How to use Pinterest for Personal Branding and Generating Traffic

How to use Pinterest for Personal Branding and Generating Traffic

Have you heard of Pinterest? No!! Are you living under a rock…LOL just kidding….no really, get out from under that ROCK!!!pinterest

Well what is Pinterest? You may ask. Pinterest is one of the newest website phenomenons that have hit the internet since Facebook. Pinterest is a Social Media website that is a visual sharing blogging extravaganza. I know, I know you probably are saying, like I did a few weeks ago, I dont get it.

But remember, most of  us didnt get facebook when it first came out, now most of us are addicted to it. Pinterest is another tool I am adding to my toolbelt to help build my business and my brand. In the following video I share with you several ways I am using Pinterest to generate traffic to my websites and landing pages.

Pinterest is not just for girls!!

Pinterest not only will get you massive traffic over time but will also help with personal branding. Because, what exactly is personal branding; it is pinterest pinboardyour name, your face, voice. It is your hobbies, your lifestyle, what you enjoy, how you have fun. With videos and pictures this is easy when it comes to Pinterest.

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4 thoughts on “How to use Pinterest for Personal Branding and Generating Traffic”

  1. Hi Paul,

    I’ve just recently become interested in this due to a fellow team member that has gotten involved and done videos like yours to show the benefits of using it for business. Well done.

  2. Great Pinterest training Paul! I’m going to implement these methods immediately:) Look forward to more vids like this

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