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Day 1 of 90 Day Video Challenge

Day 1 of 90 Day YouTube Video Challenge


Hey there my friend. I would like to ask you to join me in a 90 day youtube video challenge. What I am going to commit to doing for the next 90 days is create one video per day to post to my youtube channel linking back to my blog. Today is day one for me. I have just created my first video to the challenge and posted it to youtube and embeded it into my wordpress blog. It was one of the dumbest videos I have ever created but who cares! Exposure is exposure. I dont care what the world thinks of me anyway. I am going to just do it, because I believe that completing this challenge will take my business to the next level. We shall see. Either way I am definitely going to get a lot more practice shooting and editing videos. And who knows it may make me famous 🙂 Worst case we will at least have added 90 videos to our channel all with links back to our blog.  So won’t you join me and see where we can go with this. If you are willing to take me up on this offer send me an email to paul@workwithpaulbutler.com and let me know youre ready to go and we will lift each other up on this journey to the top!!! You can do it my friend… see you on the inside.


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Money is the Root of All Happiness

$$Money is the Root of All Happiness$$

Money is HappinessMoney is happiness

You’re probably like what, what did he just say!! Its true let me explain. The saddest people in  the world are the poorest. Without money everyone would be unhappy. The more money you have the happier you are. I am speaking from experience my friend….


Ok, ok just kidding I am exaggerating, a little. I am just trying to get your attention and poke fun at the old, stupid analogy that “money is the root of all evil“. Truthfully you are the root of your own happiness, your thoughts and beliefs determine your happiness. Growing up in poverty this is the mindset I was taught. I actually used to believe that wealthy people were all greedy bastards. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Now there are some greedy sadistic bastards that happen to be Money is Happinessvery wealthy. Now, money is just energy, it is up to you what you do with the energy. Thats it.. Until you change your mindset about money you are going to have a problem with money.

I have people say, when I present them with my opportunity, “wow $500.00 is a little steep to invest in a business. I don’t hear this a lot but it does come up. I remember when I was presented to me ” I thought “wow, only $500.00 to start a new business.” Now 6 years ago I probably would have thought it was steep. Money hasnt changed in 6 years but my belief about money has.

Thats my RANT for now…

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Prospecting in MLM Going for the Gold

Prospecting in MLM Going for the Gold

In Network Marketing, there are two things we get paid for. One, recruiting prospects andMLM Prospecting two, selling products or services. That is it, this is what we should be focusing most of our efforts on. Now, recruiting people is the key residual building “walk-away” source of income in this industry. There are two skills you will have to learn to be successful at recruiting. Prospecting (online and offline) and generating leads. Prospecting includes consistently building your warm market and inviting that warm market to view your opportunity. Once you master these skills building your organization will be a piece of cake.

MLM Prospecting

MLM ProspectingMlm prospecting is a skill , so to be exceptional you will need to practice frequently.  It is additionally an art form, in order to grow, to be great, one must be consistent and committed in their practice. One must continually be developing and improving this skill. It is similar to prospecting for gold as in the most recent new network marketing trend, silver and gold coins. Prospecting is definitely the most important component of your mlm marketing success. What are we prospecting for? Lets be very clear on this. We are looking for individuals who want to lock arms with us and run with an opportunity. We are looking for people who don’t make excuses and are willing to do whatever it takes build a massive stream of residual income. You might have to shovel through a lot of rubble to find that one jewel, but it is well worth the effort. We are looking for several gems to join our team.

MLM prospecting isn’t only the numbers game, as numerous top leaders in network marketing claim it is. It is not only about the power of numbers, but it also has to be the right numbers.  It is undoubtedly a vital piece of your MLM business pie. Prospecting is definitely the most crucial responsibilities you will need to carry out within your MLM Prospecting organization. Prospecting and sponsoring are the places where many individuals fall short in their Network marketing business building. Mlm prospecting isn’t merely a question of getting your business and opportunity in front of more people. It can be very difficult to practice when you first start marketing your business. It is all about helping others succeed, this is the mindset you need to have. Your team and leadership should create the environment for this.

MLM Prospecting Process

Mlm prospecting can be done through social media like Facebook and Twitter, through youtube videos and a personal blog. It is really about connecting and communicating with people. Now you want to “qualify your prospects as quickly as possible. There are many MLM Prospectinglonely people in the world, some have called  “tire kickers“, that just want to pick your brain and tickle your ear for as long as you will allow them to. Do not fall into this trap. Get people through the process quickly and when they show genuine interest then spend more quality time with them. There is a great book that describes and teaches this called “Go For No“. Know when to say when, you will learn this in time and don’t be vested in any one prospect. You have to keep your emotion out of this business.

Mlm prospecting is without a doubt one of the major factors in your current and future success.  It has gone through a major evolution over the years.  Prospecting is an ongoing process and does not have to be the old school in your face approach. It truly is about building rapport with your prospects and communicating a vision. Its about showing interest in helping others achieve success and to transform their lives in a positive way. Always have your prospects best interests at heart.

If you would like to learn the first step to generating leads and prospecting online check out the system I personally use: My Lead System Pro

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This USANA Review May Be Interesting To Health-Minded Entrepreneurs

This USANA Review May Be Interesting To Health-Minded Entrepreneurs

Usana ReviewLike everything else in life, comments located elsewhere about this MLM company may seem contradicting. It all depends on who is asked or which commentary is read. The information provided here is factual; it is up to the individual to decipher if he or she wishes to become further involved. This USANA review is intended to educate, not to persuade.

Established in 1992, this company manufactures digestible and topical products geared to enhance health and well-being. Vitamins, detox formulations and digestive support are just a few of the types of beneficial products produced. Consumers who are simply not content with mainstream skin products may opt to purchase lotions and toners through this company in confidence knowing they were made by a health-conscious maker.

Usana MLM Review

In past years MLM, or multi-level marketing, has been viewed as something to stay away from. This general feel by some segments of the population was adopted due to certain MLM companies adhering to less than likable business practices. People do not like to be

Usana Review

pinned-down and given long-winded sales pitches. This is where this company is different.

There are no long-winded sales pitches and the products offered are highly regarded and used by many.

Publicly traded since 1996, and included in a well-known small cap index in 2004, there are no signs of slowing down. Mainly comprised of independent associates who sell scientifically proven products, this company shows no signs of poor management. Net sales exceed four-hundred million dollars.

Fourteen different geographical areas are involved with sales. These areas include the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. With this broad-spectrum market base, word would spread quickly if quality was unsatisfactory. Sales would drop, profits would not continue to increase over time.

Foods, nutritionals, and beauty items are the three main areas focused on. Foods include items such as powdered meal replacement shakes, nutrition bars, and energy drinks. Nutritionals are centered around vitamins geared toward replacing the bodies diminished vitamin stores. Lastly, the beauty category includes shampoo and conditioner, skin care, and toothpaste.

Usana Opportunity Review

Individuals who are considering a job change or are looking to supplement their current income have the opportunity to do just this. This is a sales- oriented career. Gatherings of Usana Reviewone or more potential customers in private homes to present products is one option. It is supported by the company if it is workable. Several associates opt to advertise and create web pages instead as it reaches a larger group of potential buyers. Weekly commissions of up to twenty percent can be expected. Shipping and financial transactions are handled by the company.

Interested parties are encouraged to form their own opinions based on this USANA review. This company maintains an attractive, easy to understand website. After typing in the keywords in the search box of the Internet search engine, and the results appear, there is no need to go farther than the first page. This is another sign of a thriving company.

If you are in Usana, looking to join Usana or just a curious MLM “seeker” I cannot stress enough how important it is to personally brand yourself and sell your self in this industry. It is key to position yourself as a leader and offer value to potential prospects. I personally use My Lead System Pro to help me build my MLM business and to position myself as a leader in this industry.

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What did Numis Network just do?

What did Numis Network just do?

Numis Network founders just made an announcement yesterday, at Numis U in Vegas, that was absolutely mind blowing – we now have a 5 year 100% money back guarantee on our autoship product.

What that means is – if in 5 years your ms70 silver coin of the month is worth LESS than you paid for it – just send it back in and Numis will give you 100% of what you originally paid for the item.

Why is this so cool?  Look at it like this, our only real ‘objection‘ we ever had towards our product was speculation towards the future price of the coins…

…Now – it doesn’t matter – where else can someone buy something that ONLY has an upside?  In other words – if the value of the coin DOES NOT go up, the worse thing that can happen is you get the money back you paid for the product. It’s almost too good of a marketing tool to be true. I mean who can say no to that!! This truly shows the confidence our company has in our products.

The more Value Numis Network adds the easier my job becomes!

This rock solid company just made this opportunity a no-brainer. I have never heard of a MLM company offering to buy back a product ever let alone if a product were to lose value within 5 years. This is amazing!!!!

Numis Network starts a Revolution!

This truly shows the network marketing world that Numis is revolutionary. Not only has the team at Numis given us as distributors a raise last month they have now given us a weapon to battle against any doubts a prospect may have against buying our silver coin of the month!!

Now check out this MLM Opportunity and than tell me why not…

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Numis Network an MLM company Review

Numis Network an MLM company Review

Numismatic Coins

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. Numismatic value may be used to refer to the value in excess of the monetary value conferred by law.

This is also known as the “collector value.” For example, a collector may be willing to pay far more than 50 cents for a U.S. half dollar coin, given their low circulation. Money Numis Network MLM Reviewitself must be a scarce good.  Modern money (and most ancient money too) is essentially a token – an abstraction. Paper currency is perhaps the most common type of physical money today. However, goods such as gold or silver retain many of the essential properties of money.

Coin collecting may have existed in ancient times. Caesar Augustus gave “coins of every device, including old pieces of the kings and foreign money” as Saturnalia gifts.

Modern numismatics is the study of the coins of the mid 17th to the 21st century, the period of machine struck coins. Their study serves more the need of collectors than historians and it is more often successfully pursued by amateur collectors than by professional scholars. The focus of modern numismatics lies frequently in the research of production and use of money in historical contexts using mint or other records in order to determine the relative rarity of the coins.

Numis Network: The Company

Numis Network is a Multi-Level Marketing Company dealing in Numismatic Collectible coins. Collectible coins is a hobby not an investment. Getting involved with Numis Network is an investment in a business opportunity. As a hobby collecting coins can be very enjoyable, just like collecting baseball cards or collectible cars. Wouldn’t you like to make a living off of something you enjoy, like say your favorite hobby? The numismatic coin industry is an $100 billion industry world-wide, and a $10 billion industry in the United States alone. I wouldn’t mind a piece of that pie.

Numis Network is pioneering the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing industry. Graded numismatic collectible silver and gold coins have never been sold through this vehicle before. Numis Network is founded by a team of visionary experts who are some of the top talent from their respective specialties.  Ian Cordell has been a leading executive in the direct selling industry since 1994. In 2001 Ian and Chris Kent established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their Numis Network MLM Reviewleadership, IDSTC has become a premier provider of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with hundreds of clients throughout the world. Jake Kevorkian is recognized as a pioneer, visionary, and leading force in the natural products industry. For the past 20 years, he has distinguished himself with an extraordinary record of achievement in marketing, sales, and product development.

The Founders are ethical, hard-working and experienced gentlemen in the network marketing industry. They truly are in this for the long haul. They are professional men with a gigantic vision. Believe me this is not a fly-by-night operation.

Numis Network Compensation Plan

I have been in the Network Marketing Industry for 7 years and have been with 5 different MLM companies. Hands down Numis has the best compensation plan I have ever seen. This is really something you have to see to believe. This is “the holy grail” of network marketing. Numis’ binary downline breeds and promotes the success of team-building. You get 2 legs in your downline Numis Network MLM reviewwhich encourages your upline to help you build a massive organization. None of this go and grow wide baloney. You receive commissions upfront on people you sponsor at the executive level and you receive coded matching bonuses from people in your downline that you have recruited. you also build a monthly residual income on your team efforts. We have over 16 ways to get paid.

We also have a refer 3 and get yours free. For every 3 customers you refer into our Silver Premier Club you get a free coin per month. Numis also is the only MLM with a 100% 5 year buy back policy. If the value of the coin goes down in 5 years Numis will buy back your coin for 100% of what you paid for it!!


Numis Network has attracted some the the top MLM Marketers in the industry. People such as David Wood, Ray Higdon , Dave Lovett, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Erwin Mcken and Burke Hedges. This company is currently building some of the future leaders in the MLM industry. This opportunity is creating a real “buzz” on and offline.

Complaints about Numis Network

I have filtered through most of the complaints about Numis Network and the alleged scam that people are propagating. Let me address some of them here and now. For one, if people claim Numis is a scam they need to look the definition up in the dictionary to start. A scam is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence. Also trying to get something of value for nothing or for something far less valuable. Now Numis does neither. If this company were committing fraud they would be shut down by now. If you want to know the truth call the Better Business Bureau and see if anyone has complaints with them. The people calling this a scam have no part in this business. They really are clueless. Look; Numis has over 30,000 distributors around the world and I could only find one complaint to the BBB, not bad.

I also found this; One of the red flags for a number of inquiring business owners is the fact that Numis Network has been known to use Amway/Quixtar as an example of a successful MLM, failing to appeal to those who did not get involved when Amway first started. Where is the fault in this, Amway is a successful MLM. This is a multi-billion dollar company. We are talking lawyers, doctors, engineers, all walks of life belong to Amway. How long have they been in business? Look it up. I really dont get this complaint.

Another issue generating complaints for Numis is eBay, and what appears to be a saturation of Numis coins being made available to collectors, from suppliers that are finding it difficult to make a profit among competitors. Ummmm, last time I heard we are in a free market. Hey how about if we shut down all Walmarts or maybe Amazon.com because they are putting small book stores out of business. If this were really the case people would have to lose money to sell them cheaper. Let me ask you, can you stay in business if you are losing money? Answer: No!!!

Also according to professional numismatic dealers and rating companies more than 50% of coins sold on Ebay are counterfeit. People are even counterfeiting the seal of authenticity. Most collectors wont purchase coins from ebay, and if they do they are looking for a steal.

Numismatic Coins as an investment

Like I said earlier in this article. No one is claiming to invest your money in collectible coins. This is an enjoyable hobby. Hey who doesn’t like gold and silver, they are a ‘real asset’. Now when people are screaming don’t invest your money in collectibles. I say isn’t it better to spend yourNumis Network review Silver Eagle money on something you enjoy collecting than blowing it on junk and also make extra income in the process. Again, when you join Numis you are investing in a MLM business not on the future monetary growth of a collectible item. No one is making any claims about future values of Numismatic coins in Numis, if they do it is company policy to reprimand or let that distributor go.

I hope this article helps you on your path to Success. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below.

Have a great ONE…Paul Butler

for more info on the Numis Network business opportunity >>> click here <<<

Numis Network MLM

If you received value in my Numis Network an MLM company Review please comment and share!

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Waiora MLM Review by Paul Butler

Waiora MLM Review by Paul Butler

Waiora is a health and nutrition supplement MLM company. Nutritionals – antioxidant skin therapy, cardio healh packs, fiber blends and healthy aging formulas

Waiora promotes healthy living – their philosophy is to eat well-balanced meals with foods high in fiber, like fruites, vegetables, and grain, exercise regularly, and incorporate a nutritional regimen that addresses aging at the cellular and biological level.

Waiora MLM:

Stanley J Cherelstein is CEO and President of Waiora USA, Inc. Waiora was founded in 2004 by a small team of people with more than 130 years of experience between them in the direct selling and healthy living industries. Waioras‘  executive and management team is skilled in running a profitable, debt-free, operation . This team not only believed that the average person needed a way to participate in the growing global economy, we also believed that by combining the healthy living market and word-of-mouth marketing channel, we could create a great new global company that could truly help people rediscover their youth, health, future and dreams. Waioras’ distributorship is in the USA, Hong Kong and Japan and offer not for resale use in several other countries.

Waiora has also partnered with Make a Wish foundations to give back to Society.

This company in my experience and opinion has very strong leadership and is a company here to stay. This company has attracted some of the industry leaders like John Haremza, Marcy & Chip Littlejohn, Korey & Renae Johnson and Mickey Dillon.

Waiora really has some unique and a wide variety of nutritionals. Their flagship product is Natural Cellular Defense with zeolites. Zeolites are minerals which are a natural detox. Waiora also has a powerful medicinal mushroom extract called Agarigold with H1X1. this is a mix of agaricus blazei mushroom and sasa bamboo leaf, a very powerful immunity booster. Their latest product is Chava chocolate. This is 70% cacoa with NCD drops in each piece. A very powerful antioxidant.

Waiora MLM compensation Plan:

Waiora has a very lucrative compensation plan. You can make money upfront when a new distributor signs up, they offer fast-start bonuses and monthly residual income, earning down nine levels.

Waiora receives 2 thumbs up for their unique product line and a strong compensation plan. If you are curently a Waiora distributor and you would like to generate more leads for your business click here.

Be Awesome…Paul Butler

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