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5 Facebook Marketing Tips: How To Establish Your Presence On Facebook

5 Facebook Marketing Tips: How To Establish Your Presence On Facebook

Facebook has quickly become the place to go for social networking. Every month, more than 100 million people log into their account at Facebook, which has made it become the largest social networking program out there. You can use this to your advantage and get some great customers by using the simple tips below.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 1: Take Some Time to Build Up a Great Profile.

You will be introducing yourself to old friends and new faces, which can easily become new clients for you. Your profile is actually part of your branding, so you need to sit down and first figure out what you want to achieve with Facebook.

Do you want to become known as an expert? Then let others know in your profile that you know a niche very well and are willing to answer any questions they may have about it. Do you want to be Facebook Marketing Strategiesknown as a product reviewer? You would then let others know that you have tried many things, and are going to talk about them.

You will need to include a picture of yourself. Don’t use one that makes you look goofy or silly, but pick one out that portrays the message you want to send.

Do you want to look like an expert? Well then, have your picture portray that. Dress and look like a professional in your field. If you are a doctor selling a medical guide to wellness, then for goodness sake look like a doctor. If you are a mother selling a scrapbooking book, look like one.

A picture tells a thousand words, and a lot of weight will be put on your profile picture, and any other photos you add to your Facebook site. Pick them out carefully, and leave out the party pictures.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 2: Build Up Your Network of Friends on Facebook.

Start by joining a few groups and then start asking people in the group to be your friend. If you do a few per day, you will quickly build up a list of friends that are interested in the same things you are.

It is important to start working on your list first before trying to make any sales. People are not looking for someone that tries to sell them something when you first meet. They will not appreciate a sales pitch right away. You need to be a lot more subtle than that.

If you have built up a highly targeted group of friends, it is obvious that they are interested in the same things you are; so no selling is really necessary. A better approach is a gentle guiding over to your site where they can then be sold.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 3: Establish Relationships And Become Known.

It is not enough to just build up a big network and then leave them hanging. You need to work these people and get them back to your Facebook page.

You will have to do some interaction for this to occur. You will need to answer people’s requests and comments, and also get them to notice you and come to your page. The best way to do this is by updating your relationship status from time to time.

A news feed is sent to everyone in your group if you change this one status, since it is one that does not change too often. You will be more noticed if you make a relationship change, and you can start adding promotional material to your feed.

You can also send birthday wishes to members of your group, and write on people’s walls. If you log in to your Facebook account every day or two and simply spend 10 minutes contacting people, you will develop relationships.

Facebook Marketing Tip # 4: Start Your Own Group or Event.

You can become the trendsetter in a group of people by starting something new, or by holding a special event. You will be seen as a leader and will be able to collect followers.

The success of these two ideas will depend on the size of your friends list, and how well you have maintained and built up your relationships. You should always continue to build up your friends list so that you have a bigger pool of people to work with.


Facebook Marketing Tip # 5: Using RSS, Syndicate Your Blog on your Profile Page.

This makes your blog post show up on your profile page. It will also help to build up backlinks for your blog.

The bonus with this kind of setup is people will take you much more seriously if they see that you have a site dealing with your common interest. Most people don’t know the first thing about setting up a site, and have a lot of respect for people that have one.

Use these Facebook marketing tips to help get more visitors to your site, and to make more sales. The more exposure you can get to yourself and your products, the more sales you will make. It really is that simple.

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How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address

How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address


How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address. Sometimes you will get people opt into your lead capture page and not leave a phone number so to connect with the prospect beyond emails the next step is to connect on Facebook and or Skype.

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Facebook MLM Training Secrets

Facebook MLM Training Secrets


  • Facebook is duplicatable
  • Quickly and easily SPIN a profitable social web
  • Sponsor 1-3 Reps a week through Facebook with only 45 minutes a day
  • Its not what you can do but what you can duplicate, How to have your team achieve the same results Fast
  • How to drive 500+ unique visitors to your Blog every day
  • Get to Live Events
  • The Power of the Mind – What you can do each and every day to increase your value and shift your mindset the Right way!
    • Incantations – Affirmations to the next level – when you embody the words you say – feeling (whole body) – change your physical state with your mission. I now command my subconscious mind to help me in assisting as many people as possible by giving me the power, the passion, the brevity, the persuasion, whatever it takes to show these people how to change their lives NOW!
    • Empowering Books
    • Empowering Audios
    • Excercise

Facebook is the Biggest But

its not the only place in town to play…

  • Bebo (UK)
  • MySpace
  • Ning
  • Blogster
  • Orkut
  • Netlog
  • LinkedIn

4 Step Plan For Viral Exposure on Facebook

  1. Create a fun and compelling profile page
  2. Create a group using your name in the title – brand yourself
  3. Start adding targeted friends (25 a day).  create great content – post to groups and blogs
  4. Creat a fanpage with your picture and name

Unlock 1000’s of LEADS you already have!
the ultimate sales letter by Dan Kennedy – copywrite get into the mind of the reader through words
Where to find new friends on Facebook:

  1. MLM Groups
  2. Work from home groups
  3. Company names
  4. fanpages
  5. fans of fanpages
  6. people inside those groups
  7. friends of friends

Ask people what they do for a living when you friend request someone.

click on account(upper right hand corner) / click edit friends / upper left click contacts – to get phone numbers for friends

must have videos of you providing value- they make you a real person

Topics to Avoid

  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • How much money you have made
  • how amazing your product or service is
  • how your product/service will change their life forever






The Right Things to Say

  • Find something in common (look on their profile)
  • Asking questions – people love to talk about themselves – say less ask more: how are currently generating leads online
  • Showing an interest – genuine (make them feel special like you care)
  • Providing value -people want to join people they get benefit from

The Reason These Simple Strategise Work

We are dealing with people…

Have you noticed the most successful people in our industry are mostly offline business builders…

Why is that?

Because they focus 100% on people!

If you Focus…

On people and connecting everyday your business will EXPLODE…

All you are doing on Facebook is…


By Providing Free Value, like “How to’s” videos…Mindset videos…and Prospecting tips…even some offline stuff= Branding


By Asking the Right kinds of questions You will let your prospect know you actually have a genuine interest in them and their life.


By using tools:

    • online offline dvd
    • sizzle call
    • A funnel system . (like MLSP)
    • Live Broadcast

By using the tools for the telling and selling, you have shown your prospect how easy it is… and that anyone can do it … This takes all the WEIGHT off your shoulders

Get 500+ Unique Visitors a Day TO Your Blog From Facebook

By Providing “Gravity like” value you will develop Hard Core Facebook Followers…
Then you bring your blog post over to Facebook and drive a ton of traffic over to it.

The Power of Video

We All know the old saying

“People do business with people they trust”.

This saying is very true when we are talking about using video on the internet.

By using video you give your prospects, clients and followers a direct gateway into who you are, how you do business and above all, it builds “Friendship Like” relationships lightning fast.

Some Words of Wisdom:

  • Take Massive consistent action
  • Stay Positive
  • Do not put an expiry date on your success



This article was created from the MLSP training by Toby and Layla. For more training like this please visit http://www.ConquerTraffic.com

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