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How the Internet is Killing your Network Marketing Business Review

How the Internet is Killing your Network Marketing Business MLSP Review:

The following is my personal review of the latest My Lead System Pro webinar titled, The Internet is Killing Your Network Marketing Business. MLSP is a generic attraction marketing system that helps you generate leads for your MLM business and to help brand you as a leader.

Last nights webinar was hosting by My Lead System Pro founders Norbet Orlewicz and Brian Fanale.

Now, MLSP being an Internet Marketing System, obviously the title of the webinar was meant to catch peoples attention. It was also intended to teach people how to avoid falling into the Internet “rabbit hole” while building their network marketing company. The internet is a means to an end, not the end itself. The internet itself is not a magic bullet. Just as Norbert stated on the webinar, “there is no EASY button you can push and all your challenges go away.”

Also many ads and “internet gurus” have been touting that old school MLM tactics are dead. This statement can’t be further from the truth. Old school is not dead, the difference is that now its is not the only way. Old school is still the quickest and most duplicatible way to build a successful MLM business. But now we can leverage the power of the internet. This is just another means to the end, to our gola; which is building a strong MLM team and to generate massive wealth and time freedom!

I also want to clarify one thing. Some people were upset thinking the MLSP team were changing there tune. things came up like; “what happened to “stop chasing friends and family“, or “I thought old school methods were dead”. About chasing friends and family. You should never chase anyone especially friends and family. That does not mean you shouldnt expose your friends and family to your opportunity. It means dont force it down their throats. Hey expose everyone to your business and if they qualify than invite them to check out a video, webinar, conference call or live presentation. Follow up and close them or move on. That is it! Now, anyone who says old school is dead, I am sure actually mean using old school methods alone is no longer is relevant. Just implementing internet marketing you are leaving a lot on the table. Use all methods that work, that produce results…

Summary of My Lead System Pro webinar:

1. The Power of The Internet

  • The Internet is not a fad
  • Lead Generation
  • Multiple Stream of Income
  • Recruiting

2. The Dangers of the Internet

  • Overwhelm/ information overload
  • No Duplication
  • No Loyalty

3. Options

1. Build it All Yourself

2. Leverage Replicated systems

* leveraging available replicated systems will save you time and money in the long run so you can focus on connecting with people, building your list and sponsoring recruits into your business.


The 5 Rules to Success In Network Marketing


Rule #1 – Focus on your goal – Is your goal to:

A. Build a residual income through network marketing.

B. Build an online business selling services,info products and affiliate promotion.

Rule #2 – Grow Your Network Daily:

* Each day connect with at least 5 new prospects

* When starting focus on simple duplicatible, daily activities to grow your network

Rule #3 – Expose Consistently:

* You need a consistent flow of prospects exposed to your opportunity on a weekly basis.

* Its a number game – You need to reassess your priorities.

Rule #4 – Generate Momentum:

* Get your new team members started right

* Do exactly what your team is doing

Rule #5 – Build a Community and Loyalty:

* Get your team on weekly training calls

* Get your team to your companies events!!

“Its not what works its what’s duplicatible”

what you have to offer with My Lead System Pro is a solution to peoples problems; a marketing tactic to help build their business. People are afarid of rejection. Unfortunately this is part of network marketing. This is a fear you need to get over immediately! 90% of the prospects who opt-in to your list and email will not be interested in your opportunity, this moment. You must diversify where you leads are coming from. This is why the MLSP training teaches you how to generate leads both online and offline. We always have multiple tools of marketing in the filed. Your warm market is an option as long as you don’t have a vested interest in them and as long as you keep your emotions out of the equation.

The Simple Online Attraction Marketing Blueprint

(this is a 6 to 12 month plan)

Step 1: Be a student of your art –

* Become a student of direct response marketing and attraction marketing. Become more valuable.

“Invest more on yourself than on your business” – Jim Rohn

Step 2: Provide Solutions –

* Begin using replicated “attraction marketing” style websites that lead with value, training, solutions to your prospects problems/challenges. Leverage whats available, Keep it simple.

Step 3: Personalize –

* Begin to customize and personalize your marketing.

Step 4: Trainer –

* Begin to teach and train others. Create training videos, video series, screen capture tutorials, host conference calls and/or webinars. Share value with others.

Step 5: Leadership –

* Create your own offers, capture pages, sales funnels. Consider creating your own products, e-books, write a book, create a video training course, a bootcamp, hold regular webinars, training webinars, and so on…

“believing and knowing that you hold true value to other people, gives you the confidence and abundance mentality you need in order to be an Alpha Networker”

Mike DillardMagnetic Sponsoring


Check out the Full Webinar How the Internet Killed My Network Marketing Business

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Xango MLM Company Review Top Home Based Business

Xango MLM Company Review Top Home Based Business

Xango is one of the largest health and wellness MLM companies in the industry. With over 1 billion distributors in Xango MLM Reveiwover 30 countries and grossing over a billion dollars annually Xango has taken the world by storm. Xango was founded on September 11, 2002. Six men decided to get together and create a company that would rock the world by shipping Xango juice as  their flagship product to the world. The six men that started the Xango company are Gary Hollister, Aaron Garrity, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood and Bryan Davis. Xango is located in Lehi, Utah. This is a solid company with great leadership and tenacity.

doesn’t just sell healthy drinks for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, other products they have added is the skincare line, meal pack and beauty products like shampoo, conditioner and body products, and health supplements. Xangos original product, the Xango Juice with mangosteen fruit, is a natural Xango Mangosteenphytonutrient, including xanthones, catechins, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins to help boost your bodies immunity. Bringing the benefits of the mangosteen to the MLM arena was originally the vision of Joe Morton who experienced the fruit on his journeys while living in Asia. Joe took the mangosteen, as a health supplement idea, and ran with it.

Xango MLM Compensation Plan:

The compensation plan, for the distributors, can be earned by using four different methods. XANGO pays 50% on all commissionable volume The first way to earn income is by selling the products at a retail price. You buy the Xango MLM comp planproducts at wholesale and you find customers who pays you retail, you keep the profit. The second option is the weekly PowerStart commission by recruiting other distributors into your business. The third option is the Unilevel commission. What this means is that the distributors who recruits others into their business, when they make a sale, a percentage of that money goes to the person that sponsored them. And the top level is the global bonus pools. The only way to get this is if you’re a premier distributor. This level takes time, dedication and hard work, this is not something you build over-night. Xango offers many tools and training to help their reps to build their business. This company is cutting edge and very innovative. For example, the Xango debit card. They offer a Xango debit card for their distributors with their branding on the cards.They also offer some very cool apps for your smartphone. Mobile marketing is really the way of the future. Mobile marketing is the latest innovation for promoting and exposing people to your network marketing biz.

Xango MLM Charity:

Because of the huge passion for the products and the commitment of the distributors, this company is still going strong. Without any passion for the company and the products, there is no way it would still be one of the top MLM companies around that are selling wonderful products for people that do use them on a daily basis. Xango is a company that offers a wonderful,but fair, compensation program that is there to help anyone succeed with their Xango home based business.Xango MLM Goodness Foundation
What I also appreciate about this company is their charitable contributions with the Goodness Foundation. Xango has teamed with this non-profit to improve the lives of children around the world and mobilizing to address disasters and crises. Their mission is to serve, support and improve communities in need around the globe spanning four continents

So if you are looking into joining this company it is a great opportunity. They appear to be in the game for the long haul and have great leadership and ingenuity. I have to be honest and say its really not about the company or the opportunity when it comes to building any MLM organization. Its about bringing value to others and giving value, its about uplifting and encouraging others. It really is about making others successful, locking arms with others and being a leader. this begins with your mindset and continues with your courage and dedication.

Would you like to know how to start bringing value today? Check out the Attraction Marketing System I personally use.

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Monavie MLM Review

Monavie MLM Review:

MonaVie is a home based business that can be done at home which is a way to also own your own business by signing up as one of their distributors. They recruit anyone that is located all around the world. However, most people are from the United States. This company helped so many people to change their lives for the better all because of the business opportunity given to future and current distributors for the company. Some of them were just stay at home parents but most are mothers. And then there are college people who wanted some extra money to earn and have had a hard to find a good paying job due to the shaky economy that we’re still in.

Monavie has a very attractive looking website, that is easy to navigate and nice looking products. This company does a nice job of branding. Monavie also does a very good job in presenting their products and opportunity.

Monavie MLM Products:

Monavie only has 7 products, as of this current moment, since it is still a fairly new company. A work from home business may be what you need to get started by making money as a distributor. Although, there are many MLM companies, this one still stands out because as a MLM opportunity, there is still more room to improve and it’s still growing. It came out in the late 2000 era which shows that it’s hard to say for now what the future may hold for them.

Since it is a home based business, you have the opportunity to recruit other people who would like to make some extra money on the side and is a possibility to generate a substantial amount of money with the company since they have exceptional products to sell. One of them is called “Monavie RVL” which is a weight management program unlike the others that you see out there. If the idea of having some extra vitamins sounds very enticing, try out the Healthy Juices line which is the Essential, Active, Mmun and Pulse.

Monavie MLM Opportunity:

If you are interested in the MLM opportunity, maybe trying out the products first should be the first step in order to build a profitable business of your own. Also, this is a work from home opportunity for anyone to join and do something for themselves.  It would help make you healthy as well as making you money as a distributor.

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People are Scared to start a Home Based Business

People are Scared to start a Home Based Business

I was talking with a buddy a couple days ago about my business opportunity and recruiting people. I was telling him that several people were on the fence about joining my MLM opportunity. I had showed him the opportunity and how it works in the past and he says “You know, people are just scared.” I told him it is the sheep mentality and they are being lead to the slaughter. I am in the process of learning compassion but I get fired up when I hear this kind of crap. Hey when I started my first business I was terrified to go into a bank and ask for money without having a penny to my name. I was scared to start a brick and mortar business where everything was on the line. The future is unpredictable but guess what folks, the fear did not stop me. I went to several banks, a couple laughed at me but one gave me the chance. That is the difference between the 95 percenters and the 5 perecenters in society. Everyone is scared, that is human nature, but the 5% that excel and break free of the mediocre life and run with the bulls is that they do it regardless of their fears. That is why successful people don’t take no for an answer and commit no matter what! In the MLM industry, to succeed, one needs resilience, commitment and courage. The only way you can fail in this industry is if you quit, if you stop. So don’t stop, you deserve to be successful!!!

See you at the TOP>>>>>> Paul

work with me people

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Eiro Research closes it doors where to go from here

Eiro Research closes its doors where to go from here?

It was sad month for Eiro Research distributors. Eiro Research has filed bankruptcy and closed its doors without any forewarning or notice to its reps. My heart goes out to the

Eiro Research
Eiro Research closes shop

people who put their time, hard work, and commitment into building this company just to start over. In the world of commerce this happens everyday. Founded in 2009 this company didn’t even make the 2 year mark. On the bright side at least people didn’t spend years and years building their organization to see it crumble overnight. But I dont know about you, but I would hate losing even a year of my life.

To Eiro Research distibutors

If you are one of the distributors for Eiro Research I am sorry about the situation but stay positive, this was not a total loss. Dont be discouraged, with every tragedy there are lessons that are learned. Time to get back up dust yourself off and get back in the game. I am sure the time you spent building your business has been a positive learning experience for you. Now you can apply what you have learned to get back on the ship and sail into your destiny. Of course no one said it would be easy, this is just a bump in the road.

Eiro was a supplement energy drink company. this would fall into the Health and Wellness industry. This is a very tough market to get into and to dominate. Its even tough to get a small piece of this pie. The competition is fierce. It seems a new Wellness MLM comes out every other day. That is what I like best about the MLM company I am with; there is virtually no competition in the MLM industry.


When you put all your time and effort into marketing and building a business for others you will always be looking over your shoulder for the owners to jump ship. I am not saying dont get involve in network marketing because this is the best industry in the world, I am just saying dont put all your eggs in one basket. Prevention is the key to long-term success. This is why I always say to market yourself; You Inc. With companies closing shop everyday we must, i repeat you must, build multiple streams of income. Ultimately multiple streams of residual income is ideal. The prevent the pain of total loss when a company closes is why we say to build relationships while building your business. Take your team to the next level. This is why we lock arms and help each other build a strong team and succeed no matter what.

Marketing System Eiro Research did not have

What I use to generate leads while positioning myself as a leader is MLM Lead System Pro. This can be another source of income, if built properly and helps to build your brand. MLSP uses a funded proposal while building a list of prospects and potential customers.In MLM Lead System Prothe background is an affiliate marketing system while promoting your main MLM company. I cannot stress enough the power of a personal blog to build a personal brand and to market You Inc. I prefer wordpress, it is free and very powerful with many free themes and plug-ins online. Plus google loves it!!! You also dont need to be a internet expert to build a wordpress site.

If you would like to lock arms with my team I would love to help you build a massive, strong team of successful entrepreneurs. Check us out at NumisTeamOne. We really are in this game of life together. No great empire was built alone.

So I will see you at the Top my friend. Best wishes…Paul Butler

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Numis Network an MLM company Review

Numis Network an MLM company Review

Numismatic Coins

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. Numismatic value may be used to refer to the value in excess of the monetary value conferred by law.

This is also known as the “collector value.” For example, a collector may be willing to pay far more than 50 cents for a U.S. half dollar coin, given their low circulation. Money Numis Network MLM Reviewitself must be a scarce good.  Modern money (and most ancient money too) is essentially a token – an abstraction. Paper currency is perhaps the most common type of physical money today. However, goods such as gold or silver retain many of the essential properties of money.

Coin collecting may have existed in ancient times. Caesar Augustus gave “coins of every device, including old pieces of the kings and foreign money” as Saturnalia gifts.

Modern numismatics is the study of the coins of the mid 17th to the 21st century, the period of machine struck coins. Their study serves more the need of collectors than historians and it is more often successfully pursued by amateur collectors than by professional scholars. The focus of modern numismatics lies frequently in the research of production and use of money in historical contexts using mint or other records in order to determine the relative rarity of the coins.

Numis Network: The Company

Numis Network is a Multi-Level Marketing Company dealing in Numismatic Collectible coins. Collectible coins is a hobby not an investment. Getting involved with Numis Network is an investment in a business opportunity. As a hobby collecting coins can be very enjoyable, just like collecting baseball cards or collectible cars. Wouldn’t you like to make a living off of something you enjoy, like say your favorite hobby? The numismatic coin industry is an $100 billion industry world-wide, and a $10 billion industry in the United States alone. I wouldn’t mind a piece of that pie.

Numis Network is pioneering the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing industry. Graded numismatic collectible silver and gold coins have never been sold through this vehicle before. Numis Network is founded by a team of visionary experts who are some of the top talent from their respective specialties.  Ian Cordell has been a leading executive in the direct selling industry since 1994. In 2001 Ian and Chris Kent established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their Numis Network MLM Reviewleadership, IDSTC has become a premier provider of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with hundreds of clients throughout the world. Jake Kevorkian is recognized as a pioneer, visionary, and leading force in the natural products industry. For the past 20 years, he has distinguished himself with an extraordinary record of achievement in marketing, sales, and product development.

The Founders are ethical, hard-working and experienced gentlemen in the network marketing industry. They truly are in this for the long haul. They are professional men with a gigantic vision. Believe me this is not a fly-by-night operation.

Numis Network Compensation Plan

I have been in the Network Marketing Industry for 7 years and have been with 5 different MLM companies. Hands down Numis has the best compensation plan I have ever seen. This is really something you have to see to believe. This is “the holy grail” of network marketing. Numis’ binary downline breeds and promotes the success of team-building. You get 2 legs in your downline Numis Network MLM reviewwhich encourages your upline to help you build a massive organization. None of this go and grow wide baloney. You receive commissions upfront on people you sponsor at the executive level and you receive coded matching bonuses from people in your downline that you have recruited. you also build a monthly residual income on your team efforts. We have over 16 ways to get paid.

We also have a refer 3 and get yours free. For every 3 customers you refer into our Silver Premier Club you get a free coin per month. Numis also is the only MLM with a 100% 5 year buy back policy. If the value of the coin goes down in 5 years Numis will buy back your coin for 100% of what you paid for it!!


Numis Network has attracted some the the top MLM Marketers in the industry. People such as David Wood, Ray Higdon , Dave Lovett, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Erwin Mcken and Burke Hedges. This company is currently building some of the future leaders in the MLM industry. This opportunity is creating a real “buzz” on and offline.

Complaints about Numis Network

I have filtered through most of the complaints about Numis Network and the alleged scam that people are propagating. Let me address some of them here and now. For one, if people claim Numis is a scam they need to look the definition up in the dictionary to start. A scam is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence. Also trying to get something of value for nothing or for something far less valuable. Now Numis does neither. If this company were committing fraud they would be shut down by now. If you want to know the truth call the Better Business Bureau and see if anyone has complaints with them. The people calling this a scam have no part in this business. They really are clueless. Look; Numis has over 30,000 distributors around the world and I could only find one complaint to the BBB, not bad.

I also found this; One of the red flags for a number of inquiring business owners is the fact that Numis Network has been known to use Amway/Quixtar as an example of a successful MLM, failing to appeal to those who did not get involved when Amway first started. Where is the fault in this, Amway is a successful MLM. This is a multi-billion dollar company. We are talking lawyers, doctors, engineers, all walks of life belong to Amway. How long have they been in business? Look it up. I really dont get this complaint.

Another issue generating complaints for Numis is eBay, and what appears to be a saturation of Numis coins being made available to collectors, from suppliers that are finding it difficult to make a profit among competitors. Ummmm, last time I heard we are in a free market. Hey how about if we shut down all Walmarts or maybe Amazon.com because they are putting small book stores out of business. If this were really the case people would have to lose money to sell them cheaper. Let me ask you, can you stay in business if you are losing money? Answer: No!!!

Also according to professional numismatic dealers and rating companies more than 50% of coins sold on Ebay are counterfeit. People are even counterfeiting the seal of authenticity. Most collectors wont purchase coins from ebay, and if they do they are looking for a steal.

Numismatic Coins as an investment

Like I said earlier in this article. No one is claiming to invest your money in collectible coins. This is an enjoyable hobby. Hey who doesn’t like gold and silver, they are a ‘real asset’. Now when people are screaming don’t invest your money in collectibles. I say isn’t it better to spend yourNumis Network review Silver Eagle money on something you enjoy collecting than blowing it on junk and also make extra income in the process. Again, when you join Numis you are investing in a MLM business not on the future monetary growth of a collectible item. No one is making any claims about future values of Numismatic coins in Numis, if they do it is company policy to reprimand or let that distributor go.

I hope this article helps you on your path to Success. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below.

Have a great ONE…Paul Butler

for more info on the Numis Network business opportunity >>> click here <<<

Numis Network MLM

If you received value in my Numis Network an MLM company Review please comment and share!

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