Why Everything In This World Is Sales

You may say, at first seeing this, how is everything in this world sales? I should expand on this. Really, I should say salesevery action or every motivation is sales. We are sold ideas everyday. Every decision we make or reason for doing what is we do is based on either finding pleasure or avoiding pain. Everything you purchase falls into these two categories.

Every choice we have made was based on a sale. Someone sold you an idea and you acted on it. Our whole life we have been sold a bill of goods. Most of them being limited beliefs. I see it everyday in people’s doubts and fears!

Your Religion sold you the idea that you would be better off in Heaven than Hell, if you believe in that kind of thing. Why do you go to church every Sunday? Your parents probably sold you on the idea that’s what good people do. You have been sold the idea of good and bad, right and wrong. These are all beliefs.

You had to “sell yourself” to your boss as being a good employee or a hard worker, ethical and so on, to get that job. Everything is sales. You had to sell yourself to your girlfriend/or boyfriend that you would be a great partner. Sometimes peoples’ perceived notion of beauty is enough to make the sale. Like  that guy or that girl is hot so I am sales romancegoing to pursue them. The idea of the pleasure of being with that person outweighs the notion of the pain of rejection.

All of our beliefs were sold to us. As a newborn baby you had no beliefs. You were a clean slate, easily convinced of the duality of this world. The mind perfectly reflecting everything presented to it.

Ultimately you had to agree with a belief system presented to you. Most of the time you are not a choice in the matter. These beliefs become unconscious and over time you dont even remember why you believe what you do!!

Now back to sales. You sold yourself on the concept of being with a mate. Why did you go on a date with that person? Was it because you anticipated how great the sex would be, was it your discomfort with being alone, maybe sex, was it the pleasure of companionship, sex, to have fun, sex?

You see, we rarely ever question why we do the things we do!!

I hear most people say I hate sales, or I can’t do sales. Well guess what you better learn how. If you ever want to succeed in life or achieve any goals you have to get good at this skill.

How much value do you bring to the marketplace?

This will determine your paycheck. I dont care if it is in your J.O.B. or you are self-employed. Everything is sales. sales influenceread “How to Win friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Get good at people skills because otherwise you will be a doormat for alphas to walk all over.

People may think this is negative, saying everything is Sales but I am just trying to help you out. I wrote this article to help you on the path of transformation. To free you from the prison of fate. This is not so much about control as much as it is about navigating the ocean of Energy and Life.

Question everything,but dont be over-skeptical or you will pass up some great opportunities. Once you see everything as sales you will be less likely to be manipulated into buying into bullcrap and being easily manipulated.

You have greatness within you. Sales is a skill anyone can learn and master with the right action. Until you get good at, in the least, selling yourself to the world, your life will be a struggle!!

You have the right to dream and to Live Your Dreams. Dont let anyone crush your dreams and passion. The world will try to drag you down into its mediocrity, DONT LET IT!!!

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