Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Used To

word of mouth advertisingIn the past he who had the most money to spend on advertising WON!!! Today the tables have turned and now he who builds the best brand and community wins. The trends show that people are attracted to brands and rely on social media to learn what they “can’t live without.” Its all about the buzz and building a loyal community and “tribe” to spread the word about your products or service.

Word of Mouth Marketing goes a lot further to building your brand and growing your business. That why more business models are going into the Network Marketing industry than into the advertising industry.

Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves.”
— Albert Einstein

Here are several reasons  Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Used To:

  • We are all bombarded daily by many forms of advertising. We are exposed to a minimum of 250 to 500 ads everyday. Because of so many advertising methods always trying to “steal” our attention no wonder we all suffer from ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder). The average attention span of a human today in the civilized world is about 10 to 20 seconds on average. If you dont catch someones attention with that time you lose them. Thats why email advertising also doesnt work like it used to 10 years ago. Also the massive spamming out there in internet land doesnt help either.advertising
  • People do not trust Advertising and Big Corporations anymore. How many times have you been misled by advertising or walked into a “big box” store and were “tricked” into buying something you didnt need or even want?!!! With the advent of social media now people are informed more and more by what there friends and contacts are recommending or talking about. Social Networking in the past few years has grown in leaps and bounds. As of Jan 2012 there are over 700 million people on facebook. If someone posts a question about a certain product the  most responses a person gets the more likely they will look into those recommendation. with the world connected through social media it is much easier to build a brand and for your marketing to go viral.
  • Creativity and Ingenuity go a lot further than the advertising tricks. With the competition of the internet the most creative and viral far outweigh the amount of money thrown at a marketing campaign. Although, you never know what will go viral, social media has made it more powerful to build a viral campaign. Look for creative and fun ways to promote your business. Look at what is getting the most hits on youtube and whats trending and always fuel the imagination.
  • People trust their friends/family and their social groups over companies and corporations. getting people excited and talking about your great products and or service will transform your business in positive ways. Avoid hype and give people things to talkadvertising thinktank about. Be original, be creative…THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!
  • Create a Thinktank. This is a solution to the problem of advertising. bring together either offline, online or conference calls the most creative people you can find to brainstorm on attention getting methods on building your brand. First things first, you need a great product or service you words and actions can back up.

Now that you know that advertising and a large marketing budget alone will just cause you to go bankrupt. Now, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!!!

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One thought on “Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Used To”

  1. Great piece Paul! It’s really no surprise if people now consider social media information to be more credible and reliable than the usual or old-fashioned forms of advertising. I mean I for one availed of an overall body massage package from a massage salon that I didn’t even know existed just because my close friends posted reviews about it in Facebook which got lots of comments and likes. What do you think about mobile marketing though? Do you think this can be integrated into the whole social media marketing platform as well? Thanks for your time Paul!

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