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List Building Techniques: 10 Unique Ways To Increase Your Subscribers Fast

List Building Techniques: 10 Unique Ways To Increase Your Subscribers Fast

Knowing a lot of list building techniques is very important. Lists, after all, are the very core of Internet marketing.

However, it’s not always easy to build a huge database of people’s e-mail addresses. For one, Internet users are now very well How-to-Get-More-Email-Subscribersacquainted with spam. They don’t want to receive useless emails in their inbox or be infiltrated with some sort of malicious spyware.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be contented with a meager list. Here are 10 unique ways to build your list of prospects and win them over.

1) Free Membership Sites

The word “free” is usually enough to get people flocking over to your website. A free membership site usually has regular content that non-members can have access to, but it also has special sections and perks for those who are willing to sign up.

Building a free membership site is a great way to lure your prospects in, and it’s also a useful way to let them know that you’re not some kind of Internet psycho who wants to gain access to all their personal information.

2) Article Writing

Article writing is an effective list building technique, because it gives everyone a small sample of what you can do and what else you can offer them.

Write your articles and send them to article directories. Below each article, include your newsletter sign up box. If the readers like your article, then they’ll be more inclined to sign up for your newsletter.

Make sure your article is well-written and original. Beware of grammatical errors. These errors are unforgivable and are a huge turn off. You can bet no one will give your newsletter a second look if your article is sloppily written.

3) Free E-books

Free e-books are the way to an Internet user’s heart. Like I said before, people will chew on anything that is labeled free. And in the world of Internet marketing, free e-books are premium bait. Just make sure you choose an e-book which is valuable enough or else people might just dismiss it.

4) Special Giveaways

Aside from free e-books, you can also give away free novelty items. new-ess-250x250This list building technique can be used in tandem with the free membership site strategy.

Tell everyone that the first 100 or 200 to sign up will get tickets to a hockey game, coupons at the local fair, a free t-shirt, etc. You’re the one who knows your target customers. Use your knowledge on what makes them tick and lure them in with the right kind of bait.

5) Contests

Issuing contests is a fantastic way of getting people’s email addresses. Just make sure your prize is interesting enough to get people interested.

Just imagine how many e-mail addresses a travel contest gets everyday? The kind of contest you want to hold is all up to you. Just make sure you actually follow through with it until the end!

6) Conferences

Joining conferences is another list building technique often used in corporate settings. Usually, conferences arrange for booths out in the lobby area.

By availing yourself of a booth, you can easily give away your pamphlet or business card, and even ask attendees to sign up on a simple log sheet. Then you can send them away with a free pen or a free newsletter subscription. Whatever works for you.

7) Tell a Friend

If you already have an existing database, you can rely on it to get a hold of more e-mail addresses. Put a tell a friend tab on your article or on your website.

If they choose to share a page with their friends, they’ll be required to put in e-mail addresses of their said friends as well.

8) Creating a Community

A lot of Internet users like to frequent online communities. There are millions of these communities online and a good percentage of them require visitors to sign up before they are granted participation privileges. Take a page from their book and create your own community online.

9) Taking Care of Your Current List

Having a list is very important, but the buck doesn’t end with getting a few email addresses. After all is said and done, you also have to take care of the people in your list. After all, they signed up with you because you promised them something.

By taking care of your existing list, you’re building a relationship with them. In time, they’ll learn to trust whatever you have to say. And I don’t think I need to elaborate on how important that trust is for an Internet marketer.

This will make them more willing to spread the good word about you to their friends and other contacts, which will result in more subscribers for you and a big boost in your credibility.

10) Joint Ventures

No man is an island. By participating in joint ventures, you’re opening yourself up to a lot of wonderful opportunities.

While you can’t exactly swap email addresses with each other (for that would be a breach of your subscribers’ trust), you could ask your partner to promote your squeeze page in exchange for promoting his or her squeeze page as well. It’s a win-win situation.

There are a lot of list building techniques out there. Some of them might require a little more work than others but one thing’s for sure, they get the job done


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5 List Building Secrets To Get More Subscribers In No Time Flat

5 List Building Secrets To Get More Subscribers In No Time Flat

If you want in on list building secrets, then you’ve come to the right place. After all, list building isn’t just about the quantity; it’s also about the quality. Frankly, the list is the very lifeblood of many List Building StrategiesInternet marketers. This article will teach you what the pros don’t exactly want you to know: how to get people interested and how to keep them interested.

So if you want to attract more subscribers and keep them coming back for more, then these list building secrets are just the thing to help you out!

List Building Secret # 1: Give Them a Little Taste.

Most Internet marketers withhold information from visitors unless they give up their email addresses. While this does work on occasion, doing the opposite has been proven to work more wonders.

By giving potential subscribers a taste of what they could have, the chances of them signing up are better. What’s even more interesting is that those who do sign up tend to be the right kind of market your product or your website is targeting.

It’s hitting two birds with one stone. It’s quantity and quality in one list. Just make sure that you’re offering them something good though, since a bad first impression might only turn potential subscribers away.

List Building Secret # 2: Be Visible in Forums.

Participating in forums is great for list building. The first thing you need to do is find a forum that is related to the product that you’re selling.

For example, if you’re selling e-Books on sales talk success, then you need to look for a forum that tackles sales techniques or persuasion techniques. Take the time to browse through the topics and observe how the people interact.

If you like the vibe, then jump right in. You can usually put a link to your subscription page right below your message, in your signature file. However, some forums may disallow sig files, so read the rules carefully and observe other posts.

And be sure that you’re really contributing to the forum and not just spamming the space with your links! Real contributions make you a welcome participant in the forum and increase your chances of getting subscribers. Spamming only gives you a bad reputation.

List Building Secret # 3: Offer Something Free.

One of the most common and effective list building secrets is that of offering free stuff. A free e-Book or a free e-Course usually does the trick. After all, nobody can resist free stuff, especially if it has a high perceived value.

Most of the time, people won’t even think twice about subscribing if there’s no charge at all. This is called the psychology of free. Why do you think free information sites like Google and Yahoo took off so quickly?

Take advantage of this mentality and don’t be shy about offering something for free. While what you’re offering doesn’t have to be worth a lot, make sure it’s useful enough for people to actually appreciate it.

And don’t worry. Free stuff usually comes with low expectations so you won’t have a hard time getting the subscribers’ approval. Trust me, once you put something out for free in the market, people will automatically agree to subscribe to your list!

List Building Secret # 4: Make Your Presence Felt.

Subscribers can be pretty finicky. If you seldom email them and you’re not consistent with your schedule, they might forget about you altogether the next time you send them a message. And when this happens, they chances of them unsubscribing is higher.

It is therefore important to make your presence felt and be consistent with your emails. If they expect to receive a message from you every week, you have to follow through with that. However, don’t keep hovering around them either because that is just annoying. And the number one rule here is: don’t annoy your customers!


List Building Secret # 5: Cultivate Your Relationship.

Your relationship with your subscribers is very important. Many marketers take this for granted; they just focus on getting as much subscribers as they can, but they don’t go the distance in building a solid relationship to gain their trust.

So even though they could be adding subscribers everyday to their list, they could be losing even more from unsubscribes and word-of-mouth. And this is the last thing we want to do when building a list.

While a lot of Internet marketers simply subscribers as walking dollar signs or as email addresses, you should know better. When someone emails you to ask about a certain product, attend to it right away. Email them back with a sincere message instead of using a heartless template that doesn’t really answer their question in the first place.

Auto responders are there for a reason, but they’re only used for sending messages like daily newsletters or weekly round-ups. And even though you’re pretty stressed out over a lot of other things, don’t take the easy way out.

Don’t just send someone a link to the website and say something as rude as, “It’s there. Look it up yourself.” Be sincere when you reply because the person who sent you the inquiry could become your customer sooner or later.

If your business has grown and expanded, and you cannot attend to all the emails, you could hire someone trustworthy to reply for you. However, you should train that person really well so that your personality and individuality is still evident from the replies.

List building secrets are everywhere around you. You only need to understand the basic human nature. The best gauge, in this case, would be yourself. Ask yourself what would compel you to subscribe to a mailing list? What would get you to give up your name and email address to someone you don’t know personally? Reflect on these questions and you’ll have three or four more ideas on how to increase your list!

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List Building Tips: 4 Proven Tips To Build A Huge List In No Time Flat

List Building Tips: 4 Proven Tips To Build A Huge List In No Time Flat

A lot of Internet marketers have a preconception that building a list is hard. This is far from being true because in fact, it can be very easy to start building a list if you know how to do it properly.

Here are some tips you can use to start building a list the easiest way possible; and you can do it at a shoestring budget or even for free.

List Building Tip # 1: Create an Attractive Squeeze Page.

You’ll need to first create a squeeze page giving away your free product. This page will need to have an optin box and a paid list building tipsautoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse.

You can offer a simple 3 to 4 page report and let people know that you have more great information to offer them if they take the report and sign up for a free newsletter, or to receive e-mails.

If you don’t know how to build a squeeze page, you can look at profitable ones and use them for reference. If you look at the Google adwords appearing on the right-hand side of Google for your niche, you can assume that the ones appearing at the top of the list are making a good profit.

Depending on the niche, these marketers are paying a very high price to get their ad to show up at the top. This means that the squeeze page they are using is working at driving home sales.

Examine a few of these and see what they are doing to make their page a success. Make a few notes and then go onto the next. After you have looked at a few, you will see a pattern appear of what is working and making these sites profitable.

List Building Tip # 2: Make Use of Ad Swaps

An ad swap is an agreement between two webmasters in the same niche to promote each other’s products. If you are just beginning and don’t have much of a list it can be quite difficult, so this is meant more for the owners of sites with larger lists.

It can also be used by anyone that has a new unique product that they are willing to give away for free to site owners in exchange for a list name.

If you have a product that you know will be of interest to customers in a niche, you can create a product which would normally sell at around $37 or $47; then let your affiliates sell it at a discounted rate ($27, half price, etc.) and give all the commissions to the affiliate. Let webmasters know that this opportunity is available for a limited time.

This is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved. You win because when people purchase the book, they will automatically agree to sign up to your list. The affiliate wins because he or she gets all the commissions, while enjoying a high conversion rate due to the special offer. The customer wins because he or she gets the product at a discounted price.

You can also offer a webmaster the chance to give your product away for free. They will send their customers to your free opt in page to pick up the product, and you will get another email. Most webmasters welcome the opportunity to give away a good free product, especially if there’s a one-time promo or affiliate offer involved in the process. If approached correctly, with a lot of respect, they would likely agree to do it.

It is possible to build up a list of 5,000 to 10,000 within a month’s time by selling or giving away these ebooks. Some marketers began their entire Internet empire in just this way.

List Building Tip # 3: Use Free Traffic Techniques.

You can use your favorite traffic techniques to get people to your squeeze page. Article marketing, forums and twitter are just a few of the many traffic techniques you can use to get people to your page.

It is easier to get somebody to sign up for a free product than it is to sell them something right off the bat. If you have tried building traffic with article marketing or some other method to make immediate affiliate sales and have found it difficult, don’t assume that the same will happen if you offer a free product.

Traffic conversions for free stuff are quite different than those for affiliate sales. If you continue to build a traffic system and continue to test it, you can get a lot of people joining your list very quickly.


List Building Tip # 4: Keep Your List Happy.

Having a list is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It is a treasure chest full of opportunity; and when times get slow for your business, you can always fall back on your list.

Once you start building it up you can direct your customers to a sales funnel and start converting them on higher ticket items. If you keep the customers on your list happy you will get great conversions and build up trust.

The way to keep your list happy is by using the same methods you used to initially get these customers on your list. Give them free quality stuff from time to time, and reasonable product offers of great value.

Free stuff can be used during many different phases of your Internet marketing. Always keep your eyes open for something you can give

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away to both new visitors to your website, and your list. People really appreciate getting something for free.

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4 List Building Techniques To Rapidly Grow Your List

4 List Building Techniques To Rapidly Grow Your List

“The money is in the list!” That’s true in a certain sense, because when you have a large mailing list, you can consistently market to them and turn your computer into an ATM machine with one simple list building tipsclick of a button (as long as you have built good relationships with them and gained their trust).

But before you can interact with – and make money from – your list, you need to increase your subscribers at the shortest time possible.

How do we do this? Here’s 4 list building techniques to show you how:

List Building Technique # 1: Create A Focused, Attention-Grabbing Squeeze Page.

If you don’t already know what a squeeze page is, it’s the page that has the opt in form for people to give their name and e-mail info. This page is really quite important because it’s the first impression people get of you.

You need to take good care of your squeeze page and make sure it does what it should, which is grab someone’s attention and make them want to give away their information for what you are offering.

If your squeeze page is cluttered with flashy graphics and banners, it may not load very fast and some (or many) might leave in the first few seconds of waiting. Frankly, if your page takes a handful of seconds to load up, then chances are they will simply close the page and go somewhere else.

Moreover, you want to focus on getting their emails, and having various ads on your site would only distract them from subscribing. Sure, you may get a sale today; but you’re leaving out many potential future sales you might have earned by following up with them when they opt-in.

List Building Technique # 2: Add A Video.

Now some will say that simple is better, but how many times has something simple and boring caught your attention? Probably never or at least not very often.

Videos are a good way to accomplish the functions of both the eye-catching images and the good text. Well there really isn’t text with a video, but you can get the same message across; and it seems as though people are much more willing to listen to – and watch – a person than they are to read a nameless, faceless text page.

List Building Technique # 3: Test Your Squeeze Page.

Test your squeeze page out with some friends and the public to get a good idea of what catches the attention of people and what may make them want to close your page.

You may even pay for advertising different styles and set-ups of your squeeze page. It may cost some amount and you may have to sacrifice some early profits, but you will earn a lot more in the long run.

Once you’ve got a good idea and plan of what works and what doesn’t, run with it. Knowing what people will respond to is a big factor in effective list building.

If your page isn’t doing its job, you will be losing hundreds of potential customers. That’s why you should always test, test and test. Do your homework; and if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again until you find out what works the best.


List Building Technique # 4: Spell Out The Benefits Clearly.

The days when one could have thousands of subscribers simply by only putting a vague subscription page are long gone. You need to ensure that your potential subscribers will gain some helpful benefits.

To convert visitors into subscribers, you need to provide them with very strong reasons why they should sign up for your list. One of the prime reasons would be that they would get the useful information they’re eager to acquire; or better yet, they would finally know how to solve their problem.

And when you said you’re going to give them something, give it to them immediately after they subscribed, not days or weeks after (unless it’s a daily or weekly course where they get a certain information after a specified number of days).

The important thing to remember is to satisfy them at the soonest possible time, so that their first impression of you would be flawless. And as you probably already know, first impressions last.

Apply these list building techniques and I’m confident you will have a massive subscribers list faster than you can ever expect.

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4 List Building Techniques To Quickly Grow Your Subscribers And Online Income

4 List Building Techniques To Quickly Grow Your Subscribers And Online Income

You probably already know that building a list is a key ingredient to earning a substantial long-term income online. You should never stop trying to improve your efforts as well as expand them. The List Building Strategiesmore you try,  the better you will get at building your list, and the more subscribers you will have.

Don’t overdo yourself and try every strategy at once. Learn each one individually, and then implement more and more as you master each one.

Here are some strategies to help you build your list quickly and efficiently.

List Building Technique # 1: Offer an E-book as an Incentive.

E-books are great incentives for anyone to give their name and email address away. This is because an e-book has a higher perceived value than a newsletter or e-course, as long as it is presented the right way and is indeed of high quality.

You can easily write a short e-book that you can give away, pay someone to write one for you, or use an e-book from the public domain or with giveaway rights. Either way you go about it, it’s a golden nugget to use for your list building.

Be sure your e-book is relevant to your niche and is truly filled with good information – not a bunch of fluff or filler.

Another good thing about an e-book is that it can be passed around, spreading your name and website all over the net, making it a viral mechanism and giving you massive exposure.

You can indicate on the first few pages that anyone can give away or resell your e-book; so if it’s quality enough and people like it, you can almost be assured that it will get spread around.

Make sure your e-book is worthy of praise, and you will see your list expand and your name establish credibility.

If you end up with a truly viral e-book, then there’s no end to the amount of people that may sign up with you; and if there are any affiliate links in your book, then you can have potentially lots of people checking out your links.

List Building Technique # 2: Send Your List a Survey.

This is great, because it can be used for two things. The first of which is it will allow you to find out what your subscribers’ problems are.

This is huge because you can then solve their problems, either by creating a solution for them or finding the proper one. Either way 21you’re going to make them very happy, and a happy subscriber is more likely to buy from you.

It could also create response from your list. It will promote activity and get your list talking to you and asking you questions.

When you know their problems and are able to solve them, you will gain incredible amounts of trust from your present list. When you’ve got a responsive list, you will have many subscribers  who are willing to check out what you are promoting to them.

And in terms of getting new subscribers, you’ll also know how to push their emotional buttons and tell them exactly how their problems could be solved with your offer, allowing you to gain more subscribers in the process.

List Building Technique # 3: Send New Subscribers Older Emails That Got Great Responses

You might have sent some emails that have gotten great responses from your subscribers. You might have received boatloads of thanks for giving away such valuable info. That’s certainly nice.

But what about the new people on your list? Just because they opted in later than others doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on those awesome emails.

So, after they sign up, a few days later, send them those high response emails the rest of your list has gotten. Tell them something like “Even though you didn’t sign up 2 months ago, here are some great tips my other subscribers have enjoyed.”

Or something like that. This will make them feel included and they won’t feel like they have missed out on anything important. You could then ask them to kindly forward your emails in case they found them beneficial or helpful.

List Building Technique # 4: Use Forums to Grow Your List.

When you go into forums in your niche, you can easily identify problems people are having. Once you have determined what their problems are, you can begin finding or creating a solution for them.

This solution could be in the form of an e-book. Once you’ve created your e-book, you can create a squeeze page and offer the e-book as an incentive in exchange for their emails. Then find other related forums and promote your squeeze page in the signature file of your forum posts.

For example, if your incentive for signing up is an e-book on home remodeling, then you could go into some active remodeling forums and post a few tips on the subject. From there, you could have a sign file that would say something like: “For 15 more helpful home remodeling tips, click here.”

Of course you can word it how you want to, but the idea is to tease them with a little bit of good information, and offer bigger and better info for them to sign up.

Not all forums allow you to post links though, so be sure to sign up only with the ones that allow them; otherwise, you would be wasting your time.


Hope these 4 list building techniques get you to grow your subscribers rapidly and make lots of cash from your emails. Please leave a comment and share this article 🙂

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List Building Strategies: 4 Effective Ways To Build A Large List Of Hungry Prospects

List Building Strategies: 4 Effective Ways To Build A Large List Of Hungry Prospects

List building is probably the most crucial thing you could do to consistently build your business and maintain a steadily rising income.List Building Strategies

How would you feel if you could rake in thousands of dollars for just sending out one email?
Pretty good I’d bet. Well that’s exactly what targeted list building can do for you.

Once you have your list, you can almost make cash at will with just one click of a mouse,  as long as you promote a good product and you have a close bond with your subscribers.

Think of it this way: let’s say you have a list of even just 5000 people and you send out an email with a product that you get $20 for. Even if just 1% purchased that product, you just pocketed a cool thousand dollars!

So without further adieu, here are some proven techniques to build your list fast:

List Building Strategy # 1: Make a compelling offer, but don’t offer too much.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of opt in pages, but what you may not have noticed is the incentive. Sometimes people don’t offer much; and yet sometimes they may also offer too much, which makes for a difficult thing to keep up with.

You want to find a good balance. You, of course, must offer something or the public will simply overlook your opt in; but then if you offer everything in one go, they won’t have a reason to stay on your list. So what can we do in this situation?

You can offer something like a 7-day course in which the subscriber will get a new email everyday for 7 days on “how to do something.”  After those 7 days are up, you could simply market them a much larger, more in-depth course that will bring them to the next level. If the 7-day course has helped them, people would be more than willing to grab something that would help them even more.

But what about making them stay after they finished the free course (and hopefully ordered the paid one)? You could tell them that you will give them more useful gifts from time to time; but make sure you keep your promise. You could join some PLR or resale right site and find quality stuffs that you can give away to your list every now and then. That would be a major factor for them to stay.


List Building Strategy # 2: Build more than a list; build relationships.

Building just a list of subscribers isn’t enough to keep your clients happy. If you treat them like numbers on a list, you will not get a good response and most likely you won’t keep them on your list very long.

When your list has questions, answer them fully and wholeheartedly with compassion for the subscriber’s problem. This will instill confidence that you are the authority on the subject matter.

Once you have established great relationships with your list and have gained their trust, these people will also be more likely to tell their friends about you, and buy any product you promote (if they need or want it).

After you have gained their trust, you don’t want to break it by offering them bogus products or ignoring their problems. Put your list as one of your top priorities to ensure your success.

List Building Strategy # 3: Make it easy to sign up and have an opt-in section everywhere.

You have a network of sites and web 2.0 properties. You are going to have visitors coming to you from all different pages, not necessarily just one. Knowing this, you should have an opt in section – or at least an attractive link to your squeeze page –  on as many of these pages as possible.

On top of having as many opt in sections as you can, you should also make it real easy to sign up. If your potential subscriber is staring at an opt-in section that is asking them for 20 different pieces of information, they will be very reluctant to sign up.

Keep it short, simple and to the point. Getting their name and e-mail address is enough in most cases.

List Building Strategy # 4: Buy the ad, not the list.

It can take some time to build a good extensive list, and people are always looking for shortcuts. Well buying lists is not the way to go.

Yes you may be able to buy a large list and feel confident that you can market to it, but there’s a couple problems with doing this.

The first being that nine times out of ten when you are buying a list, you are buying from a spammer, and they did not get their list ethically and most likely used spamming tactics to gather the info.

The other problem, and probably most important one, is that you have no idea if these are targeted prospects – even if the list was built ethically. This list you bought could have been built with tons of different methods and you have no way of knowing if the audience is targeted to your niche.

You must have a targeted audience if you’re going to market anything. If you are in the golf niche and you buy a list, there’s a very good chance there are from all different niches – maybe dog training or pet supplies, maybe they were looking for movie info or PC games.

Now none of those people would be interested in being on your golf list, because it has nothing to do with what they originally gave their info away for.

What you could do is pay for a solo ad in a newsletter that caters to your niche. If you’re in the natural health niche for example, you could pay to advertise your squeeze page in a natural health newsletter. That way, all the people who subscribed to your list are interested in the information you’re providing.

Implement these list building strategies to grow your list fast so you can have more targeted prospects to market to.

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