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Numis Network Compensation Plan

Numis Network Compensation Plan

 Numis Network is one of the leading network marketing companies with some of the hottest products in the MLM industry.

Watch as Founding Partner Chris Kent explains Numis Networks generous compensation plan.

Numis Network Compensation Plan

to learn more about Numis Network click the link below>>>

Numis Network MLM

Numis Network Compensation Plan



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Numis Network Australia Prelaunch until April 1 2012

Numis Network Australia Prelaunch until April 1 2012

Numis Network , Gold and Silver MLM out of Tampa Florida is in a PreLaunch in Australia until April 1 2012. FREE Pre-Enrollment. We have until April 1st to build a massive organization. Lets build a massive organization together…go to
click change market than click Australia

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Our Company Expansion in the UK and How You Can Save 75 Dollars

Our Company Expansion in the UK and How You Can Save 75 Dollars

Numis Network, a gold and silver company, based out of Tampa, Fl had expanded to the UK  in Oct of 2011. We are growing in leaps and bounds. If you are in the UK or have connections in the UK check out >> Numis Network.

Numis Network is now in the US, Canada and the UK. We will be adding new countries regularly. The UK team is really growing like a wildfire and building momentum daily. We have some of the top leaders in this industry on our team.

If you want more info connect with me on Skype: paul.m.butler

or call me 216-501-7449

Now until February 12 2012 you save $75.00 off the Fast Track Collector kit. Join us where “Coins Are Cool”!!

Join Numis Network Now

Enjoy a wealthier, happier life.
Get your Numis Success System for FREE!**Don’t wait another second!

Sign up now, and order the Fast Track Collector’s Kit, and Numis Network will waive the $75.00 fee for your Numis Success System.
At the time you enroll, you must place your order for the Fast Track Collector’s Kit in order to receive your Numis Success System at no cost.

This is a limited time promotion!

Numis success system

Your Numis Success System includes a complete suite of marketing and numismatic resources:

  • Numis Portfolio - includes printed sales aids
  • Numisnetwork.com/site - Your own ecommerce website with shopping cart and representative enrollment.
  • Shopnumis.com/site – Your own customer website designed to promote the Fast Track Collector’s Kit and our extensive catalog of graded silver and gold coins.
  • Numisone.com/site – Your own specialized opportunity site with lead capture.
  • Numis Online Marketing System - Your own contact management system integrated with your Numis websites for lead capture and time-sequenced email marketing campaigns
  • Back Office Business Center -Tracks your business details, including compensation, sales team, reporting, and much more.
  • Quickstart Guide – 5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Business
  • Star Builder Training System – Access to Numis Network’s exclusive training system provides you with clear and detailed information about the best ways to build your business quickly and profitably.
The Numis Success System is just $75.00 plus shipping and tax.

For your convenience you will be automatically enrolled into our exclusive Silver Coin of The Month Cub.

There is a $9.95 (USD) per month to maintain your online tools.

Numis success system

The Fast Track Collector’s Kit is the perfect way to start your membership in the Silver Coin of the Month Club.

Your Deluxe Collector’s Kit includes all this!
  • MS70 Silver Coin – Start your collection with a perfectly graded coin from the Silver Coin of the Month Club selection.
  • Graded Coin Attaché Collector’s Case – A beautiful case specially designed to protect, display, and carry your collection.
  • The ‘Coins Are Cool’ DVD Series – Educational and entertaining videos about graded coins and numismatics.
  • Silver Coin of the Month Club – The most convenient way to build your collection with perfectly graded coins from the world’s leading government mints.
  • Free Coin Grading Certificate – Send 5 of your own coins for free professional grading and encapsulation by ANACS, one of the world’s most respected coin grading organizations. This is a $95 value!
  • Personally Customized Forever Crystal – Your legacy is forever captured in this unique customized crystal keepsake.
  • Special Preferred Pricing – Preferred Pricing on Numis Network’s extensive catalog of products saves you even more money over our everyday low prices.
Note: There is an additional $14.95 S&H charge for the Forever Crystal as it is customized and shipped separately.

The Fast Track Collector’s Kit is just $420.00 plus shipping and tax.

Numis Success System (Free if you purchase a Fast Track Kit NOW!)        Only $75.00


Fast Track Collector’s Kit (Success System Discount Shown in this Price)   Only $345.00

Get in Numis Network Today and start building your Home Business for $420.00 plus shipping and tax. start your path to your preservation of wealth. until Feb 12th 2012 after the price goes back up to $495 plus shipping and tax…

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Why Join Numis Network

Why Join Numis Network

Almost everyone has a collection of whatever takes their fancy- be it clothes, pictures, different memorabilia, and such. These items are accumulated as the years go by and are, in turn, passed on to the next generation to be cherished and treasured. But some of these items lose their value very quickly and some people simply pass on objects of very little to no value.

In a year or so, the money that one has invested in his/her collection will be reduced to a mere fraction of the original value. Clothes and bags, for instance, easily lose its value as its season passes and new styles and designs are released. It is then important for an individual to invest his/her money in things that only retain or even increase in value.

That’s where Numis Network comes in…

A two year-old home based business, Numis offers a wide array of silver and gold coins for collectors. Numis Network members constantly add museum quality and perfect condition coins that are made available to many people planning to start or further expand their collection.

Like jewelry, coins made from precious metals do not decrease in value unless in the unfortunate and rare circumstance that the value of the precious metal were to decrease. Collecting coins is quite interesting and fascinating. Coins are historic and timeless and can withstand the test of time if taken care of properly and can then be passed on to the next generation as a treasured family heirloom and legacy.

Collectors are given the great opportunity to procure different valuable coins which are priceless works of art and beauty. The collection of coins is not only limited to adults but is also recommended for youngsters that appreciate the beauty of coins. Through this, family interaction is stimulated which results in better relations.

Not only that, Numis guarantees that your investment in your collection will not be put to waste. With its Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee, the Numis Network allows collectors who no longer desire to continue their collection out of fear and hesitation, to sell back their coins purchased through the Coin of the Month Club program within 120 days of the five year anniversary of the actual purchase. Only the Numis Network offers this irresistible offer in the entire industry.

Numis Network also offers, along with the silver and gold coins, the Forever Crystal exclusively developed by the company.  The Forever Crystal is a way to commemorate your life with a personalized message and photo etched into a Crystal. All of these are truly worth collecting.

Representatives currently in the company have taken advantage of the amazing opportunities offered by Numis. And For those who are seeking a viable and unique business opportunity, they too should take advantage of the chance to collect and build a business at the same time.

When considering to join Numis Network, it is essential to partner up with a leader that will help you with your collection and will guide you toward success with a commitment to be with you every step of the way- from starting your own collection to maintaining your valuables.

If you are interested in building a promising home-based business opportunity with guaranteed success, Contact me for more information. 216-501-7449

Also check out the Numis Business Overview

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How to Build your Numis Network Business in Just 4 Easy Steps

How to build your Numis Network business in just 4 easy steps

There is no such thing as “fast and easy money” or “get rich quick” when it comes to network marketing or any traditional business. If someone makes claims like that they are lying!! While there are numerous effective techniques that guarantee success over time, it still takes a great deal of effort and patience before you can start reaping what you sow.

With that said, here are the four simple steps that will help you build your Numis Network the easy way, whether you are a new addition to the team or have been stuck in a rut without getting any results.

1. Study the market trends.

An individual trying to find the right business opportunity should first focus in on this step. You should study the market and look for the product and services that will bring you income.

For example, is it practical to offer travel-related services in this poor economy? You should make sure that people need and want these services. Some businesses have very little demand, which holds back the business itself from flourishing and the individual from earning money.

Silver coins, gold coins, and the Forever Crystal are truly great products because they do not lose their value even as time passes. They retain their value and are ideal to pass on as a family heirloom. If anything the coins may raise in value over time. Is there any other MLM product that can even potentially provide that benefit. This effectively draws in customers which, in turn, brings in income. More income and rewards equate to a happier you.

2. Learn more about the product and service.

You should thoroughly research the product’s history and the product itself. You should have complete knowledge of the product in order to properly market it by backing it with facts. What is the product? Was the product able to satisfy its past customers? Were there no complaints about the product? If there were some, were they proven or were they merely allegations from detractors? Your name and reputation will be connected to the product’s name and reputation so you should make sure that it has a good one.

Numis Network has a name you can trust with people to back it. With Numis Network, you cannot go wrong.

3. Make use of effective methods to improve the business.

Starting a business is easy; it’s maintaining the business and earning a profit that’s not. There are many methods available to you and you should choose those that will work for you.

The internet, for example, makes advertising easy and affordable. Internet is highly accessible. It lets you post ads and contact prospect customers. You can also choose to either find people to be a member of your team or be a part of a team with a leader that will guide you toward success.

There are various systems offered by the Numis Network which are designed to help you in your business.

4. Choose the compensation plan that works for you.

You should calculate how much income you need to generate. You should also know how much you will earn and how to earn it. Numis Network has a highly rewarding system of compensation that lets you earn big money easily.

Numis Network not only lets you earn money but also lets you help people earn money themselves or find a new hobby.

To Learn More about the numis Network business Opportunity Click here <<<<=

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How To Grow A Business With Numis Network

How To Grow A Business With Numis Network

If you are looking for other ways to boost your monthly income without undergoing a stressful job interview or without having to invest thousands of dollars, we have a wonderful opportunity for you. Numismatic coins as a business opportunity is a great investment, seeing Numis Networkthis industry is 100 billion dollar a year world wide.

That being said, there is a growing cost of silver and gold in the market, a trend which seems to continue to grow and will do so more in the near future. There is also a huge decline in the real estate industry, which has caused much unemployment and financial problems to the average American.

However, you can take advantage of both of these trends  if you engage in a coin collecting business. People who are affected by these trends are likely to be searching for alternative ways to gain supplementary income, thus giving you a chance to create a source of income for them and earn tons of cash in the process.

Numis Network will be the stepping stone for your success, should you choose to be one of their associates. Once you have enrolled, all you need to do is build your network to start earning income. Numis Network’s system works by commissions and gives great bonuses dependent upon the size and performance of your team. This usually means that a bigger network equates to a larger flow of money.

To increase your network, you will need a solid contact base both offline and online. With the uniqueness of the Numis Network’s marketing plan, finding potential leads will be simple. Now here’s where the challenge comes in. Attracting prospects is one thing, convincing them to join you is another. To help you get started, here are some easy to moderate methods that are worth trying to get the money flowing.

Start with your family and friends. They are your warm market after all. See if they are interested in what you have to offer. You can send them an e-mail, place a phone call, or pay them a personal visit. Whatever method you choose, be sure that you put a personal touch into it so that your friends won’t feel that they are just some random customers being pitched by a random sales representative. Now once your friends have joined, ask them to invite their other friends over for a business opportunity meeting.

Promote for growth. Putting a banner with a catchy phrase and your contact numbers in a well crowded area does wonders. It might cost a little, but the results can be totally amazing. You can have strangers literally begging you to explain the great opportunities you are experiencing. Only put advertisements in a populated and well-strategized area. Remember that ghosts can never bring you income!

Use the Internet to catch even more clients and prospects. Using banners as advertisements is good but it can only cater to local people. Numis Network allows you to let people from around the world purchase using the Internet, so why don’t you use the web to attract more clients?

Joining social networks will help you with getting more customers and associates not just from the neighborhood, but from other places as well. This is also the cheapest and most efficient way to increase your network! You can also pay for online advertisements that you can afford.

With these three simple methods mentioned above, your earnings should sky rocket in due time. Keep in mind that results will not be as fast as you might expect. It takes time and effort for your network to grow, before they can produce income for you. Just work consistently and things will flow smoothly the more you commit to implementing what I shared above.

For More Information on Numis Network opportunity Click Here <<<<

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Numis Network Company Review

Numis Network Company Review

If you are spending some time “fishing around” for the right network marketing company, you mayNumis Network have come across a MLM company named Numis Network. After several years of operation, Numis Network is setting a new trend to an uncharted territory in network marketing— rare collectible assets.

Just about everyone enjoys collecting something: be it limited edition toys, classic comic books, complete doll collection, wines,rare stones, and even coins! When it comes to collectible coins, Numis Network is clearly heading down the path of domination. With its unique products, the pioneering company envisions itself as becoming the largest retailer of graded metal coins in the world by creating a new industry category and combining two powerful marketing plans.

Numis Network Graded Coins

Numis NetworkWhat makes the graded gold and silver coin collection stand apart from the competition? Not only are they produced by leading government mints from around the world, the company’s collection is also made of only ‘museum quality‘ modern issue coins of highest grade. This way, you are totally confident that you purchased the most valuable silver and gold coins possible.

So how can a collectible coin be useful to you? You may be one of the people who don’t realize that the value of the US dollar is decreasing dramatically, in contrast to that of gold and silver which is rising—a reason why television screens are being flooded by commercials about buying gold and silver. And this is where Numis Network comes in. It may not make sense to you right now. But the collectible graded coins provided by the company are known to be equivalent to money but valued much higher than the U.S. dollar, which allows you to stock up great assets for your future needs.



Numis Network compensation Plan

What about the compensation plan? Numis Network is clearly setting itself apart from the competition, not only with its product but also with its unique marketing plan. SuccessfullyNumis Network Compensation Plan combining two different compensation plans, it puts the “Power of the Network” to work that will help network marketers get closer toward the road of financial success.

This comprehensive pay structure paves the way for people to enjoy both immediate income and long-term residual income. From the moment you start as a brand new representative, to building your team, and to establishing yourself as a leader, Numis Network is always there to assist you every step of the way.

Numis Network Leadership

Founded by the visionary trio of Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian, and Chris Kent, the Numis Network Leadershipnetwork boasts of a strong and powerful management behind its operation. These leaders in their respective specialties in the industry of network marketing have extensive backgrounds and experience in the industry. Together, this unstoppable trio is determined to help representatives build their business by expanding the company’s state-of-the-art operations, sales and marketing trainings, and excellent product development.


Numis Network is certainly NOT your ordinary MLM Company. It is an excellent home-based business opportunity that allows people to generate income by selling money. Clearly, it is on the path of creating a landslide of wealth for every Numis member to enjoy. =>>> Click Here to Learn More about Numis Network

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5 Reasons Why You Should Join Numis Network

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Numis Network

If you’ve been eyeing Numis Network as your future business of choice, I’m going to share with you why, of all the network marketing companies out there,   you should join Numis Network.

I’m also going to show you what makes it stand out from the crowd, along with what the company has to offer thast making leading network marketers race to join.

Is it about the company, the product, or the compensation plan?

Let’s read further and I’ll show you why Numis has created so much buzz!

First, let’s tackle the FIVE aspects of the company that may easily convince you to partner up with Numis Network.

1. Company Leadership

With the drive of a visionary leadership, the company is founded by a world-class management team made of three innovative experts with respective specialties from the industry of network marketing. With the founder’s—Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kevorkian—decades of executive experience and excellent leadership in MLM, Numis Network definitely has what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry. This aspect is extremely important to know, as the lack of background and knowledge of the people behind the company will inevitably result in FAILURE.

2. Upline Support

A strong and solid upline support is an important factor that can determine the success of a network marketing business. It will be hard for a newbie to succeed in this industry if there is no upline support and training system in place. Remember that the team you work with is VITAL to your success. And this is where Numis Network comes in.

The company understands the needs of its members for personal and business development. They are committed and dedicated to teaching their sales agents on how to realize their own potential while encouraging them to teach the same to their own network and downline. Potential leaders are taught to leverage their time and effort by helping others achieve success.

3. Company System

Another important reason why you should join Numis Network is because of its company system. With Numis, it’s more than just the COINS; it’s about the PEOPLE.

The management aims to promote and support the development of their members. This is reflected through their powerful series of automated tools and online services. Specially designed to help members build and support their sales efforts, these helpful tools make it easier and more convenient for network marketers to promote and expand their business both offline and online. The tools are inclusive of various personalized Numis-related websites integrated with Numis BBS (Business Building Systems), all of which are user-friendly systems built with professionalism.

4. Compensation Plan

You can NEVER GO WRONG with the Numis Network compensation plan. Putting the “Power of the Network” to work for you, the lucrative compensation plan provides an excellent way to generate immediate and long-term residual income that can potentially lead to financial independence.

The company’s comprehensive pay structure rewards and compensates you every step of the way—from brand new representatives, to building a team, through establishing yourself as a company leader. This is because Numis Network is committed to bringing personal achievement and success to its customers.

5. Product

Providing ONLY the BEST products, Numis Network specializes in the highest grade, modern silver and gold numismatic coins produced by leading government mints worldwide. As such, they offer a variety of continuously expanding coins that everyone will surely love to have. This is in line with the vision of the company—to provide the most precious and valuable money of all.

By joining Numis Network and allowing yourself be a part of its growing team, you can now Create Wealth, Collect Wealth, and Preserve Wealth! click Here >>> To Learn More and Join My TEAM!!!<<<

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Paul Butler and Joseph Skoda discuss Network Marketing and Numis Network

Paul Butler and Joseph Skoda discuss Network Marketing and Numis Network

Network Marketing and Numis Network. Why would anyone want to get into network marketing and join Numis Network? A better question would be why not? I can’t think of any reasons not to. There is only one reason why people do not join a network marketing company and become a professional marketer. Because they dont understand it. They do not understand leveraged income, residual income or walk-away income. They don’t see that Network Marketing is a better way and there is no other opportunity in the world as powerful. Robert Kiyosaki calls it “The Business of the 21st Century” In this video Joseph Skoda and Paul Butler explain why we got into Network Marketing Professionally and why we joined Numis Network.

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Robert Kiyosaki Business of the 21st Century Review

Robert Kiyosaki Business of the 21st Century Review

Robert Kiyosaki is a world renowned wealth and finance expert of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” fame. He is a mutlimionaire investor, educator, speaker, and business owner. In this review I explain why me team uses the “Business of the 21st Century” cd. This is a great way to open a prospect to your opportunity no matter what mlm you are in. We teach to let the tools do the talking for you.

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