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Zeek Rewards Shut Down by SEC

Zeek Rewards Shut Down by SEC

If you are in the home based business industry and have been on any social media in the past few days I am sure you Zeek Rewards Newshave heard that Zeek Rewards has been shut down by the SEC.

Let me start by saying that this is sad news. Many good peoples’ lives have been affected by this in a negative way. I have several friends in Zeek. I myself never participated in the Zeekler opportunity.

Although the doors have been shut does not mean that they are down for the count. They are currently fighting a legal battle. Zeek Rewards may or may not come out on top. we will see in due time.

What is Zeek Rewards?

If you never heard of Zeek Rewards, they are an online marketing business that gives you the opportunity to make money by placing a daily ad for the penny auction site, Zeekler.com.  From the Zeek Rewards website:  “ZeekRewards is Zeekler.com’s private, invitation-only, affiliate advertising division where Associates can qualify to earn rewards on every Retail bid they sell and every VIP bid they buy and give away as samples!

Zeek Rewards News

Zeek Rewards, the company that was shut down Friday after the SEC leveled accusations against the internet rewards program, and the parent company Rex Venture Group, calling it a $600 million Ponzi Scheme, and saying that is was “on the verge of collapse.” The company’s head, Paul Burks, allegedly took millions from investors for himself, giving at least one million dollars to family members. There is no clear information on just how much money was siphoned off by Burks himself.

My opinion on Zeekler News

My unbiased opinion is that this is sad news. I think of the people that have been hurt by this. If you were involved with Zeek Rewards dont let this get you down and dont give up on the home based business as a whole. there are truly great companies and leaders in this industry.

Let me also note that the Network Marketing and Home Based Business industry is not a get rich quick scheme. It to potentially get rich slow, over time. If you get into this industry to make a quick buck than this is not for you.

When money is given not earned it generally doesnt last. It takes hard work and time to build financial freedom . Anyone that claims otherwise is just flat out lying. I believe we do have the greatest industry in the world with unlimited potential. There are scams out there so do your due diligence to research the company before joining.

Go to the corporate headquarters, if you can. Meet the owners of the company, and the leaders. This is why it is so important to go to your companies events. If you do I guarantee you will become unrecruitable and will stay in the game until you find success.

If you are in Zeek Rewards, my condolences and keep up the good fight. Remember why you got into this in the first place. Discover your why and get back in the game.




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