My Lead Company Review Is This a Scam or Legit?


Is My Lead Company a Scam review?

If you are checking out this review you are probably looking into the business opportunity My Lead Company.  In wondered myself, when first checking out this company if it was a scam My Lead Companyor not. I hope this article helps you decide if this is an opportunity for you.

I first heard about this opportunity by an associate of mine from my primary business, so I decided to look into the business. I did some investigation into the founder of the company, JR Jackson, the company itself and some of the leaders involved with this company.

I will describe what I discovered further in this article, but first let me tell you what I uncovered…

Is My Lead Company a Scam; after several days and many hours of research I came up with an unequivocally NO, this is not a scam. My Lead Company is not a scam it is a legit Company and Business Opportunity and Jr Jackson is a very successful, ethical and Professional Network Marketer.

What is My Lead Company?

So what is My Lead Company? What we have here is a MLM of the top circumstance to building a successful Network Marketing Company; Leads. To those that are new to network marketing we run out of our ‘warm market’ ; ie family and friends, very quickly. SO what most people need when building a MLM is fresh leads; that is people to talk to, to present your opportunity to.

You see we practice what is called Personal Branding and Attraction Marketing. These things take time for the newbie or non-tech savvy people, sometimes can take years to build. So for those just starting out are going to run out of leads real quick so the next step should be buying leads. Now we have an opportunity to get quality leads at a good price and in the process build another stream of income.

My Lead company was created as a great tool to help build your downline in your primary business. This is an add-on to your current business not a replacement. This system is not only revolutionary but there is nothing like this out there. This is also an easy duplicatable system.  to build a successful MLM business it really is a numbers game. The more people you talk to about your business the faster it will grow.

My Lead Company Review

My Lead Company First of Its Kind in MLM:

My Lead company is really the first of its kind  in it’s niche.  There are many companies that sell leads for businesses, but there are no Network Marketing companies that are currently doing it.  In general, the first in the game usually grows the fastest and largest. The copy cats normally don’t do as well as the innovators. My Lead Company also has a unique compensation plan in that it is the first ever “single-leg-downline (or straightline compensation plan) This is not a “Binary,” “Matrix,” or “Uni-Level,” Downline.  a Single Downline Compensation Plan means that everyone in the company is in One Downline, ONE TEAM… meaning that everyone that ever joins the company after you is below you… and you can get paid on them all.  Wait no longer to lock in your position. The official launch is Oct 15 2011. What is also unique about My Lead Company is the company teaches you how to work your leads once they are purchased

My Lead Company Highlights:

  • Single Line Comp Plan
  • J.R Jackson is an experienced Network Marketer and Leader in the industry
  • IS a Duplicatable System – does not compete with your primary
  • High Quality Leads
  • Free Training
  • Launching in 190 different countries
  • free to Join, Low cost product
  • no metings to attend. 100% automated
  • More than 1000 people joining per day worldwide
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Associations with Leaders around the world
  • Distributors are paid daily

This really is a no-brainer. What do you have to lose? This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Seeing that you are reading this right now you are in the right place at the right time my friend.

JOIN My Lead Company NOW

…Then call me directly so I can personally welcome you to the team and help build a successful business together. I also recommend using My Phone Room in conjunction with the leads you purchase from My Lead Company. My phone room will call and qualify your leads for you. No more cold calling!!

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3 thoughts on “My Lead Company Review Is This a Scam or Legit”

  1. your kidding, the bloke has been before the ftc & found to be unsavoury, the leads he suggests are free do not arrive the 100 leads he promises that some people do get are the same leads he sends everyone, the commissions have been a whopping 84 cents for many people & if you are in this business please feel free to tewll us exactly how much you have made because this bloke ticks all the scam artist boxes

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