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What is the Secret Language of your Prospects

What is the Secret Language of your Prospects

There a several ways to speak about your opportunity

to your prospects.

  1. Speak about the benefits of the products – How is your products going tosecret language of your prospect change the lives of your prospect and their family. How will the products help improve their lives. The key word here is HELP.
  2. You can talk about the lifestyle. What kind of lifestyle will the opportunity provide for the prospect?  Travel more, stay at home with the kids, travel incentives…
  3. The financial independence, residual/leveraged income. the compensation plan. You can talk about how network marketing has the greatest income potential of any industry.

Listen to your prospect. Ask questions. As long as you are asking

the questions you are in control of the conversation.

Use same tone, speed and language type. It may be more visual, sensory, feeling.

Remain enthusiastic and positive yet inquisitive.

show true interest in your prospect.

People want to know that you will be there for them.

ALWAYS keep your word! do what you say you are

going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.

REMEMBER we are just seeing if the prospect qualifies for our team.

Secret Language of your Prospects: Questions –

Ask qualifying questions. to do this you will

ask qualifying questionshave to learn more about your prospect.

Ask questions like. How do you like your job?

Have you ever thought of doing something else?

how long have you been doing what you do?

do you have children? would you like to spend more time with them?



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what is your dream job?

what are you passionate about?

Find out their why? Why would you be open for an opportunity?

When you find out why. How would that make you feel if you could ______?

How would you feel if you could spend more time with the kids? if you could go on that dream vacation, if you didnt have to worry about money?

get into peoples emotions and they will sell themselves!

But ultimately we need to discover if the prospect is even open to check out your opportunity.

People buy on how something makes them feel, or how they believe it will make them feel.

Remember, people purchase things/ideas based on if  will give them pleasure or avoid a pain.

We are not selling a drill we are selling them on how to make a hole.

We are not selling people an opportunity. We are a selling a solution to their problem. a solution to their money problems and suffering. Most people hate their job. How about if you did something you love. How would life be for you then.

We are selling DREAMS. a lifestyle….

Let people know, Network Marketing is a better way!

Here is a great video on the Secrets of Body Language

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Okay, you’ve spent time and probably money obtaining your MLM prospects to help you build a massive organization.

Now, What do you do with them?

1.) First things first make the connection

how do you accomplish that? Introduce yourself. If you have their phone number call them. If you dont have their phone number Email them and ask if would be ok to call them. The key once you connect with the prospects is to ask questions. Let the prospect talk. The more questions you ask the better.

2.) Learn to pace the prospect. Match their tone and speed of talk. Dont mimic, but if they talk slow, slow down your speech. If they speak high and fast, raise your pitch a little and speak a little quicker.

3.) Build Rapport. Sound interested in what the prospect has to say. Ask questions and open them to your opportunity. You can ask them “Are you open to making extra income without interfering with what you currently do”  or “do you keep your options open when it comes to making money working from home?”

REMEMBER… you cannot close a closed door. you have to open it first!!!

I would like to make a note here: if you are a newbie its ok to buy leads to build your prospecting and closing techniques. Ultimately we want to teach you personal  branding and attraction marketing to make the whole process of closing easier but that can take a year or two to build and develop. For now do what it takes to always have people to talk to.


4.) Don’t be pitchy. When you get someone on the phone be assertive but not pushy.  Posture yourself and don’t get attached to any outcome. You dont want to come across  as desperate or needy. You want to present yourself as a leader not a pitchy salesperson.If someone throws objections at you could say ” If you think [whatever the objection is] this may not be for you. Are you EVEN open to making extra income while working from home.

5.) Try to keep the first call under a half hour long. If you stay on the phone too long the prospect may think I don’t have time for this, or this thing seems to hard. Direct the prospect to a company presentation and let the tools work for you.

6.) Get a date and time to follow up with prospect. You could ask something like. “Is there a good time that you may have to check out our company overview?” Can I give you a call back at such a time?

7.) When following up ask the prospects; “so what did you like best about what you saw? (never ask what did you think?) they will think of something they didnt like, that is how the brain is wired.

8.) Closing your prospects. this could be as easy as saying “Great, Sounds like you’re ready to get started!! ( while shaking your head yes)…. golden nugget :  if they say not at this moment; ask them “on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being not interested at all and 10 being excited and ready to get started right now, where do you see yourself? If they say 1 to 3 say thanks for your time this obviously is not for you. If they answer from 5 to 9 ask them what would it take to turn your number to a 10. this can help them close themselves for you.

I hope you got value from this article. If WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR MLM PROSPECTS ONCE YOU OBTAIN THEM has helped you in any way please leave a comment below and share with your friends and team

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Do You Know What To Look For In A Network Marketing Business Opportunity?

Do You Know What To Look For In A Network Marketing Business Opportunity?

I’ve been my own boss for many years now and let me tell you something, I have never looked back with regret.  It was pretty frightening in the beginning and getting myself set up independently in marketing was not easy, but today, you have a lot of resources at your disposal.  If you feel that you’re tired of an office setting where you don’t call the shots and your best efforts are hampered by bureaucratic idiocy, getting involved with a multi-level marketing company might your ticket to a more exciting, more fulfilling life.

Getting started with an MLM company is a great way to get your feet wet, and you might find yourself starting down a whole new career path.  The best MLM companies offer you a lot of support and you’ll never feel like your alone, even when you’re working more independently than you ever have before!  With an MLM company, you will be considered an independent contractor of sorts.  You’ll have the tools to set yourself up with a franchise type environment, so you’ll be working on your own, but with a company backing you up.  This is an excellent first step to see whether you want to be your own boss, or if you’d prefer some sort of supervision. Myself, I realized I don’t make a good employee. I like to call my own shots and be the captain of my destiny not someone elses…

One thing to think about when getting started is looking for a good MLM company.  This is extremely important, because there are a ton of organizations on the internet that are essentially scams.  The best MLM companies all share a few traits and once you know them, you can identify them very easily.

The first thing that the best MLM companies do is offer a lot of support.  This doesn’t mean just one person that you can get in touch with sporadically, this means a full support network that you can get an answer to any question that you might have within a few hours.  This reveals two things.  The first is that the company cares about its contractors and the second is that they have the funds to have a working support network.  Both of these things indicate that the MLM company isn’t a fly by night organization that will take your money and run.

That’s another thing about MLM companies; the best MLM companies will ask for the minimum investment for you.  Under no circumstances should you trust one that asks you to invest more and more money.  There is a good chance that this would just be a scam.  The best MLM companies might ask for an investment, but it is something that you can see making back in very short order.

The best MLM companies are out there; all you have to do is search around for them!

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An Overview Of How To Create A Surefire Stream Of Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

An Overview Of How To Create A Surefire Stream Of Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever heard the saying, “Prospecting is the lifeblood of your network marketing business“?

Picture yourself having this “leaking bottle” and your objective is to fill it up with water to its brim.

Because there are holes in your bottle, when you begin filling it up, some water will slowly leak out.  Thus, in order to achieve your objective, you must add water to the bottle at a rate faster than the rate that the water is leaking out.

You see, your network or downline organization is similar to a “leaking bottle”.  Whether you like it or not, you have to realize that some of your reps are going to drop out.  So, in order to build your network consistently, you must replenish your downline at a rate faster than the general attrition rate.

Throughout my six years of network marketing experience, I have developed a simple 3-step strategy that creates a surefire stream of prospects for me:

1. Attend Networking Events Regularly

2. Create A List Of Names Daily

3. Contact Your Daily List Of Names

Step 1: Attend Networking Events Regularly

This article focuses on the “networking” part of a network marketer. (Let’s leave the “marketing” part to another article.)   It is extremely important that a network marketer learns how to network well and attend networking events regularly.

First, attend networking events regularly. Why? Because you need to replenish your name list which is most likely limited to a few dozen names.

Once you have collected their contact information, add these names to your master name list that your upline or your network marketing company tells you to make when you first start out in your network marketing business.

Step 2: Create A List Of Names Daily

This is the daily list of names that you create from your master name list.

Each morning, I create a list of 10 prospects to contact.  I use a simple notebook to write down the 10 names so that I can carry it in my pocket everywhere I go.

Step 3: Contact Your Daily List Of Names

Throughout the day, I will contact as many of these prospects either by phone or short message service (or sms).

Depending on my relationship with each of these names, I will “talk” to them accordingly.  When I receive a response, warm up the relationship a little before asking for an appointment.

By doing this consistently, you will find that after a few weeks, you would have created a surefire stream of prospects for your network marketing business.

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