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How to Ask the Right Questions When Prospecting for Your MLM

How to Ask the Right Questions When Prospecting for Your MLM

How to Ask the Right Questions When Prospecting for Your MLM
My best one-liner for opening people up to your network marketing opportunity.

check out the video

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How to Ask the Right Questions When Prospecting for Your MLM

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What is the Secret Language of your Prospects

What is the Secret Language of your Prospects

There a several ways to speak about your opportunity

to your prospects.

  1. Speak about the benefits of the products – How is your products going tosecret language of your prospect change the lives of your prospect and their family. How will the products help improve their lives. The key word here is HELP.
  2. You can talk about the lifestyle. What kind of lifestyle will the opportunity provide for the prospect?  Travel more, stay at home with the kids, travel incentives…
  3. The financial independence, residual/leveraged income. the compensation plan. You can talk about how network marketing has the greatest income potential of any industry.

Listen to your prospect. Ask questions. As long as you are asking

the questions you are in control of the conversation.

Use same tone, speed and language type. It may be more visual, sensory, feeling.

Remain enthusiastic and positive yet inquisitive.

show true interest in your prospect.

People want to know that you will be there for them.

ALWAYS keep your word! do what you say you are

going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.

REMEMBER we are just seeing if the prospect qualifies for our team.

Secret Language of your Prospects: Questions –

Ask qualifying questions. to do this you will

ask qualifying questionshave to learn more about your prospect.

Ask questions like. How do you like your job?

Have you ever thought of doing something else?

how long have you been doing what you do?

do you have children? would you like to spend more time with them?



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what is your dream job?

what are you passionate about?

Find out their why? Why would you be open for an opportunity?

When you find out why. How would that make you feel if you could ______?

How would you feel if you could spend more time with the kids? if you could go on that dream vacation, if you didnt have to worry about money?

get into peoples emotions and they will sell themselves!

But ultimately we need to discover if the prospect is even open to check out your opportunity.

People buy on how something makes them feel, or how they believe it will make them feel.

Remember, people purchase things/ideas based on if  will give them pleasure or avoid a pain.

We are not selling a drill we are selling them on how to make a hole.

We are not selling people an opportunity. We are a selling a solution to their problem. a solution to their money problems and suffering. Most people hate their job. How about if you did something you love. How would life be for you then.

We are selling DREAMS. a lifestyle….

Let people know, Network Marketing is a better way!

Here is a great video on the Secrets of Body Language

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12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM

12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM

Most people struggle in network marketing because

they approach marketing the wrong way.

prospecting mlm
prospecting mlm

People tend to pitch their opportunity well

before they have any idea if their potential prospect

is even open to their opportunity!

Before vomiting your amazing biz opp

ask these questions first to determine

if your prospect even qualifies for your opportunity.

Network Marketing is about building relationships.

It is not about selling to everyone you

happen to run across during your day!

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start building rapport with your prospect

by asking these:

12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What type of work do you do, or what do you do?
  3. What does that entail?
  4. How long have you been doing that?
  5. What did you do before that?
  6. How are you being effected by whats happening with the economy?
  7. How do you like what you are doing?
  8. Have you ever thought about doing something else?
  9. Are you familiar with the network marketing industry?
  10. What experience/s have you had?
  11. Why do you think you weren’t successful?
  12. Would you be open to looking at another company if it didn’t have those obstacles?

Let me elaborate on these questions. REMEMBER; work on becoming a better listener.

Do not interrupt and try and keep the questioning natural.

Show interest in what your prospect has to say.

People love to tell you their story and

depending on how they answer these questions

MLM Prospecting
Prospecting for gold

you will know if they may qualify for your team!

question 1 : where are you from?

People like to tell you about their home.

If you have nothing to add to their answer move to the next.

question 2: what type of work do you do?

this is a great question.this is where we start getting to

feel out where they are in their business life.

question 3: what does that entail?

now this question is only needed when

the answer they give to question 3 isnt

self explanatory.

question 4: how long have you done that?

this will help lead into…

question 5: What did you do before that?

this question only makes sense if they

have worked their current job for less than 5 years.

if they have been at their current occupation for 25 years skip to the next question.

which is question 6: How are you being affected by whats happening with the economy?

this is a great question. Now we are getting into the


real depth of getting to know someone.

Depending on their answer to this we

can really start feeling the prospect out.

question 7: How do you like what you are doing?

Here we go folks. This will really open the person up.

Pay attention here to any emotions your

prospect shows.

question 8: Have you ever thought about doing something else?

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You really want to delve into this one regardless of their answer to question 7. Here we are just testing the waters.

question 9: Are you familiar with Network Marketing?

the answer to this will range from no experience, many people

have not been exposed to the term in the past, to a negative

feedback. Now see if any negativity is based on personal experience or just not understanding the concept.

question 10: What experience did you have?

Now this question is only valid if they have had any experiences in network marketing. If they have had a bad experience with a prior MLM move to question 11 if not move to 12…

question 11: Why do you think you weren’t successful?

another great question. With this question you will learn

how this person feels about this industry and will open them to the final question.

question 12: Would you be open to looking at another company if it didn’t have those same obstacles?

obviously this question is asked in this way if they have had previous negative experiences with a MLM company. If they have had no experience you would want to rephrase question 12 with a question such as “Would you be open to make extra income with an opportunity that doesnt interfere with what you are currently doing?”

I hope you enjoyed these questions and they help you to build your empire!!

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Remember to Ask for Referrals

Remember to Ask for Referrals

When you are out prospecting for your business remember to ask for referrals. I am also guilty of forgetting to ask but I am working on this. Even if someone says no to your opportunity, products or services remember to ask if they know anyone that may be open to make extra income or has been hurt by the economy or if they may be interested in your product or service.

Asking for referrals will help take your business to the next level. Practice, Practice, Practice…

I also recommend a book called Endless Referrals by Bob Burg. One Tip that I can offer you is when going to networking events grab other peoples cards. Learn one thing about the person or their business and take notes follow up with them maybe with a referral for them.
Paul Butler
“Live Your Dreams”

Remember to Ask for Referrals

for more tips like these sign up for my mailing list over there>>>>>

Also for top marketing training join our community and system here

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How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address

How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address


How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address. Sometimes you will get people opt into your lead capture page and not leave a phone number so to connect with the prospect beyond emails the next step is to connect on Facebook and or Skype.

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Warming Up Your Cold Market — Six Network Marketing Strategies For Success

Warming Up Your Cold Market — Six Network Marketing Strategies For Success

Are you finding that prospecting and working your “cold market” is getting chillier these days? I’ve noticed this, especially in the last year. When I contact people who had responded to an advertisement that my company ran, it is much more difficult to establish rapport than it used to be!

I’ve been quite surprised to see how much more closed and suspicious people have been compared to when I made phone calls just a year ago.numis network marketing Perhaps the challenges in today’s world have made their impact on people. They are more fearful, less likely to trust someone they don’t know.

How do you build rapport and build your network marketing business in times like this?  You will need a little more patience, but if you persevere and follow these five basic network marketing strategies, you can warm up even the chilliest of cold markets!

First, I’d like to review the basic network marketing strategies that create successful organizations. It’s important to understand that the people who excel in network marketing have a large circle of influence. A circle of influence means that there are a lot of people that know you, like you and trust you. If you don’t already have a large circle of influence, and you want to succeed in network marketing, you’re going to need to build one!

How do you build a circle of influence? One person at a time! It is always best to start with people that you know. Contact them and ask Numis Network Leadershipthem  for referrals. Participate in your community, attend Chamber of Commerce events, and hold local meetings. You develop yourself into a leader both personally and professionally, to attract other like minded professionals.

Online, you do the same in the internet community. You build a presence on the internet with a newsletter list or blog (or both) or website, so that you can build a relationship with people. You provide a way that they can get to know you… like an online photo album, and a personal “Get to Know Me” page.

These are the basics of good network marketing. Once you’ve contacted the people that you know, you will want to expand your circle of influence even further and get to know some new people! You can do this through advertising or through hiring a network marketing ad agency to advertise for you. Now, how do you handle today’s increasingly chilly cold market?  Well, you need to take more time to WARM IT UP!!!

Here are six network marketing strategies for warming up your cold market.

1. Whenever possible, use offline advertising sources such as postcards, newspapers, radio or TV. These prospects see your ad several times before responding, and are usually MUCH more highly qualified. If your ad is credible, people will trust you more easily.

2. If you must use internet advertising, be sure to use an established and proven leads source which includes the use of an e-mail autoresponder. This will allow you to contact people via e-mail legitimately, without spam complaints. If you are very serious about generating leads online, I recommend you create or purchase your own lead generating website. This takes time but is a lifelong investment if done correctly.

3. When you reach a person by phone, don’t rush the relationship building process. Find out what they are looking for, ask good questions, and really listen. Don’t be pushy, focus on their needs. If you’re new at working your cold market, team up with a successful leader in your upline who is experienced.

4. Offer something of value that is free like a report, eBook or consultation, that will both qualify and educate your prospect and that will also introduce you as part of the process. For example, on your free report include a link to your online photo album and your biography or “Get to Know Me” page.

5. Follow up several times to build familiarity and credibility with your prospect. Use an autoresponder to help you in this, but don’t depend on it. There is nothing like a good, old fashioned conversation to build trust. Sending a postcard in the mail may also help a lot!

6. Be a real person. Tell, don’t sell! Avoid sales pitches, instead, share your own story. Network marketing is about being your authentic best self. Let your heart and your integrity shine, and people will remember you and trust you. When they are ready to try your product or join your team, they will call you!

If you have found value with Warming Up Your Cold Market — Six Network Marketing Strategies For Success than please leave a comment and share 🙂

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Okay, you’ve spent time and probably money obtaining your MLM prospects to help you build a massive organization.

Now, What do you do with them?

1.) First things first make the connection

how do you accomplish that? Introduce yourself. If you have their phone number call them. If you dont have their phone number Email them and ask if would be ok to call them. The key once you connect with the prospects is to ask questions. Let the prospect talk. The more questions you ask the better.

2.) Learn to pace the prospect. Match their tone and speed of talk. Dont mimic, but if they talk slow, slow down your speech. If they speak high and fast, raise your pitch a little and speak a little quicker.

3.) Build Rapport. Sound interested in what the prospect has to say. Ask questions and open them to your opportunity. You can ask them “Are you open to making extra income without interfering with what you currently do”  or “do you keep your options open when it comes to making money working from home?”

REMEMBER… you cannot close a closed door. you have to open it first!!!

I would like to make a note here: if you are a newbie its ok to buy leads to build your prospecting and closing techniques. Ultimately we want to teach you personal  branding and attraction marketing to make the whole process of closing easier but that can take a year or two to build and develop. For now do what it takes to always have people to talk to.


4.) Don’t be pitchy. When you get someone on the phone be assertive but not pushy.  Posture yourself and don’t get attached to any outcome. You dont want to come across  as desperate or needy. You want to present yourself as a leader not a pitchy salesperson.If someone throws objections at you could say ” If you think [whatever the objection is] this may not be for you. Are you EVEN open to making extra income while working from home.

5.) Try to keep the first call under a half hour long. If you stay on the phone too long the prospect may think I don’t have time for this, or this thing seems to hard. Direct the prospect to a company presentation and let the tools work for you.

6.) Get a date and time to follow up with prospect. You could ask something like. “Is there a good time that you may have to check out our company overview?” Can I give you a call back at such a time?

7.) When following up ask the prospects; “so what did you like best about what you saw? (never ask what did you think?) they will think of something they didnt like, that is how the brain is wired.

8.) Closing your prospects. this could be as easy as saying “Great, Sounds like you’re ready to get started!! ( while shaking your head yes)…. golden nugget :  if they say not at this moment; ask them “on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being not interested at all and 10 being excited and ready to get started right now, where do you see yourself? If they say 1 to 3 say thanks for your time this obviously is not for you. If they answer from 5 to 9 ask them what would it take to turn your number to a 10. this can help them close themselves for you.

I hope you got value from this article. If WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR MLM PROSPECTS ONCE YOU OBTAIN THEM has helped you in any way please leave a comment below and share with your friends and team

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Want To Get A Start In Network Marketing? Try These Simple Steps!

Want To Get A Start In Network Marketing? Try These Simple Steps!

As all runners know, there are moments when you just don’t think, you can do it anymore. In these moments, let your legs keep carrying you forward. The same is true for network marketing. You  must just keep moving forward, and you can use these tips to help you with that concept.

Every day, do one thing that you absolutely hate doing,one thing that makes you uncomfortable, and watch your network marketing business skyrocket. There is always something that we do not enjoy doing with our business, but we know it will make a huge difference. If you hate calling your leads, take some time every morning with a positive attitude and do it. There will be a huge surge in results (and confidence) from doing so.

Network marketing is a multi-tiered marketing business, in which companies hire salespeople to market their business. Some businesses feel that this type of marketing is more powerful and personal than traditional types of marketing. You get a portion of the commission earned by interested friends, family members and acquaintances recruited by you.

Network marketing is an ever-changing business. New methods are always being developed to increase the profits and make it a bit easier to be involved with. Take time at least once a week to look into the new things that are developing. Never stop learning and you will succeed in network marketing!

Post your business cards and flyers on bulletin boards in your area that are in places that have very high foot traffic.  Make sure to ask the business where the board is located if it is okay because you would not want your business to be in a negative light.

Make the decision that you are going to turn your network marketing business into a success. Instead of thinking it as a hobby, think of your business as a real business. If you treat your network business as a real business, you will get payed like a real business owner.

Remember that you can be successful by surrounding yourself with success. An easy way to do that is by surrounding yourself with successful people. Seek out other people who are achieving the same results that you desire. Being around them may make some of their success “rub off” onto you.

Brand yourself.  Remember that people join people, not companies.  If you brand yourself as a trustworthy, honest person who knows what they are talking about, people will be more  likely to join your team.  Make sure that you stand out from the crowd and that you show why joining with you is preferable to joining with anyone else.

Invest your network marketing efforts towards new clients rather than friends and family, as this will bring new money into your circle. Your goal in network marketing is to generate new customers and leads. When you focus on your friends and family you are working within your inner circle, and that has limits. By bringing in clients from outside you open doors to many other possibilities.

By constantly moving forward and not giving up you will soon find that you are enjoying your work with the networking that you are doing. This can be a lucrative addition to your monthly income, and the tips that you read here should help to get you started on this great business opportunity.

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An Overview Of How To Create A Surefire Stream Of Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

An Overview Of How To Create A Surefire Stream Of Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever heard the saying, “Prospecting is the lifeblood of your network marketing business“?

Picture yourself having this “leaking bottle” and your objective is to fill it up with water to its brim.

Because there are holes in your bottle, when you begin filling it up, some water will slowly leak out.  Thus, in order to achieve your objective, you must add water to the bottle at a rate faster than the rate that the water is leaking out.

You see, your network or downline organization is similar to a “leaking bottle”.  Whether you like it or not, you have to realize that some of your reps are going to drop out.  So, in order to build your network consistently, you must replenish your downline at a rate faster than the general attrition rate.

Throughout my six years of network marketing experience, I have developed a simple 3-step strategy that creates a surefire stream of prospects for me:

1. Attend Networking Events Regularly

2. Create A List Of Names Daily

3. Contact Your Daily List Of Names

Step 1: Attend Networking Events Regularly

This article focuses on the “networking” part of a network marketer. (Let’s leave the “marketing” part to another article.)   It is extremely important that a network marketer learns how to network well and attend networking events regularly.

First, attend networking events regularly. Why? Because you need to replenish your name list which is most likely limited to a few dozen names.

Once you have collected their contact information, add these names to your master name list that your upline or your network marketing company tells you to make when you first start out in your network marketing business.

Step 2: Create A List Of Names Daily

This is the daily list of names that you create from your master name list.

Each morning, I create a list of 10 prospects to contact.  I use a simple notebook to write down the 10 names so that I can carry it in my pocket everywhere I go.

Step 3: Contact Your Daily List Of Names

Throughout the day, I will contact as many of these prospects either by phone or short message service (or sms).

Depending on my relationship with each of these names, I will “talk” to them accordingly.  When I receive a response, warm up the relationship a little before asking for an appointment.

By doing this consistently, you will find that after a few weeks, you would have created a surefire stream of prospects for your network marketing business.

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OutSourcing Report: Never Cold Call a Lead Again

I’ve been experimenting with some ideas here, and they work – so I decided to put together this video, to show you how you can Automatically have your leads called by a professional call center…

…without picking up the phone.

This is a(very cool concept that will free your time and make you lots, and lots of money…)

What I want you to do (after you see the video) is >>>click here<<<, put your phone number into the page, and just talk to these ‘MyPhoneRoom’ guys. Ask yourself (when you’re talking to them)

“Would I be comfortable having these people call my leads for me?“

If so – you might just save yourself 2 hours a day, double your sales, and make lots, and lots of money in your company…

Click Here and do it.

P.S. I actually wrote a MyPhoneRoom Review, you can click the link and read that, as well.

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