader’s active, dynamic, expression of love.”

“The Extreme Leader consciously and intentionally cultivates love in order to generate boundless energy and inspire courageous audacity. And he or she must provide the proof that it’s all been worthwhile: proof through the alignment between word and action; proof through the standing up for what’s right; proof through measurable, tangible signs of progress; and proof through the experience of phenomenal success as well as glorious failure. That’s the LEAP. And, if I can add to that, it’s the LEAP that creates the OS!M [Oh Shit! Moment]. The OS!M is fear in the pursuit of creating something greater than the current reality. And the desire to create something greater is a bold expression of love. Simple as that.”

Do you see what Steve said “acting out of love will create fear.” That is because you will lead with an open heart. This will force you to step out of your comfort zone where the tyranny of the world will try and crush you. But its that love that will cause you to overcome these fears. The love of your vision, your why and the love of your team!!!

I hope you enjoyed and received value from my article How To Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Motivated..If so please comment and share…

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