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Why you should join Empower Network

Why you should join Empower Network

How would you like to learn from masters of internet marketing?  What do you think it feels like to receive affiliate Empower Networkincomes?  How do you think it would feel to receive residual commissions NOW! If you’ve found yourself nodding your head and smiling at these thoughts, then the Empower Network is the place for you!

The Empower Network is the creation of David Wood and David Sharpe. David Wood IS an internet marketing guru.  You can see him in videos, which he does from his home in the mountains of Costa Rica. He is THE top recruiter in his network marketing company, and is also a top member is a well-established universal marketing system for the internet. Needless to say, the leadership in this affiliate opportunity is absolutely the BEST. Nobody can rival David Wood as an internet marketer! David Sharpe has made his name quite well-known on the internet as well. He has worked his way from living on the streets to having a successful internet marketing business.

The Empower Network Training

If you are looking to learn internet marketing quickly, the Empower Network is the perfect vehicle for you. In the back office, you receive the video Fast Start training. In this training you are given step by step instructions on what you need to do to get started making money. Each video contains specific tasks you need to accomplish. They are long enough to be thorough, and short enough to not keep you interested. There is even a short quiz to take after each module, just to make sure the info sinks in.

Earning Money with The Empower Network:

You can earn money quickly with the Empower Network because of its target market. Anyone who owns a blog or wants to own a blog is a lead! Do you know that there are over 17 million websites recorded? The lead pool for the Empower Network is more like an ocean! The Empower Network provides a sales funnel that converts like crazy! What’s even better is that you own the leads you generate! You can funnel those leads into the auto-responder series empower network david woodof your choosing!

The Empower Network offers you the opportunity to earn while you learn!  with the Empower Network, you can learn how to generate leads and market effectively while earning commissions along the way. This will help keep you operating in the black, while other marketers sink deeper into the red, marketing blindly on the internet. With the training series in the back office, you can learn at your convenience. The Empower Network has weekly calls that assist with trainings and questions about the network.  There are supportive communities popping up all over the internet. There is amazing support here my friend!

I can list a ton of reasons for you to join the Empower Network, but the truth is that no one can make this decision for you.  You are the only person that can talk you into or out of the Empower Network opportunity. When you decide the Empower Network is the answer to your internet marketing prayers, you can go here to join >>> Empower Me <<<.

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Why I joined The Empower Network

Why I joined The Empower Network

I recently joined the Empower Network and it was one of the best choices I have probably ever made! I can’t
believe how easy it is! I must tell you, I was blow away by what the Empower Network has to offer! I’m writing this post to share with you why I joined the Empower Network!

Other affiliate opportunities offer, at the most 75%. They are few and far between, and you have to comb through Clickbank to find them. The Empower Network is so powerful and popular, I didn’t even have to look for it! It came to me… AND, NOBODY pays instantly like EN! I mean, where else do you get your money the moment somebody clicks the submit to buy button? I’ll tell you NOWHERE! Even that ZNZ stuff that’s all over the internet takes 24 hours to get paid!


Why I joined The Empower Network

The system the Empower Network offers is so easy even a Caveman could do it! (how condescending)  You get a rockin plug and play wordpress blog that is off the hook! It already has a lead capture page and a sales funnel, that converts like nothing Ive ever seen!  I have two words for you IN-COME .Yeah I know its only one word, but you get point! The Empower Network sets you up for success on many levels. The system currently has 3 products available to purchase and resell.I have to mention that you MUST own the products in order to make the commission.  That only makes sense!

The way the Empower Network compensates you is like nothing Ive ever seen! EN has a Powerline pay system empower networkthat rocks! This is how it works! You keep sales 1, 3, 5; 2, 4, 6 go to your sponsor and every 5th one after that. Ill admit that kinda rattled me a bi at first. Then I realized that I would be on the receiving end of that also! What this does is keep your sponsor engaged in your progress! If you dont make any money, your sponsor doesnt make any money. Other affiliate programs, your sponsor just takes the money and run!

Most importantly, I get the chance to learn from the Master Marketers David Wood and David Sharpe! Everybody knows that David Wood is truly an internet marketing genius! Is it worth the money to learn directly from David Wood? You better freekin’ believe it. This guy was homeless living in a van, and now hes chillin out in a house in Costa Rica! I want some Costa Rica livin too! It only makes sense to learn from the very person that can tell me how to do it!

If you want to join me in learning how to market on the internet and generate leads and income, click here to find out what the Empower Network is all about!


If you received value from Why I joined The Empower Network please comment and share.

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Why the New Marketer Needs The Empower Network

Why the New Marketer Needs The Empower Network

Newbies need to join the Empower Network to get started in online marketing. Theres no two ways about it. Most new marketers have no money, and no idea of what theyre doing. On top of that, theyre marketing to more people empower network david woodwho are just as broke as they are. The new marketers that do have money spend every last penny buying every product on the market trying to figure out how to make money online, but theyre still just as lost AND still marketing to broke people. This is why the Empower Network is the prime choice for the new marketer.

The Empower Network provides you with everything you need to market online. You get a wordpress blog, a sales funnel, a lead capture, page, hosting, a domain Did you know you needed all that? Would you even know where to find all these things? The Empower Network gives you everything you need, AND you get it the second you click submit! Do you know how much all that stuff costs? Youre looking at spending hundreds of dollars before you even get started! The Empower Network is $25! Even the BROKEST marketer can find $25 to get started!

The next piece to the puzzle is what makes the Empower Network ROCK! So, youve spent 25 whooooole dollars to get started. At this point, you learn how to market the Empower Network online. All you need is one sale to break even. Why? 100% commissions!!  Can you do that with your own blog? Im guessing NO!  When you make one sale, you get your $25 investment back! The Empower Network is like On The Job training! You learn how to market empower network blogand generate leads, which will earn money!

Speaking of earning money, when you FINALLY make money with other affiliate programs, how long do you think it takes to get it? Ill tell you 30 days 60 days and sometimes 90 days. When youre broke, do you really have time to wait for the check to come in the mail? Really? NO! When you need money, you need it NOW! The Empower Network gives you your money NOW! Through the use of a merchant account, the very moment your referral sends payment, you get it deposited into your checking account! You can get it any better than that!

If youre struggling in your marketing or if youre new, the Empower Network could be the answer for you. Click here to find out how you can start earning 100% instant commissions!

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Is Empower Network a Scam?

Is Empower Network a Scam?

Master internet marketer David Wood is behind the Empower Network, which flew onto the internet scene like a torpedo in November 2011. Wood and co-founder David Sharpe have developed a blogging system that allows you to learn to market on the internet, generate tons of leads, and make a lot money at the same time. Although it sounds too good to be true, the Empower Network has caught on like wildfire and is showing no signs of slowing down. Because it’s so new and so popular, many have raised their eyebrows, as well as turned up their noses. Let’s look at the facts about the Empower Network, and you can decide if the Empower Network is a scam!
The Empower Network boasts 100% Commissions. That alone is enough to make one uneasy. Every other affiliate program offers 30, 40, and even 50% commissions. NOBODY is offering 100% commissions, except the Empower Network. On top of that, you receive those commissions instantly into your bank account. The Empower Networks pay system is set up through a merchant account. By having a merchant account in place, the commissions you earn are immediately deposited into your designated checking account. This is unheard of in the affiliate marketing community. Normally, you have to wait a minimum of 24 hours up to 90 days to get paid! All of that disappears with the Empower Network. That’s right! 100% commissions are received immediately!

Skeptics say that the Empower Network is TOO EASY! They are right!

The Empower Network offers you instant access to online marketing. Getting started for $25 per month, you get a totally functional blog. You do not have to choose a domain, wait for it to be registered, or pay someone hundreds of dollars to build your blog! From the moment you sign up, you have a blog ready to start blogging. To add a little sauce to this mix, the Empower Network is also supplying a HIGHLY converting sales funnel that will add to your income! All you have to do is supply the content, and you can use a source like the MLM PLR Store to take care of that! Sounding really easy isn’t it?

Some critics have said that the Empower Network is a distraction from building your business. While on the surface that may seem true, a closer look reveals another story. While you are marketing the Empower Network on the front end, you have the ability to direct those leads into an email marketing list of your choosing. While you may not be marketing your business immediately to the leads you generate, you will surely have the opportunity to do it at a later time through email marketing, and relationship building. Besides, isn’t that what Attraction Marketing is all about? Provide a valuable tool to your leads and then funnel them into your business?

Help people to make money online and you have a partner for life!!!

From the information available, the Empower Network is not a scam. This is an awesome affiliate opportunity, with a pay plan that is designed to be lucrative to all who join. Now that you know that it’s not a scam, what are you waiting for? Click Here =>>>Empower Me!!

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The Simple 3 Step Process to an Online Fortune

The Simple 3 Step Process to an Online Fortune

My friends. I cant tell you how excited I am about Empower Network. I have been working with David Wood for about a year now in our primary business, Numis Network, and with MLSP. I have learned more in that year than I have in the last 10 I have been in network marketing. David Wood Empower Networkis a powerhouse marketer and one of the best salesman I have ever met. What David Wood and David Sharpe have created here with the Empower Network is Revolutionary and cutting edge. No other group or company that I have ever heard of has offered 100% commissions on sales. This is really going to change the face of internet marketing. Only out a week you are seeing the Empower Networks Alexa rating going through the roof. Not only are you leveraging the power of one of the fastest growing blogs on the internet you are using the sales funnel of 2 top internet marketers. Not only is the Empower Network on fire but it is such a simple process to build it is crazy!!!

Let me take you through the 3 step process so you can see how simple this is…

Step One:

The first step is signing up with me and my team here 🙂 >>>Join the Awesome Team. Ok thats not really a step but if you dont ake action in this moment you probably never will. Sorry, thats just the cold stone facts.

So the real first step is setting up your merchant account so your sales will start flowing right into your bank account like leaves into your gutter. But in a good way 😉

Step Deux:

start blogging my friend. The key to success is being consistent and persistent. This step really is key. This is how you are going to build your online business, by blogging daily. Now generally we want to be blogging about our niche, which is internet marketing and wealth building. But heck if you feel like telling a story tell a story. It may resonate with some people. In general people will join you like sheep to a shepherd if you offer something of value. At minimum do a review or some kind of marketing training. Learn something new today then teach it. Now these articles are something you can write yourself or they are something you can outsource.

Step Tri:

The third and final step is drive massive traffic to your articles. Now this is the crem-de-le-creme of your business building efforts. Once your Pulitzer Prize winning articles are are live online you want to send as much traffic to them as possible. Use tools and techniques. Two of the top tools I use to drive that traffic is Article Marketing Robot and TribePro. Anyway to build backlinks to your articles is going to help you get ranked in the search engines!!! Also posting links to your articles on social site like Facebook and Twitter help plus posting them to groups and forums will also get you traffic. PPC campaigns, if you have money, is another great way to get traffic today.

So these are the 3 simple steps to get cranking today. The key is start right now to build your online empire and to pave your way to $$ Financial Freedom $$ and Independence. Cleck this link Empower Network put in your email address, watch the videos and buy everything we have to offer… Just like I did!!!

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You Keep 100% Of THIS MONEY (All Of It)

You Keep 100% Of THIS MONEY (All Of It)

I never could have imagined.

Tonight, when we hit our 1762nd

paid member, and had paid out

$302,874.10 in direct, instant


…in just four days

Our server crashed when 182

people rushed to the order form

and all tried to order simultaneously.

It’s back up now, you can join.

Click below and do that now.

Empower Network

There’s a couple of things you

want to take a look at, if you’ve

been missing all of the buzz.

1. Dave Wood did a live streaming

broadcast from a hotel here in Costa

Rica yesterday, and if you missed it,

over 300 people stayed on for almost

3 hours of Q and A.

You can watch the Re-Play Below:

Live From The Beach

2. On Tuesday, we did a webinar

where we paid out more than $20,000

in commissions in an hour and forty


Click BELOW to watch it.


3. Basically – you can let US sell for

YOU. My sales conversions have been

the highest converting videos in the

entire network marketing niche for

over a year.

Let me do all the work.

You keep all the money.

100% commissions – no setup, and

you can market whatever you want.

6 people have already earned more

than $10,000 in commissions in the

last 4 days.

Click Below:

100% Commissions

Lawrence Tam, a part time Dad and

husband, earned more than $23,000

in four days – and he’s a full time

engineer, and doesn’t even like be

in video.

He just uses my videos – and doesn’t

bother changing it – he just gets the


Nick Bramble, who doesn’t promote

anything, got pumped and earned more

than $13,000 in just four days –

Toby and Layla made more than $17,000

in four days – they actually got started on

Sunday, sent some emails, and have made


There’s more.

A LOT more.

In fact – as of last night around midnight

we’ve actually now paid $303,099.20 – so

at midnight EST people are still ordering

every minute.


Because we do all the work.

You keep all the money.

Does that sound fair?

Aren’t you excited to get 100% for a change?

and then – you can build whatever you want?

I am.


Because I’m not excited, unless you

get paid.

More good news.

Today at 5 ‘o click EST Co-FOunder David Sharpe

is hosting a call with some of the folks making

things happen inside Empower Network.

This will give you a chance to hear things for


And you’ll probably hear something a little controversial

that will tick some people off, but make others

smile knowing they are in the right place, with

the right group of people.

Come see how it it rubs off on you.

Dial in at exactly 5:00pm EST wherever you

are in the world.

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900

Participant access code: 113543

Don’t miss this one.

Hear it right from the source – and don’t come looking

for the bull.

Come ready for the truth.

To the top,

Paul Butler

P.S. get in now and have a weekend you’ll never


Watch this:

Empower Network

Be a part of history.

Watch this.

Join this.

Be a part of history.

Here’s your link to click:

Join Today

I’ll see you on the beaches of the world.

-Paul Butler

Work With Paul Butler

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